Best Quality Automatic Collapsible Door -Rongo No.5

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Shandong China (Mainland)
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Security Doors
Door Material:
Stainless Steel
14 patent style for your choose:
colours as your demand
highest quality:
lowest price
stainless steel material:
remote controlled
CE and ISO 9001 certificate:
one years guarantee
Special Function:
Product Material:
Steel,Stainless Steel
Screen Netting Material:
Stainless Steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
Delivery Detail:15 days after the balance


1opening way: remote control
2 material;stainless steel
3 high quality with competitive price
4 experienced on OEM

The technical parameter of CMAX  extension door body:

1.The material is stainless steel ,which can effectively prevent the extension door from rust and corrosion.

2.All kinds of extention doors:extension structure with double-plane link lever,complete inner connection and double column integration in upright direction;preventing the pushing poles from pushing off the sliding guide and evenly stressed ensure moving in one line.

3.Long distance between two guide rails,low barycenter,fine stabilization,strong outside&wind force resistance.

4.Embedding way connection guiding-slot,high-tech design to make it perfect.

5.Stainless steel link lever slide guide ,steady moving ,wear-resisting and long using time .

6.CMAX extension door is the first remote controlling extension door which has encompassed three national patents.

7.The content in the display screen can be shown according to the need of our customers ,such as date ,time ,phrase, advertisement and so on.

The technical parameter of CMAX extension door motor:

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:My world life automatic automatic door how to do
In front of the door pressure plate began to step on the door opened
Q:spilled coke on automatic door locks, now they stick. HELP?
Carefully take the door apart. The rods and the pivot point, if you have one, that connects another rod to the servo, you need to clean. You should be able to visibly see the sugary substance known as dried coke. WD-40 it or use water. If you boil water, and spray it from a squirt bottle, in a mist, this often gets into crevases that you really couldnt get a Q-Tip into or rag, and will help dissolve some of the dried sugar. Did you Spill it on the locks? or did you Pour it down the locks? This advice is assuming that you mean the auto-knob for your locks, located at the top edge of your door.
Q:Will it be hard to replace my standard doors for automatic doors in my dodge neon.?
First, it might be easier to swap out doors to add power windows and locks. Thats all find and dandy if the doors are the same color. My first suggestion is to do research. Visit several of the neon forums. You should find out if the car is pre-wired? The wiring is the biggest hurdle. Is the car is pre-wired for pwr options, then its a simple task of switching out door harness'. If not, then you would have to run those wires from door to door. Then supply power to each switch. Some chrysler's use resistance instead of 12v power to operate door locks. what parts are needed? do you need power optioned door panels? I'd say basic parts list would have pwr window motors, tracks, pwr door latches, door lock rods door wiring harness', switches and power optioned door panels. You might have to watch out for changes in harness' over the years. My 95 neon had different pwr mirror connectors then the 98 door harness' I used. Nothing a soldering iron couldn't fix. I had some of the same questions when I added power windows to my 95 Neon. That year neon was never offered with power windows. Most believed that the car wouldn't be pre-wired for pwr windows. That was partially correct. My car had all the wiring but 12v power. After I swapped all the pwr window motors and harness', I added a circuit to my fusebox. That was several years ago. First gen neons had a template on the back side of the door panel for the pwr window switch pods.
Q:How did the power off the power off?
In fact, the common electric door generally have two! One is the electric sensor door (sub-open and translational type), this door after the power outage only need to push to open! There is also a curtain, electric device at the top of the door, usually after the decoration is invisible, only one chain outside the ceiling. After the power outage need to manually move in a direction to slowly open the chain! The The Not common in the use of financial units, with access control. Need to password or fingerprint identification system to open, power outages are generally open, unless it is to use high-tech crack or man-made damage Caixing!
Q:Electric door remote control operating frequency
The same frequency, coding consistent, the same oscillation resistance, to match. Resistance value is not only affect the distance, the gap can not be used at all. If it is a fixed code, the code must be one to one correspondence. For example, pt2262 (launch) corresponds to pt2272 (accepted)
Q:My car's automatic door locks keep sporatically locking themselves whether the cars on or off..?
my mothers '92 Saturn does this,on those you have to pull the outer panels off to get at the electrical controls & such, rather a pain so i pulled the fuse, moisture is the culprit, it's just a long slow process to find it , pull and dry all the connections and slap di-electric grease on them when reassembling, that should help.
Q:Automatic door motor model is generally what, how to choose the motor?
The electric door motor is based on the door you are installing: type, the location you want to install, the door size, the weight of the door, the frequent use of the selected Such as the courtyard door: open way to slide, flat open, fold You can choose the motor there are sliding motor, straight arm motor, crank arm motor, buried and so on. Automatic door from the theoretical understanding should be the extension of the concept of the door is the function of the door according to the needs of the development and improvement. The automatic door has been developed very mature, automatic door means: can be close to the door of the action (or some kind of entry authorization) as a door open signal control unit, through the drive system to open the door, after leaving the door automatically Shuts down, and controls the opening and closing processes.
Q:Why do my automatic door locks on my Dodge avenger not work correctly?
Take it to the dealer and have them look at it. Being that it is a dodge avenger it is probably still under warranty.
Q:got a 94 eclipse base model and i want to put in automatic doors and windows?
The doors, bolt holes, and mounting is the same between the base model manual windows and locks and the upper models automatic windows and automatic locks. Basically, you have to get the motors, panels, and components and do a straight swap. If you're not into tearing apart your doors, then you can still swap out for the upper model's doors as they bolt right on. You will still have to run the wiring though.
Q:my automatic door locks on the front pass/drvr side work intermittently with the remote or the door switch.?
Sounds like its the actuators in the door's an elecrical part and commonly goes out on some vehicles....I know neons have a huge issue with them, at least in my experience. Your biggest problem is, they are for the most part a dealer item only. Easy to install though. Hope this helped.

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