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Shandong China (Mainland)
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Security Doors
Door Material:
Stainless Steel
14 patent style for your choose:
colours as your demand
highest quality:
lowest price
stainless steel material:
remote controlled
CE and ISO 9001 certificate:
one years guarantee
Special Function:
Product Material:
Steel,Stainless Steel
Screen Netting Material:
Stainless Steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
Delivery Detail:15 days after the balance


1opening way: remote control
2 material;stainless steel
3 high quality with competitive price
4 experienced on OEM


Automatic Gate Structure:

Automatic Collapsible Sliding Door from CXHA LTD.

technical parameter of CMAX  extension door body:

1.The material is stainless steel ,which can effectively prevent the extension door from rust and corrosion.

2.All kinds of extention doors:extension structure with double-plane link lever,complete inner connection and double column integration in upright direction;preventing the pushing poles from pushing off the sliding guide and evenly stressed ensure moving in one line.

3.Long distance between two guide rails,low barycenter,fine stabilization,strong outside&wind force resistance.

4.Embedding way connection guiding-slot,high-tech design to make it perfect.

5.Stainless steel link lever slide guide ,steady moving ,wear-resisting and long using time .

6.CMAX extension door is the first remote controlling extension door which has encompassed three national patents.

7.The content in the display screen can be shown according to the need of our customers ,such as date ,time ,phrase, advertisement and so on.

The technical parameter of CMAX extension door motor:

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:On the principle of induction of automatic doors
Automatic door sensor, probe is the eyes of the automatic door control system, sensor sensors through the induction sensor to the pedestrian or moving objects, this signal into a passive dry contact short-circuit signal transmission to the automatic door controller, in order to achieve automatic door open . Automatic door sensor classification: common sensor according to the principle is divided into two categories, one for the microwave sensor, one for the infrared sensor. According to the sensor distance can be divided into: convenience store popular sensors, long distance sensors. According to the appearance and installation location is divided into: conventional sensors, ceiling sensors, etc. Microwave sensor principle: based on a unique microwave transmission technology, the ultra-thin antenna can achieve a variety of spectrum;
Q:The best 2 door automatic sports car of 2009?
Automatic covers a mass of boxes seen in a mass of cars and all act differently. like seen in the Buggati veryron,Ferrari Enzo,f430,Porsche 911 turbo.2009 GT-R,evo x,Mustang, Charger, challenger,Merc amg ,Mclaren slr ,Supra TT,DB9. To name a few all of which have a form out automatic setup,and manyare this way due to changing faster than can be done manually and driving a sporty automatic setup is nothing like driving aunt bessie 1000cc mpv.It is rapid power and different pressures of your foot allows the box to change differently.Also many boxes have a mass of extra controls,an can be driven in some cases as a mix of auto and manual. There are loads as said some great ones i mentioned in the list my personal choice the Nissan GT-R.
Q:Automatic door control system plc program to ladder diagram
When the sensor is close to the automatic door, the sensor X0 is ON, Y0 drives the motor to open the door at high speed, and when it reaches the door open speed switch X1, it becomes the low speed open door. When the door closes the limit switch X2, the motor stops and starts to delay. If the sensor detects no one in 0.5s, the Y2 starter motor is closed at high speed. When you close the door closing switch X4, change it to low speed and close the motor when the door close switch X5 is closed. In the closed period if the sensor detects someone, stop closing, T1 delay 0.5s automatically converted to high-speed open the door.
Q:How does the auto-sensing door plan
Do you want to know what software to paint, or would like to know the picture of the automatic door plan?
Q:How does the automatic door work?
The automatic door system consists of sensors, controllers, motors, rails and doors. The sensor is now mostly microwave sensors, the equivalent of a radar, when there is a movement near the object, it sends a signal to the controller. Controller is generally used PLC programming microcomputer, we can adjust the controller through the door to open the door when the speed. The controller controls the operation of the motor and the motor is connected to the door by means of a toothed belt and a door connection (connected by a hanging part). There is a pulley on the hanging part. The door is hung on the guide rail by a pulley on the hanging part Can slide. The rails are fixed on the beams and the beams are firmly connected to the walls on both sides. The gravity of the door is supported by the guide rail, and the belt pull door slides left and right on the rail
Q:Newly bought electric door garage, only for remote control safe?
If not assured, only the code.
Q:What causes automatic garage doors to open by themselves?
It's possible that someone else in your neighborhood has a garage door with the same or similar wireless code. See if your model allows for the remote and receiver to be re-coded. To check if this is correct, drive or walk the block and try your remote in front of other homes. If it works, you may want to warn that person and see if he or she can change their remote code if yours can't. They may be wondering why their garage opens now and again as well! It's also possible that the switch on your wall is sticking intermittently and therefor is not releasing completely after it is depressed (and I don't mean sad). Try pressing it repeatedly to determine if it feels like it is returning smoothly. If it feels sticky at all make sure there are no obstructions around the edge of the button (dirt and grease buildup). If it looks clean, but still feels like it sticks a bit, try a little silicone spray (NOT oil or WD40 etc.) around the edge of the button to get it to move freely. Also, follow the wire from your wall mounted switch or any other switch that is attached to the opener. If you observe any breaks or kinks in those thin wires, you may find your intermittent problem there. If the switches are normally closed and the circuit is interrupted, it thinks the button is being pushed. If there is enough slack in the wire, simply cut and splice the wire and re-insulate it to re-establish the connection. Be sure to match the polarity which should be marked with a color or stripe on the insulation or possibly one silver and one gold tone wire inside the insulation. Hope this helps.
Q:My lift master automatic garage door stops before fully opening?
my husband just said you have to align both sensors on each side to where they match directally point to eachother. good luck
Q:car alarms giving automatic door lock function?
Q:Glass automatic door failure, how emergency lock?
Place two wooden sides in the room, one end at the bottom of the closed glass door, one end on the column or wall. So that the door can not move on it, do not forget to both sides to withstand ah.

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