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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:Aolifeng

  • Model Number:YX-0357

  • Material:Galvanized Sheet

  • Materials:SGCC,SGCH,DX51D

  • Color:galvanized

  • Thickness:0.11-0.8mm

  • Corrugated width:600-1000mm

  • Length:1000-4500mm can make 11800mm

  • Zinc coating:40-275GSM or as required

  • Packaging detail:bandled on steel pallet or as requirement

  • surface treatment:spangle, full hard, chromated oil or not as required

  • Delivery time:Within two weeks after receive L/C or T/T deposit

  • Usage:wall or roof panel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1. Inner side: by water proofed kraft paper and plastic packing . 2. Outside: covered by steel sheet and bundled the sheets on the steel pallet with steel strips. 3. We can also meet others sea worthy export standard packing as customers' request.
Delivery Detail:As per as customer


1) ISO 9000 and SGS test report
2) Thickness:0.11-0.8mm
3) Width:400-1200mm
4) Payment term: T/T or L/C
5)Delivery : 3weeks

Galvanized corrugated sheet specification:

  • 5) Surface treatment:

  • Thickness : 0.11 mm to 0.80 mm

  • Base coil width: 762mm, 914mm, 1000mm, 1200mm,1250mm

  • Length : from 2metre to 12metre long

  • Corrugated : 665 to 1000 mm

  • Length : 1600 to 4500 mm as required

  • Zinc Coating : 40 to 275 GSM as required

  • Spangle : minimized spangle;  zero spangle;  regular spangle;    big spangle.Hardness: full hard

  • Surface treatment: Passivate (chromated);  Oiled  or unoil)

Packaging & Delivery

  1. Inner side: by water proofed kraft paper and plastic packing .

  2. Outside: covered by steel sheet and    bundled the sheets on the steel pallet with steel strips.

  3. We can also meet others sea worthy export standard packing as customers' request.

Delivery time  3weeks after receiving the L/C or T/T deposit

Product usage:

commercial use, structural use, household appliance, light industry, constructure

Our Export Markets:
We have been exporting our products to various countries including Africa, South Africa, Middle East, South American. (Tanzanian, Mozambique, Venezuela , Uruguay, Nicaragua,, Cambodia, Yemen, American

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Q:OKorder production Yanmian Caigang sandwich panel manufacturers which is good?
Quality and cheap does not meet the rules of the market ah, a penny goods. Cost-effective, then you can consider considering OKorder multi-dimensional company. look, free to find.
Q:what kinds of sandwich panel do we have?
Typical laminated panels utilize foam, wood, or honeycomb cores sandwiched between high strength facing and substrate materials to produce lightweight panels with specific characteristic. All kinds of laminated panels with different specifications can be made to order.
Q:Fire protection recommendations for color steel sandwich panels
Color plate can fire from six aspects: First, the use of good fire performance rock wool as a core material, which is a permanent solution. Second, in the process of building, the core material to stay away from welding, gas welding and other fire operations; Third, in the course of the use of some heat, the fire should not be next to the steel plate, to maintain a certain distance. If you want to set the kitchen in the color steel room, you need to have insulation layer, the wall should be installed fireproof rock insulation layer; Fourth, the wire, the cable is best not to pass from the core material, if necessary to wear protective cover Tube, socket, switch box should be used metal galvanized box and the use of mounted method; Fifth, indoor and outdoor with a simple fire fighting equipment, conditional installation of fire alarm should be convenient to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel; At least 6 meters to maintain a safe distance. Insulating materials that are not strictly flame-retardant are not flammable but are self-igniting. Strict, scientific and effective management, so that the fire away from the flammable color steel plate sandwich filler material, is to prevent color steel room fire is one of the important ways.
Q:the use of the shoe is the board, wardrobe with a sandwich panel?
Daxing board is made of two pieces of veneer stagnant stitching wood. Daxin board price is cheaper than the core board, the vertical (to the core material to distinguish) bending strength is poor, but the lateral bending pressure The strength is more ... but the general is best not to choose! 2. Plywood, also known as plywood, some people called the carefully board. Three or more layers by 1mm thick veneer sheet made of hot pressing. Plywood is generally divided into 3mm, 5mm , 9mm, 12mm, ... Plywood Optional plywood is made of multi-layer veneer staggered arrangement of the sheet. The outermost front panel is called the panel, the reverse is called the back plate. Core board.
Q:I would like to make a counter in the bathroom cabinet, with sandwich panels do ,,, above the Austrian marble
Now there are toilet available in the mall wallpaper, but also when the cabinet paper, waterproof and wearable, and what color has, including you want the marble color.     It can not find to buy a special indoor plastic floor. Any space in this floor can be used at home, including the bathroom wall. Waterproof, light material, natural can be used in the counter. Full color. However, your area is too small, generally no one is willing to come to do, you use their accessories to deal with their own on the line.     I have friends to do the film and television walls and bathroom wall, the effect is good, with the Hanhua this brand, said that the original Korean imports, you can go and see.
Q:in a sandwich panels is there a formula to calculate the amount of foam in the square meter?
V =1*t where t is the thickness of the foam in meters.
Q:Want to buy sandwich panels, where there are good manufacturers?
OKorder Teng Wei color steel, a good manufacturer, Teng Wei Caigang, color steel industry in the fighter
Q:Color steel plate wall how many meters a general support, corrugated color plate non-sandwich panels
Is there any angle between the top and bottom of the color plate? If not, the two panels at the junction should be set up a support point. If there is, 2-3 sets of color board can be set up to support, depending on the size of the project area average annual wind. We usually set up a 2 support.
Q:What are the advantages of polyurethane gluing wool sandwich panels?
Polyurethane sandwich panel insulation good insulation, good overall stiffness, high bearing capacity, suitable for clean room, warehouse, commercial buildings, indoor and outdoor gymnasium, cold storage, indoor partitions and so on. Rock wool sandwich panels fire superior performance, sound-absorbing effect is significant, thermal insulation slightly inferior to polyurethane, but the price is cheaper than polyurethane, suitable for steel structure plant, simple activities of the roof or wall, air clean room ceiling and partition The
Q:Explosion-proof rock wool sandwich panel how to do waterproof
Do a good job of waterproof coating treatment, the other is, you can in its surface, composite layer of metal, so you can better waterproof moisture Oh.

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