Belt Conveyor For Coal ,Sand Making

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Specifications of Belt Conveyor for coal ,sand making:





Motor power (kw)





















Usage of Belt Conveyor for coal ,sand making


1,Working Temperature: -25°C~+40°C. 

2,Material Temperature: not exceed 50°C. Further measures will be taken for the special requirements of anti-explosion, water proof, anti-corrosion, heat and cold resistance.

3, Material Bulk Density: 0.5~2.5t/m3

4, Belt Width: 500/650/800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400mm

5,Driving Device: electric motor with reducer, electric roller, etc.



1.Economical and practical

2.Effective to use bulk material transporting over long distance
3.Effective for those places that require wide range of paths to travel
4.Durable, dependable and low cost operation
5.Belt width range is 400 mm to 1200 mm
6.Capacity is from 30 ton per hour to 480 ton per hour


Packing & Delivery

In nude, delivery time according the client's quantities.


Picture of Belt Conveyor for coal ,sand making:


Belt Conveyor


Belt Conveyor

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Q:Who can introduce the common frame of the vibrating screen?
Net type composite grid structure is a network among the vibrating screen equipment the most simple, the most common and the most widely used and most of the net is not easy. The grid is divided into double net type, mesh on coarse mesh in the stack, can support the fine mesh, prevent material screening process due to gravity fine play the pocket affect the screening efficiency caused by.
Q:What is the screen frame of a linear vibrating screen?
The screen frame of the linear vibrating screen can not be exactly what kind of good. It can only be said that each material has the advantage of each kind of material
Q:Are linear vibrating screens single or multi-layer?
The linear vibrating screen can be divided into single layer and multi layer operation
Q:What problems should I pay attention to when buying a vibrating screen?
In the purchase of vibrating screen, mainly to see the characteristics of your screening materials: particle size, how much to the screen, moisture content, viscosity, specific gravity, so you can calculate how much, what kind of models to meet your production requirements.
Q:Why is the amplitude of ultrasonic vibrating screen smaller?
Specific solutions are as follows:1, screen problem: can use hand to check the screen is taut, plastic, found no tension or glue should be removed from the new stretch mesh screen.2 resonance problems: check the motor or screen frame, if found cracks should stop immediately, contact manufacturers for repairs.3, connection cable problem: can check the cable and plug insulation value, find problems solved in a timely manner.4 transducer problem: you can carefully check the grid and transducer contact parts, such as foreign bodies can be found thoroughly cleaned.
Q:What is a vibrating screen for mining? What kinds do you have?
Mining vibrating screen is what we often say that the heavy sieve screening is mainly suitable for large particles, the common models are: YK series of eccentric vibration sieve, sieve dehydration, high efficiency heavy vibration sieve, sieve, the probability of hot screen cold screen, etc.. Mainly for the industry has mines, coal mines, metallurgy, power and other industries.
Q:What is the structure principle of sweet potato starch vibrating screen?
The vertical vibration motor as vibration source, and the motor is installed at both ends of the eccentric weights, the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three sport, then this movement is transferred to the screen surface for screening.
Q:What are the uses of a vibrating screen?
Application of vibrating screen: classification of material particles, dehydration of materials, classification of grain specific gravity, grain removing, sieving and drying.
Q:What are the characteristics of square vibrating screens?
Square grid of square vibrating screen is mainly divided into two kinds: wooden grid and steel grid.1. The wooden grid is mainly used in the abrasive industry, thus avoiding the friction of the material in the carbon steel network during the screening process, leading to the inclusion of iron substances into the material, and avoiding the pollution of the materials.2, the bearing capacity of steel truss, durable, especially suitable for screening large production materials, when screening with corrosive materials and food industry pharmaceutical materials can also choose stainless steel rack, guarantee the safety of the product.
Q:What is the vibration of the shaker?
It is the eccentricity of the vibrating screen, that is, the center of gravity of the vibrating screen does not coincide with the action line of the exciting force.It may also be caused by the looseness of a bolt. Check whether the connecting bolt is loose. If it is fastened, if it is not, it is caused by eccentricity, and only the counterweight is added to solve it.

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Location Shanghai,China
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