Beautiful bedside table,Modern simple night table bedroom furniture

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Product Description:

1. Name of commodity: Bedside table.

2. Material:solid wood.

3. All our products are garanteed against fault or defects for one year.

4. If your design is more beautiful, we could make it as per your requirements.

5.All products can be provided according to the customer of the size,the combination of special customization.

Model No.          W6432
Brand NameHuatai
Typebedside table
Special Usebedroom room furniture
General Use
home furniture
Materialsolid wood
Detachable or not
Foldable or not
Packingexport standard packing

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 Our all products are made by experienced workers, which have skillful craft, conscientious attitude,and there are fine workmanship, using environmental friendly painting finish for our products, coupled with stylish design, competitive price, considerate service, prompt and reliable delivery......

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Q:What should I notice when I buy a wardrobe?
Use a good wardrobe hardware accessories are high-grade, well-known brands of hardware accessories, hardware accessories that are printed with anti fake mark, the use of high-quality hardware accessories can prolong the service life of the wardrobe, and the quality of the hardware accessories, not only can not guarantee the service life, repeated replacement may also lead to the wardrobe use.
Q:What is the whole wardrobe good material?
The main body of the whole wardrobe is divided into: multilayer solid wood waterproof plywood, particleboard, MDF
Q:What are the commonly used wardrobe hardware accessories?
Many styles of handle and handle, from the material, the whole copper, stainless steel is better, alloy, electroplating poor, plastic is on the verge of elimination. General handle with screws and glue two fixed way, usually with screws fixed strong, rubber year is not practical. All stainless steel handle and stainless steel handle are similar in appearance and can be tested by magnet.
Q:Simple wardrobe of non-woven fabrics and Oxford cloth, which environmental protection?
Non-woven fabrics are characterized by environmental protection, permeability, and many colors and so on. And the use of ultra thick polyester Oxford cloth wardrobe, the quality of its practical more prominent. But this kind of wardrobe is a little more expensive. Of course, it is undeniable that canvas quality, durable, but it is difficult to smell more heavy, drying for a few days, the problem is not large. And ordinary non-woven fabrics, it is very easy to damage, for quality requirements of relatively high friends, have to choose carefully.
Q:How to calculate the size of sliding door wardrobe
(1) the overall depth of the wardrobe is generally 55 - 60 centimeters;If the space is not particularly tight, it is recommended to choose 60 cm deep into the well, and 55 and 60 cm manufacturers charge is the same, but you hang clothes feel different.(2) the width of the open cabinet door is between 45 and 60 centimeters, and the width of the door is 60 to 80 cm. The pressure of the hinge is not as good as that of the track, so the door should not be too wide and too heavy for flat open doors.(3) the height of the hanging coat is 140 centimeters, enough to use;The long gown hanging height less than 140 cm, 130 cm long down jacket, suit storage is 120 centimeters long after bagging. Previously, the design version said that the height should be between 140 and 160 centimeters, and actually proved to be done right, with storage space is different, hanging space is too much to waste.
Q:Do you use the eco board or the big core board for the wardrobe?
Blockboard, commonly known as large core board, wood core board, carpentry board, is composed of two pieces of veneer in the middle of glue pressure splicing boards. The total thickness of the double side adhesive plate allonge Blockboard not less than 3mm. All kinds of blockboard corner defects, within the nominal width of not more than 5mm, the length shall not be greater than 20mm. The middle wood board is made of high quality natural wood board and processed by heat treatment (that is drying room drying). It is processed into a certain specification wood bar, which is spliced by a splicing machine. Two pieces of high-quality veneers are covered on both sides of the spliced wooden board, and then pressed by the cold and hot press..
Q:What is the projected area?
Nowadays, there are two kinds of calculation methods for custom-made wardrobe in the market:One is calculated according to the projected area of the closet, which is the whole wardrobe long by high, and the projection area multiplied by the unit price will get a wardrobe price, assuming a wardrobe length is 3 meters, is 2.5 meters high, the price is 600 yuan / square meters, so the total cost of the wardrobe is 3 * 2.5 * 600=4500 yuan;
Q:What's the usual size of the wardrobe? How to choose wardrobe correctly?
The sliding door wardrobe two door is large-sized apartment petty's choice and looks really is quite fine, believe that the taste of life compared with the requirements of friends will certainly love this wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe two dimensions of the portal is: 2200*600*2200mm.
Q:Oxford cloth steel pipe wardrobe, assembled steel pipe, how to step up?
Canvas is the best, followed by Oxford cloth and polyester cotton, polyester cotton is also divided into glue and thickening, and the cheapest is non-woven. General non-woven fabrics for more than a year on the aging, with a hand poke on the broken.
Q:Would you like to paint in the wardrobe?
Belongs to the organic chemical polymer material, the coating film formed belongs to the high polymer compound type. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coatings belong to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a versatile engineering material and an important industry in the chemical industry.

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