Bearing Polishing Ceramic Ball Used in the refractory

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Ceramica ball  is the indispensable additives for metal grinding and polishing. There are various kinds of ceramic grinding balls, such as ceramics, alumina porcelain, high-frequency porcelain. The ceramic grinding balls (abrasives materials) are used at centrifugal grinders, vibratory grinders, rotating grinders, drum-type grinders, and magnetic grinders, and they can effectively de-burring .remove the oxide layer and rust on the metals.

Zirconia Ceramic Beads


Chemical Composition:

ZrO2>94.5%,  Y2O3>5.5%

Real Density:


Bulk Density:






Sizes Available:

From 0.2mm to 30mm

Applicable machinery: High speed stirring and ultrafine grinding, horizontal sanding machine, etc.

Recommended grinding materials, high-grade paint printing ink, high-grade glaze material, magnesium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, ultrafine zirconia ultrafine zirconium silicate, ultrafine silicon powder, high purity electronic material, etc.

Features:The proportion is big, high grinding efficiency, small abrasion, surface smooth as a mirror, basic no pollution for the material, also applies to some of the higher demand, higher hardness of non-metallic mineral powder grinding, but the product of grinding machinery used in cylinder liner material is qualitative hardness is higher requirements.

 Zirconium oxide grinding medium adopts nanometer raw material. Most advanced skill in domestic & foreign 

countries, with only 2ppm of self-grinding consumption.The product is used for superfine processing of power and takes crushing and dispersing

 function in superfine grinding and belongs to new & high scientific & technical material grinding medium.


The balls is of high density, strong tenacity, high hardness, anti-high temperature, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-corrosion, anti-magnetism, anti-wearing functions, is mainly used in many fields, such as light industry, chemical, foodstuff ,medicine, superfine

 crashing and grinding of high &pure materials, such as alumina, aluminum hydroxide, zirconium silicate, medicine,

 foodstuff, calcium carbonate, kaoline, paint, printing ink, coating and electronic ceramic power.This kind of product 

not only doesn’t pollute environment but prevents pollution of material and keeps purity of material as well.


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Q:Inorganic refractory materials industry and the glass industry than what?
Attached to the iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries, is in a weak position
Q:Where's the development of refractory industry?
Continuous casting system varieties used in refractory materials include: (1) ladle refractories -- ladle lining, permanent lining, ventilation components; (2) tundish refractories -- linings and coatings, insulation board, cover; (3) functional refractories -- non oxidation casting with long nozzle, immersion nozzle, stopper, sliding gate; (4) purifying molten steel with ceramic purifier, slag dam, alkaline coating and horizontal continuous casting for separating ring gate, etc..
Q:What are the refractory materials used in metallurgical industry?
Skimmer, repairing material, silicon manganese alloy, sizing nozzle, mold slag, slag ball, slag stopper, argon blowing rod, slagging agent etc.. This is roughly the 3 Hua 3 Heng 3!
Q:A brief introduction to the production process of refractory materials? What about the price of unshaped refractory production equipment and refractory refractory production line?
Basic refractories in Magnesium Oxide and calcium oxide as the main ingredient, commonly used is brick.
Q:What's the construction method of ladle casting material? Where is the introduction of casting technology for unshaped refractories?
In addition, we face the serious difficulties, such as the decline in profits, the decline of high-end equipment imports and other unfavorable factors, is the most important factor in the refractory industry is facing difficulties.
Q:Development trend of refractories?
The foundation of China's refractories industry is still relatively weak, the utilization level of refractory material resources is low, the quality of refractory materials is not high, excess production capacity of ordinary products, the key products of some high-quality high technology content can be produced, but the quality is not stable, and the service life of refractory material consumption compared with foreign advanced level, there is a considerable gap.
Q:Who can help to analyze the domestic refractory market?
Refractories - bulk refractoryBulk refractory (unshaped refractory): unshaped refractory is a refractory material that is made up of reasonably graded granules and powders and binders and is used directly without molding and firing. Usually, the granular material called the aggregate is called aggregate and the binder is called cementing agent. This material has no fixed shape, and can be made into paste, mud, paste and loose form. Therefore, it is also known as bulk refractory. This kind of refractory can form a seamless whole structure, so it is also called integral refractory.The basic composition of unshaped refractory material is granular and powdery refractory material. In accordance with its use requirements, can be made from various materials. In order to combine these refractory materials as a whole, except for a few special cases, they are usually joined with suitable varieties and quantities of binders. In order to improve its plasticity or reduce water consumption, a small amount of proper plasticizer is added. In order to meet other special requirements, a small amount of other appropriate additives can be added.
Q:In industrial lining, which parts have higher requirements on the wear resistance of refractory materials
Generally speaking, liquid has the requirements of anti erosion performance for refractory materials, such as torpedo cans (Sheng Tieshui), and the refractory materials used in his slag line have the requirements of erosion resistance and erosion resistance.
Q:Will the prices in the metallurgical industry directly affect the price of refractory materials?
To "build high-quality refractory materials, the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the goal", dedicated customer service. Efforts to create new glories.
Q:Where is the development of refractory industrys?
The rapid development of continuous casting technology of its related @ China @4 honing refractories develop and increase in variety and quality, continuous development of refractories for the continuous casting billet continuous casting production and quality have a significant impact. Especially, the completion and operation of Baosteel have greatly promoted the technological progress of refractory materials in China, and the refractory materials for continuous casting have made great progress both in variety and in quality.

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