BBM 1 Special Building Hoist with Hot Galvanized

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Special Mast Building Hoist Quick Detail


BJB curve building hoist is designed for the construction job on the curved surface of the building, widely applied in the fields of electric power, chemical industry, mineral industry etc. This kind of hoist for the building construction is a certain tilt of the surface of the building.

BJB Slope building hoist is applicable to construction on the slope surface of the building, such as chimney, water tower, bridge etc.This kind of hoist has no counterweight and its mast should be installed in the inclined line (The angle of the mast to the vertical line is≤10°), while the cage floor can be always maintained to the horizontal plane. Its wall-frame can be adjusted with screw to suit the site requirements for different wall-tie length. (The maximum length of wall-tie can be 12 meters). The cage may have driver cabin or not.




BJB twin mast building hoist has unparalleled advantage for the transportation of cage with large tonnage and volume such as three-dimensional parking. This kind of construction hoist is a universal hoist for passengers and materials with a special bucket and a platform to load concrete and super-long steel bar. It is mostly used in construction of cooling tower and chimney of power plant to transport passengers and materials. It can replace the big tower crane and other lifting machine in special construction sites where the working condition is tough. This kind of hoist features is high efficiency and economic operation.






BBM 1 Special Building Hoist   with Hot Galvanized

BBM 1 Special Building Hoist   with Hot Galvanized



1. Recommended cage dimension (L×W×H) (m):


Cage dimension can be made-to-order according to requirements of customer.


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Q:How many kw is the sc construction elevator
The construction elevator sc200/200 is rated at 63 kw power, and the power consumption is greater.
Q:The working principle of construction elevator
SC type construction lifter is a kind of elevator on the gear, rack drive, is mainly used in high-rise building construction, cargo transportation, the elevator can be very convenient to install and remove; It can increase with the increase of the building. There is a single cage and double cage construction elevator, and the single-cage construction lift can be a double cage lift after adding a cage and other parts. If a heavy device is configured, its payload can be doubled. The SC type construction elevator has a very reliable electrical and mechanical safety system, which is a safe and efficient vertical transportation.
Q:Is the construction elevator a special equipment
Belong to special equipment construction lifter, but generally used as home building municipal engineering does not belong to the quality and technical supervision management, but belong to the administration of urban construction. Because the system of quality control unless invited, shall not be involved in military, aerospace, nuclear industry, mine, municipal, sea, railway locomotive hoisting machinery management.
Q:Elevator installation approach, need to give the total package (inspect) what data, come a master to answer the detail point
Supplement: Component members: project manager, safety personnel, inspectors, field director, technical director, foreman, elevator operation (mechanical, electrical installation and maintenance) welders, electricians, scaffolder, etc. The subcontract unit project manager shall have a certificate of construction, and special work shall be given the special work certificate. If the special work certificate is outside the province and province, the construction committee of the construction site should be put on the record.
Q:The difference between the derrick and the construction elevator?
They're the same. HAULOTTE answer for you
Q:How many years does the construction elevator usually use?
More than eight years will not give you the advice to get the factory refurbished
Q:How does the construction elevator add up
The principle is simple Now, the construction of a manned, cargo-carrying construction elevator is a gear rack. You can't understand how to say that you can't understand
Q:How to adjust the weight limit of the construction elevator
You're talking about a weight monitor! There are a lot of models and not a good idea.
Q:How long does the construction elevator do a crash test
For the safety of the crane, the anti-drop safety device must be certified every 1-2 years.
Q:Construction site construction elevator and tower crane, which unit security check and acceptance?
The inspection, inspection, inspection and acceptance of the inspection station shall not be put into operation

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