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Adopt international popular arcs, streamline, curve surface modeling, beautiful shape, more streamlined.
Change the longitudinal drive motor to transverse ; sink battery to the bottom frame,so it is excellent stability.
"Angle adjustable steering wheel that is designed according to ergonomic ;seats can be adjusted before and
after the 150MM range,so the operator can choose the best driving position."
"Optimized design of wide-view mast,not easy to block the operator’s attention;open frame fork block size
increases, so it has a broader view."
Intelli-sense drop buffer. when the fork is 100-60MM to the ground, the decline speed can automaticly mitigate, and pallets and goods do not impact the ground to protect your precious cargo and high ground.
New integrated portfolio instruments can be intuitively read.
Quiet, clean, environmentally friendly and energy saving.
Communication and promotion integrated controller to ensure smooth running and the lifting precision, speed, excellent performance, with regenerative braking, reverse braking, ramp down defense functions, making operation more efficient, more safe and comfortable.
World-class brand LCD charge indicator with a big-screen , time tables and fault diagnosis table, can be accurately displayed in a poor environment.
"The advanced communication controllers makes truck running, lifting, turning movements controlled by computer."
Regenerative braking (when forklift is during parking, reversing, clambing, the drive motor changes into a generator , and anti-charge the battery.So it is energy efficiency)
The fully open lid makes battery maintenance very convenient.
The sealed electronic cover protects the electrical components from rain, dust and erosion.
VI.Reliability, security
Motor controllers, contactors, power plugs, emergency power off switch, instrument panel and other major electrical components are used foreign famous brands.
Emergency power off switch as standard equipment is in line with European safety standards.
Electronic and hydraulic overload protection device.
Vehicle passed CE safety certification.
AC control system advantages:
Free electrical maintenance reduce maintenance costs.
Eliminating the need for multiple series excitation electric contactor control (such as commutation, bypass, now Health and contacts, etc.)
AC electrical power, protection function, reliability and service life greatly improved.

IdentificationsModel  CPD50Rated capacitykg5000Load centre distancemm500Lift heightmm3000Free lift heightmm150Fork sizemm55×150×1070Mast tiltdeg6/12DimensionsSeat heightmm1185SizeLength to face of forksmm3015Overall widthmm1380Lowered mast heightmm2185Extended mast heightmm4117Overhead load guard heightmm2280Turning radiusmm2650Wheelbasemm550Aisle width for pallets crosswaymm4566PerformanceSpeedTravel speed(laden)km/h13Lift speed(laden)mm/sec230Gradeability(laden)/(unladen)%13/14Drawbar pullN27000Service weightkg7200TyreFront  250/15Rear  7.00-12Wheel baseFrontmm1130Rearmm1100Axle basemm2000Min ground clearancemm219MotorBatteryV/AH80/700Motortravel motorKW16.6oil pump motorKW25.4ControllerAC  AC


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Q:How to start a forklift? Say detailed point
Before leaving the forklift: the door stands slightly forward, and the cargo fork naturally lowers; If a cargo fork does not fall to the ground, there is a danger of stumbling and harming the body; The direction handle is in the neutral position; Pull on the brake handle; Turn off the key and remove the key. Parking in designated places: the parking area must be strong enough; Stop where traffic is safe; Not to park in the vicinity of fire hydrants and affect fire control passages; Stop at or near where inflammable substances are made; Don't park your car on the slope. Charge: to prevent the charging device from being damp, and the ventilation condition in charge of the charging station is better to emit the smell from the battery. When charging the forklift battery, be sure to mark the charge. When the battery is charged, the positive and negative are unable to take the reverse. Do not overdischarge, do not use the forklift truck to stop, when the battery capacity alarm is flashing, the battery needs to be charged. On the incline, Empty car up and down the slope - if the car is over the slope, it needs to be rolled back up and down the slope. The center of gravity will fall on the front wheel. Go up and down the slope.
Q:Why is the front wheel of the forklift narrow
Because the main function of the front wheel is load and drive, the force is greater. The rear wheel mainly turns to the effect, the force is smaller.
Q:Special equipment, the type of vehicle for forklift licence and corresponding driving vehicle
The N2 forklift card can drive a forklift: 1, there is no limit to the type of driving car, and the tonnage can be opened. 2, short for "motor vehicle driving license", and "driving licence", in accordance with the law personnel required for motor vehicle driving licenses, previously known as forklift driver, now change to code, forklift driver code is N2. 3. The forklift driving is special operations, issued by the state production safety supervision and administration of the People's Republic of China special operations card ", forklift, generally are tools, only used in the unit within the work place. So generally speaking, you only need a position certificate or a license, but the average unit will ask for a driver's license.
Q:The forklift truck can't be combined for a license
No, the loading machine belongs to the engineering machine, the forklift truck belongs to the logistics machinery, different industries. And the loading machine is in the security check, can run an operation card, the forklift truck is returned to the quality inspection tube.
Q:What do you need for a forklift?
A special equipment operator shall meet the following requirements: According to the special equipment operating personnel supervision and management method "(order no. 70 of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine) article 10: apply for special equipment operating personnel license for personnel shall meet the following conditions: The age of 18 or above; The physical fitness and the requirement for the type of work that applies to the applicant; 3, the degree of culture that is appropriate to the type of job application; 4, having a working experience with the type of job application, Having relevant knowledge and skills in safety and technology; (if you don't have to train)
Q:Where is the enterprise forklift special operation certificate?
The operation certificate of special operation of the forklift truck is handled in the administrative service center. A special operations training organization shall apply for a certification procedure The training courses for special operations must be reported to the city security bureau in advance. The special operations training organization shall, in the week before the application for examination, be submitted to the municipal security bureau for reference. 3, city bureau to apply for the inspection report, and training institutions agreed to the inspection date and send inspection member to the examiners training institutions, examination paper copies, according to the register population to determine test after sealed by the inspection member carry. After the evaluation is over, the appraisals will be evaluated within 2 days.
Q:Is a forklift and a hug a car
The forklift truck, a fork lift truck (holding a car) is mainly used for different functions, and the package fork lift truck is mainly used for the loading and unloading of the material, which can be used for the operation of a forklift truck
Q:What is a forklift worker
First know what a forklift is, and the driver of this car is a forklift 1. An overview of the The forklift truck is designed for handling goods and short distances, the main lifting device is a fork, and can be fitted with various types of equipment. This forklift is best suited for smooth, hard surfaces (asphalt, cement, etc.). Used for loading and unloading of warehouse, railway station, shipping dock, construction site, etc., which can reduce the labor intensity of staff and improve the efficiency of loading and unloading.
Q:What is a forklift truck
Forklift front end of the apparels, paper roll for efficient, safe, without damage of handling operation, widely used in papermaking, carton packaging production, printing and other industries and the newspaper.
Q:I want to learn about the forklift truck. I don't know how well the forklift man works.
If you go to school to study and study the word to be asked about 1500, a certificate of 700 to 900 is ok, the forklift truck is very simple, two hours is learned

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