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washdown Two-piece Toilet
S-trap 200mm
Low in price,good in quality

Easy-clean glazed technology
10 years experience
Strict quality control

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Q:My ring fell down the bathroom sink ):?
Look underneath the sink for the drain pie, where it has a U, loosen withchannel locks and it will be there
Q:How can i unclog my bathroom sink drain?
my drain at uni has clogged up really badly a few times before! i don't know what country you live in so you might not be able to get it, but in the uk there is something called buster bathroom drain clear. but most kind of drain-clear products should work fine if you give them long enough! if it says on the bottle pour down the drain and leave for 15 minutes or an hour or so, i'd leave it for a good few hours, and use a really good amount, overnight is what i tend to do. overnight it goes from being almost completely blocked to working just fine in the morning! hope this helps!!
Q:Bathroom washbasin porcelain surface dirt how to clear out?
Acid cleansers can remove the calcareous surface of the cleaning agent, cement stains, scale and the toilet often stubborn urine stains, metal oxide stains, such as acidification cleaning agent.
Q:Smell from bathroom sink.?
the only thing i can think of is that maybe the toilet is sucking the water out of the sink s j trap pipe. look under the sink and you'll see what i'm speaking of. that trap pipe is supposed to always have water in the curve of the pipe so the SEWER PIPE AIR cant make it past that trap. now i've never heard of that happening, but it's the only thing i can think of that will cause that problem.
Q:Laundry cabinets with quartz stone basin is good, or poly-spar is good
Artificial polylite: 80% of the natural polycrystalline powder as raw materials and about 10% of the resin, pigment and other additives, curing agent and other additives. Processed from the plate.
Q:what are the little holes on the inside of a bathroom sink for?!?
if you put the stopper in the sink and then keep the water running, its so it doesn't over flow and make a mess if you accidentally forget.
Q:How much of the glass glue on the basin is appropriate
Fight to be uniform, tight.
Q:how to attach a bathroom sink?
what type of bathroom sink? pedestal - mount the basin on the wall at the appropriate height with lag screws, attach plumbing, and slide pedestal in place to hide plumbing marble/composite one piece - latex adhesive caulking on the top edge of cabinet, caulk to wall, attach plumbing in the proper location, it will also help hold it in place cast cowl type (ceramic) set in existing countertop with hole - adhesive tub and tile caulk, let dry before attaching plumbing porcelain bowl - use swing-style sink clamps provided (just like your kitchen stainless sink)
Q:I am getting an earthy smell from my main bathroom sink drain. House is 2 years old. How do I get rid of it?
suggest that the trap is siphoning dry ,there should normally be no smell if the trap stays full of liquid at all times, unless you have a leak in the vent line.
Q:How do i fix a slow drain in a bathroom sink?
I can just bet that you have galvanized drain pipe, and that you have a hard water problem in your home (in that you have to use a water softener.) You will probably find that your drain (waste water) pipe is calcified. You solve this by replacing the offending pipe. You'll need a hacksaw with a sharp blade, a pair of transition unions, and enough pvc pipe to cover what was removed. You determine the size of the pipe, and transition unions you need by the outside diameter of the pipe you have. Probably 1.5 I would guess. You'll need pvc cleaner, primer, and glue. No mixing and matching sch. 40 with pvc! Before you do this, check out This Old House and try and catch one of their episodes on plumbing. It sounds like a more complicated project than it is, so if you do your homework first, you could pull this off...

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