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washdown Two-piece Toilet
S-trap 200mm
Low in price,good in quality

Easy-clean glazed technology
10 years experience
Strict quality control

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Q:What about Klein Basin? Is it okay?
As a big brand, all aspects are doing quite good.
Q:Bathroom sink keeps getting clogged?
My guess is that you have a big plug of hair and goop in the trap, and you either need to clean it out yourself, if you know how to do this, or hire a plumber to do it for you. This involves taking apart the pipes under the sink, so if you have never done this before, better spring for professional assistance. If you are renters, call the landlord.
Q:why does the sink has elbow tube instead of just a straight tube?
Do you have a garbage disposal in that sink? The procedure for clearing the clog will be different for sinks with and without garbage disposals. Starting with the basics: Remove as much water as you can from the sink. Seeing as you have put a caustic chemical in the water (Drano) you should be careful and wear gloves. Dispose of this water in the toilet, being very careful not to drip any onto carpets, or floors. Once you have gotten as much water out of the sink as you can, remove everything from under the sink to give you as much room as you can to work. If you have a garbage disposal, look for the outlet connection where the drain pipe connects. This is usually held in place with two screws. Turn the power off to the disposal (for safety). Put a bucket under the disposal and drain pipe. Loosen the screws ans pull the outlet tube loose. You should have some water dripping out. If you have none, the clog is in the disposal drain outlet. Remove the tube and take a screwdriver or other small object and push through the clog. Clean the pipe as well as you can and re-assemble the drain assembly. With no garbage disposal, you just have to remove the trap. Using a pair of channel lock type pliers or a large adjustable wriench, loosen the pipe nut and pull the trap free. Water from the sink will pour out, so again be prepared with a bucket and gloves! Clean the clogs from the trap. Put the assembly back together and you should be ok. If this sounds like something beyond your mechanical skills, call a plumber!
Q:Cracked sink?
go to your hareware store ask to find stuff to fix cracked sink they should know if not it is a type of clione paint should beable to match the colors
Q:No hot water coming from the bathroom sink?
how far is the water heater from the sink, are you letting it run long enough, sometimes it takes a while. if the sink is connected to the heater, sooner or later it will heat up, if not, it isnt connected and you need to call the contracter. or you could get an undersink water heater just for that sink. you could also look under the sink to make sure the hot water water line is connected the the hot valve and it is open, although if it isnt there is probably a not good reason.
Q:What about Farn
Many friends recommend to buy, very good
Q:low hot water pressure in bathroom sink only??
it's possible that the hot water has swollen the diaphragm in the hot water faucet and is restricting the flow. since you don't seem to have shut off valves you'll probably need to shut off the water to the whole house or at least at the hot water heater, if you have separate faucets. if you can find a brand name on your faucet you should be able to get a replacement cartridge for it before you start. or you can take the old one out and bring it with you, but also bring the brand name. if you have it repaired by a plumber, consider having him install shutoffs under the sink for the future. also, check the water temp setting on the water heater to see if it is set too high. so that the new cartridge will last, it should be set for 120 degrees. hope this helps, and good luck.
Q:why does my cat pee in the bathroom sink?
cats are clever animals! they pee in sinks for lots of reasons. The fun reasons are they see water go down there, and see you go to potty so reckon its the same thing!! Or, their litter box is a bit too smelly at that moment so they choose the sink instead. Or, they copy each other, cats are great mimics and will copy what their peers are doing but on a serious note, often cats pee in sinks to show you their urine if they are not well and have kidney issues, but then there would be blood in the urine? So if there is no blood, then it looks like you have a bunch of characters on your hands copying one another, bless them loll. but double check they like their litter, cats often take a dislike to certain litters.
Q:Okay how do you unplug the bathroom sink!?
I would confirm that the rest of the plumbing in the house is not backing up also. The bath sinks usually get clogged up with hair but you may have to take some pipes apart to really get at the problem. The ones under the sink usually are made to do this fairly easily. You may have to rent a motorized snake from a rental center to make some headway on this. The motorized snakes really are effective and inexpensive to rent. But before renting try the removal of the p trap under the sink and snaking the drain from there.
Q:Do you have to do waterproofing at the bathroom wall
According to the normal circumstances do not have to do

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