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Q:How many meters is the cabinet available?
Cabinet design cabinet size when the design is reasonable, the cabinet size 50 cm ~60 cm in height is appropriate, at a depth of 30 cm ~45 cm, the width of the interval of the cabinet should not be greater than 70 cm, in the design and operation of Taiwan at the top of the cabinet, must be able to make the operation does not meet the master as appropriate, the distance between condole ark and operation platform should be 55 cm above.
Q:New renovation of the new premises formaldehyde generally exist, how to remove?
Indoor air pollution of formaldehyde comes mainly from man-made floors, wall materials and interior decoration of the three categories.1. Man-made flooring mainly consists of man-made board furniture, cloth art furniture, kitchen furniture and so on.2, wall materials mainly include coatings, wallpaper, glue and so on.3, interior decoration mainly include Western carpentry board, blankets, curtains, particleboard and so on.Formaldehyde long-term lurking in these furniture we touch every day, a little bit of damage to our health. Especially home immunity is relatively weak groups, to stay in the new decoration of the house, we must adhere to the indicators of indoor pollutants, security can only be admitted.
Q:The difference between domestic and imported egger egger's
Egger is a kind of composite decorative board, covered with a layer of the special treatment in the wood substrate, with anti scratching, acid and alkali resistant surface, it English referred to as MFC, is widely used in furniture and kitchen furniture, in particular focus on the protection of natural resources and environmental protection in Europe is the most popular. Egger headquartered in Austria, Europe's largest decorative board manufacturing group of FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co., a European factory design and production. Is from German EGGER, Chinese egger, has been registered in China.
Q:New house decoration, I do not know what color kitchen cabinets?
Hunger breeds discontentment, color is the first cabinet affect people's appetite. What color is the kitchen cabinet?. Generally speaking, the kitchen colour collocation with higher lightness can make kitchen furniture show clean and cheerful atmosphere, and thus stimulate people's appetite. Such as white, milky white, creamy yellow, yellow, the color seems to be milk, egg yolk, cream and fruit delicacy synonymous, a fall into a reverie. And the cool blue and green are also attractive, and the refreshing feeling is like the cool drink in summer.
Q:What brand of steam range hood is easier to use? The smell of the kitchen smells terrible
Because of the heavier and heavier, the deep type hood is required to have a certain thickness of the kitchen wall, and can bear the weight of the cooker itself and the pressure it produces during operation. Take this into consideration when you buy.Cabinet type lampblack machine consists of fume hood and special lampblack machine, lampblack cabinet is conical, when the fan is started, the formation of negative pressure inside the cabinet, the outside air into the interior of the opening, the front hood is formed with an air inlet, fume and other waste gas can not escape from the net, ensure the pumping rate of soot and NOx.
Q:What kind of board does custom furniture use commonly?
If it is their own use, it is recommended that the first choice of solid wood furniture, followed by plate furniture.
Q:Formaldehyde mainly from what material, my home ready to decorate the new house, want to try to make formaldehyde less than standard
The following is a summary of Jincheng environmental protection small: the walls: glue products are actually the biggest source of formaldehyde, and the need to use a lot of glue to paint paint adhesion on the wall, so the wall will emit a lot of formaldehyde gas. Need to focus on prevention. Wardrobe, cabinets and other furniture: cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture, most of them need to brush the color, will use a lot of paint. In order to ensure that you do not paint, you also need to use a lot of glue, so cabinets, closets and other formaldehyde will also be distributed. In addition to solid wood furniture formaldehyde than synthetic wood furniture from the less, because many synthetic wood need to use formaldehyde in the processing process, the formaldehyde formaldehyde content is much larger than the solid wood furniture, so will be more green. Composite floor
Q:What types of custom furniture do you have?
Distinguish from space, divided into porch furniture, kitchen furniture, guest dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, function room, furniture, bathroom furniture
Q:PVC sheet quality unqualified formaldehyde will be released?
1, from the interior decoration of plywood, blockboard, MDF and particleboard and other man-made panels.2, from indoor furniture, including man-made board furniture, cloth art furniture, kitchen furniture and so on.3, from the composition of formaldehyde containing other types of decorative materials, especially substandard white latex and paint.4, from the interior decorative textiles, including bedding, wallpaper, wallpaper, carpet and curtain etc..General renovation of the house, its formaldehyde content may exceed 6 times the standard, individual may exceed 40 times the standard. Studies have shown that formaldehyde content in the indoor environment is closely related to the use time, temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of the house. In general, the use of housing for longer periods of time, residual amount of formaldehyde in the indoor environment is less; the higher the temperature, the humidity is bigger, more conducive to the release of formaldehyde; ventilation conditions are better, more conducive to building decoration materials, formaldehyde release.
Q:What products are included in the furniture
That's more, furniture, TV, sofa, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

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