Basic Handheld GPS K111

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1. Measurement data: Area; Distance, Perimeter; Latitude and longitude, Time. Price

2. Area measurement range: 0-9999999, or 0-999999.9mu

3. Area measuring relative accuracy: 5% (2 mu), 3% (10 mu), 2% (50 mu), 1% (100mu)

4. Distance measuring range: 0-999999.9m

5. Distance measuring accuracy: - 2.5m ~ 2.5m

6. Use conditions: Temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, Humidity: 5% - 95%

7. Record storage: 500 ordinary records and < 6 graphics or 500 points

8. The unit price Settings: 0.5 999.5 Dollar/mu

9. Power supply voltage: 6 v (section 4 5 dry cell)

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Q:Portable vehicle navigator often show how the lack of electricity?
3, the battery has a certain life, so a lot of portable car navigation is filled with a car, while using, while charging4, often moving and plug it, check the power socket and a cigarette lighter plug is not some loose, when there will be charging navigation lights up; if the wire has a problem, you can buy a cheaper, if it is, Jack, enlarge the maintenance fee
Q:Which is good, good quality!
Good journey. These two items. I have been in use, and the price is affordable, it is recommended to give you a website, called everything for the car. There are a variety of electronic dog products, inexpensive. The general price is more than and 400, more than and 500 of the bar.
Q:Portable navigation how to upgrade their own, there will be
You connect to the WiFi system found that there will be a new version of the prompt, click OK to automatically update.
Q:Portable navigation in the summer sun will not be bad
There is such a thing, but now do not buy a portable, and generally buy large screen machine navigation, not expensive, but also the atmosphere, the price of around 800-1800
Q:What is a portable navigator like? What is a portable navigator like?
Because the 7 inch screen product is too large, and may not have a built-in battery, directly on the cigarette lighter power, when the road is not easy to encounter a sudden power failure, a long time easy to burn out the machine, the screen is too small to see,
Q:Portable navigator to buy which good?
Recommend regular products steelmate navigator, with genuine map is also very important
Q:Is it good for embedded navigation or portable navigator
Portable easy to use, cheap, easy to upgrade, but also can be used as a player, put the disadvantages affecting the line of sight on the bench to take down some parking inconvenience (to prevent smashing windows stealing), and wire hanging in there.
Q:How does Kelid portable navigator upgrade maps?
First, how to determine whether there is a new programThe method is very simple, landing Careland official website, a registered member, then click on my home page navigation, after entering the page, and then click on the left side of the navigation equipment, add navigation equipment, view the thematic program automatic matching is not the latest version!
Q:How can existing handheld GPS update maps?
The use of high-precision GPS technology, high-end system settings, mature reference station monitoring center, to provide a comprehensive software application solutions to higher, faster, stronger performance to meet your practical needs. Handheld GPS you can get a better use of outdoor hiking, outdoor travel is the first choice.
Q:How to update the new route GPS portable navigator
If it is not genuine, then please look at the inside of the Baidu search map it a lot of their own need to download it

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