Basic Handheld GPS K111

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1. Measurement data: Area; Distance, Perimeter; Latitude and longitude, Time. Price

2. Area measurement range: 0-9999999, or 0-999999.9mu

3. Area measuring relative accuracy: 5% (2 mu), 3% (10 mu), 2% (50 mu), 1% (100mu)

4. Distance measuring range: 0-999999.9m

5. Distance measuring accuracy: - 2.5m ~ 2.5m

6. Use conditions: Temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, Humidity: 5% - 95%

7. Record storage: 500 ordinary records and < 6 graphics or 500 points

8. The unit price Settings: 0.5 999.5 Dollar/mu

9. Power supply voltage: 6 v (section 4 5 dry cell)

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Q:Ask about the portable navigator?
You may want to manually shut it off, the vehicle will not be powered off after the fire, all by its own battery, and when the battery is not automatically shut down power.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of portable navigation and embedded navigation system
The performance is basically the same, the price is far worse, several times or even ten times. The service, embedded map upgrade general price is very high, a few hundred dollars a portable is cheap. Overall, the embedded expensive service trouble.
Q:Reversing camera can be mounted to the portable navigation device on Careland
HelloIn theory, it should be possible, you need to provide a video interface navigator.
Q:Portable navigator, a square instrument is what to do
Better to upload images more clearly, oh, I use the Kelid portable navigator,
Q:Portable navigation, mobile navigation, car navigation advantages and disadvantages of each other, as well as comparison!
Talk about his navigation performance, it is the speed of operation I have seen faster, more intelligentIn particular, the design of navigation software, very novel, whether the bridge or the next bridge tips!!
Q:Does the portable navigator support the rear view function?
Some navigation support some do not support, support to buy a camera, you can find a repair factory to help you press on the line.
Q:Ordinary 7 inch portable navigation can be changed into DVD monitor it?
Hello I am glad to answer your questions! Please read the following tips to eliminate the trouble. Thank you1, ordinary 7 inch portable navigator basic can not be changed into DVD display, some high-end navigation with AV IN, but please note that this AV IN2, there are limitations, the original intention is to connect the back of the image, the internal analytical circuit is only to analyze the luminance signal, which means that the black gray brightness signal.3, you can see some models of the original car comes with DVD navigation, reversing the image must be black and white. Although the navigation screen is color.
Q:Portable navigator or car, with a genuine good Careland map
There is no large sensor head behind? Just a built-in electronic dog software? rnrn that you do not upgrade, and have good Careland electronic dog information sharing.
Q:How can existing handheld GPS update maps?
Integrated design _ ergonomic handheld GPS, is currently the most powerful handheld gps.
Q:I put the car portable navigation data deleted, how to get things done, there is a free download
Nothing, you go to my love GPS forum to download it, are free of charge.

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