Basic Handheld GPS K111

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1. Measurement data: Area; Distance, Perimeter; Latitude and longitude, Time. Price

2. Area measurement range: 0-9999999, or 0-999999.9mu

3. Area measuring relative accuracy: 5% (2 mu), 3% (10 mu), 2% (50 mu), 1% (100mu)

4. Distance measuring range: 0-999999.9m

5. Distance measuring accuracy: - 2.5m ~ 2.5m

6. Use conditions: Temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, Humidity: 5% - 95%

7. Record storage: 500 ordinary records and < 6 graphics or 500 points

8. The unit price Settings: 0.5 999.5 Dollar/mu

9. Power supply voltage: 6 v (section 4 5 dry cell)

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Q:How to use handheld GPS locator
Now the accuracy can reach 30 cm. The latitude and longitude of the WGS84 coordinates.
Q:Portable navigation what brand of good?
V navigation is actually quite a lot, the quality and style is uneven, recently in the time of purchase, but also a more systematic reference to a lot of navigation, the collection of a number of navigator brand list,
Q:Portable navigation and mobile navigation which good?
Another problem is that the phone is on the screen to see the map will be very fast power consumption, and large heat, especially when using 3G and 4G signal. But you can plug in the car USB charging, and then try to use the air outlet to the phone to blow, thereby reducing the phone. The use of portable navigation or mobile navigation, according to your specific needs to decide.
Q:How to install the navigation map of a portable navigator in a truck to a Android phone
Suggested that the landlord directly download a mobile phone navigation is also convenient, fast.Commonly used mobile navigation has Tencent maps, Baidu maps, as well as high moral map.Can be used in mobile applications or the official website of the navigation software download, install. After the installation is successful, you can use the.More accurate positioning, but also accurately calculate the choice of different means of transport to travel to reach the destination.But also real-time traffic reporting function, the most suitable for self driving travel, you can worry about a lot of provincial traffic jam.
Q:Kelid portable navigation kn70
The general configuration, and Android now produced the navigation or the difference is too large, it is recommended to buy Android system, high configuration, faster CPU, quad core, running high map program does not appear Caton phenomenon.
Q:About portable GPS navigator I swim 1400E
1 I travel is a major domestic brands, which is good, not to say, after the sale is really good.
Q:How to install a portable navigator in the car?
Hello, you can follow the instructions to install their own, or to the point of repair to find professional technicians to install, the installation of different brands may be different, I wish you a pleasant car!
Q:Ask about the portable navigator?
You may want to manually shut it off, the vehicle will not be powered off after the fire, all by its own battery, and when the battery is not automatically shut down power.
Q:What is the difference between a portable navigator and a mobile phone navigation
Car navigation is not recommended for personal use... Update map trouble, expensive..Now the phone navigation can replace the car navigation... Tencent map with their own good...First of all, free (on the phone to download the program just fine)Then support offline map, Download offline map, and then open the zero flow mode can, and download the data packet is not big, also do not have to unpack, install, download can be used to traffic problems can be ignored completely...Then, the function is complete, easy to use, design intimate, positioning fast and accurate.....Life around.. very intimate.. taxi, buy, discount, entertainment, health care, hotels can quickly search.. Super convenienceHope can help you
Q:What brand of portable navigation, car navigation and portable what is the difference?
I do not know China's Beidou navigation is now out, if it comes out, or support the domestic bar

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