Barke ling heavy truck brake lining for Mercedes Benz 19486

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50000 set/month

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Product Description:

  • Size: 90x 9.6 x360

  • Car Make: KATO

  • OE NO.: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: hi-best

  • Model Number: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • color: black/brown/yellow/green

  • PC: 4

  • rivets: L7.5

  • holes: 12

  • slot: yes

  • chamfer: yes

  • grade: GG/FF

  • test: chase

  • label: according to requirement

  • noise: none

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:cartons,pallet
    Delivery Detail:25 days


    1.yutong bus brake lining
    2.MOQ:50 SETS
    3.23K, 80,000KMS
    5.400 MODELS




    Product Description




    yutong bus brake lining                                   

    1.high quality&good yutong bus brake lining  
    2.material:asbestos&non asbestos
    3.400 kinds for truck,trailer,bus,etc
    4:chase test  



    • light & heavy duty brake lining  

    • Very efficient when braking and low wearing, minimum loss of efficiency on wet surface.

    • Low wear of the rotors.

    • powerful and progressive brake that doesn't fade.

    • Low lost of efficiency on wet conditions. Low to no-noise.

    • Smooth on rotors, very effective for high line tourisms.

    • Produced f or both axels, it can  be applied on the rear axel on competition vehicles of front wheel drive







          19932315.1290.0 SV/41/2 203×19×235 410bpw








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Q:Why is the motorcycle before the disc brakes brake it?
For cost control and economic usability
Q:how do u change motorcycle brake fluid?
I typed in motorcycle brake bleeding on the YouTube site. Lots of videos showing how to bleed the brakes on various motorcycles. Bleeding the brakes is very easy. One point of warning, DOT 3 and DOT 4 oil is interchangeable. Not true with DOT 5. Good Luck
Q:Cyclic gear when riding a motorcycle, fueling, you can hold the throttle, and then brakes?
Stepped on the brakes even if the throttle will slow down, but the braking distance becomes longer, better car will have a brake priority device, step on the brake throttle on the failure of the oil system immediately to minimize the oil, the engine Then down to the idle state, of course, there is no motorcycle this device, so I would like to slow down or slippery brake brakes
Q:Motorcycle Brake Light Stays On?
The switch may need adjusting. The rear of the brake pedal pulls a long spring which activates the brake light switch. The switch is pressed into a fitting on the frame. The switch has an adjustment nut on it. The adjustment nut is the part that is pressed into the frame fitting.
Q:can motorcycle engine braking be avoided?
the way i learned to ride, is use the brakes only when you have to.... the rest of the time, engine braking is best... and it is. however something tells me you're going about it wrong... you're supposed to be reving your engine before letting the clutch back out after down shifting.... of course you lose speed, that's the point... but you're not just slamming your bike from higher speeds to lower speeds... i don't even have a spedo, so i obviously don't do anything by speed or rpms... i do it by sound and knowledge of how fast my bike goes in each gear.... with time and practice my 'instincts' have become more well honed, i can engine brake my bike to a slow steady stop, without jerking....
Q:Aftermarket Composite Motorcycle Brakes?
Hey Kevin, I had bought some awesome aftermarket brakes for my old Harley from a company called Matrix brakes about 5 months ago. They have some aluminum composite material and I found it was really great in terms of durability (not a squeak out of them despite driving through torrentious rain this April). One important thing to buy is the brake pads they provide some great stopping power in combination with those rotors. They don’t come in a package of rotors and pads but I’m pretty sure you can call one of their suppliers for a package. Michael
Q:Motorcycle Brake Disc Heating?
You might, given your additional details, have twisted the forks. But even though the impact was on the other side, first check the disc by raising the front end, and spinning the front wheel and use a pencil to measure the distance from fork leg to disc.
Q:How to brake on a motorcycle?
Simple explanation, Back off throttle to no throttle, apply front brakes and rear breaks. When revs get low pull in clutch, down shift one gear, let out the clutch. for every single gear, don't skip gears. Once in first gear keep braking with the clutch OUT, only pull the clutch in when you are completely ready to stop. then brake to completely stop the bike. When you free wheel (clutch in or neutral) your bike will feel unstable and wobble. Try practicing in a closed car park.
Q:motorcycle braking question?
Personally I downshift a LOT, but when I need to Emergency brake I always pull the Clutch in to Disengage the Engine. However most motorcycles have motor drag when you let off the throttle which has a slowing effect. In the state of and Emergency I suggest applying both brakes and Downshifting.
Q:Motorcycle Brake Problem
The seal was broken by you, only the new pump under the change

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