BALL VALVE of Forging Steel Full-welded API6D/CE/ISO9001 CERTIFIED

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Material: Forging Steel Pressure: CLASS 150Lb-900Lb Temperature of Media: -29℃-200℃
Power: Manual,Pneumatic,Electrical,Turbine,Hydraulic Media: Gas,Oil,Other Connection Form: Welding
Channel: Straight Through Type OD(Outer Diameter: inch): 20 DN (Nominal Diameter: inch): DN25-1500mm(1
Size(inch): 20 Pressure(LB): 600 Net Weight (kg): 2222
Packaging: wooden box

Product Description:

                     FWTB Series of Forging Steel Full-welded Ball Valve

    With the furture development of long-distance pipe line transportation of petroleum an nature gas an gas pipe line system in cities,an with the process of the pipe line valve to localization,which maker higher demand on the dnomestic long-distance pipe line ball valve.FWTB-DR type forged steel full-welded ball valve with itsunique characteristics an advantages can bu used in service of high-reliability sealing.Valves are mainly applied to the oil,gas production and the delivery sytem,which not only for oil and gas exploitation in the wellhead,separation metering outfit,oil-gas gathering and transportation station ,but also for  long-distance pipe line. 

Design codes anregulations



     ASME section V/VIII/IX




BS 5351


Materrial regulations:


Strukture characteristics

Selection of material

     The selection of valve part material conforms to the requirements in regulations of API 6D,ASTM,ASME and etc.

 Double Block & Bleed(DBB)

 Forging steel structure

 Low torque in operation

 Reliable sealing

 Emergency sealing

 Enptying device

 Fire Safe

 Anti-statc design

 Extension stem

 Various driving types

      The top pad of valve designed according to ISO 5211.


BALL VALVE of Forging Steel Full-welded  API6D/CE/ISO9001 CERTIFIED

BALL VALVE of Forging Steel Full-welded  API6D/CE/ISO9001 CERTIFIED

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Q:Must I use the ball valve for the heater?
Valve main points and angle valve, ball valve in the water pressure is large enough to use, angle valve can increase the pressure of a little water.
Q:Family aluminum tube ball valve, with a long handle so that, or butterfly shaped handle so that?
Butterfly type unused, a long handle used, the quality is very good.
Q:How can the eccentric hemisphere valve be repaired? What are the things you should pay attention to when installing?
Standard light valve professionals to answer for you, eccentric semi spherical valve installation methods and precautions:1. Check the cleanliness of the inner cavity of the valve before installation. Make sure the parts are perfect and no foreign objects can be installed.2, ball drive device breaking up, moving and electric way two, can be installed according to user needs, valve installation before test, start and shut two times. When after a period of time, there is a leak valve, adjustable manual and electric driving device for limiting the fastening bolt due to eccentric structure, can compensate for the wear, you must read the "manual and electric drive manual adjustment".3, eccentric axis and valve seat sealing adjustment, must be experienced personnel can be carried out.
Q:What is the difference between ball valve Q41F-16C and Q41F-16P?
Q41F-16C ball valve material is carbon steel, Q41F-16P material is 304. No difference between the others. I hope you'll be satisfied.
Q:Is the ball valve ball valve?
One is with an eccentric, hemispherical valve most market means. This eccentric semi ball valve disc shaped like a hemisphere valve valve switch trip also is 90 degrees, but the rotation center of the valve (the valve shaft and the valve seat center (body) or line center) with an eccentric, made after the valve opening immediately from the valve seat, the sealing ball valve and the movement principle is not consistent.
Q:What does one inch of an ice ball refer to?
An inch refers to the valve's medium channel is%%C25mm
Q:Is a plastic ball valve, connecting France is hot melt.
Visible, electric ball valve in daily life, industrial manufacturing and other fields have great application and market space. With the development of the times, the electric valve also put forward higher requirements, such as digital remote control, so the development of this industry, cannot do without the progress of technology, from the past to the ordinary valve electric valve electric valve to now, by the digital intelligent valve, look first to the application of new technology on the product rapidly the transformation and development of new products to meet market demand.
Q:What does "q341" and "q347" mean?
Q341 is a turbine driven flange straight through floating ball valveQ347 is a turbine drive flange through fixed ball valveShintex valve0577Eight thousand six hundred and ninety-oneSeven thousand five hundred and sixteen
Q:What's the meaning of the double ball valve in the double ball valve?
By means of "union", the "live" means that the two ends of the valve are connected by a live joint
Q:Which is the smallest flow valve, globe valve or butterfly valve? Which one is the biggest?
Since the flow direction of the medium through the valve has changed, so the minimum flow resistance of the cut-off valve is higher than most other types of valvesThe ball valve has the lowest flow resistance

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