Ball Valve For Heating SupplyDN 32 mm high-performance

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Product Description:

Ball Valve For Heating Supply

Product Description of Ball valve for heating supply:

Technical introduction

The ball valve is designed as fully welded structure,which can prevent the leakage of medium.
The valve seat is floating and spring-loade.The seal is made of soft seal materials of PTFE+20%C and Viton B.The seat is tightly abutted against the ball surface by the pressure of a spring,so that even if the media is in low pressure,a reliable sealing can be assured for the ball valve.Double piston effect and double seal(two-seal seat)are adopted in specially designed valve seat to realize double sealing,which makes the tightness of the ball valve more advantageous and the operation easier.
A floating ball is adopted for DN15-DN200,and a stem and trunnion ball is adopted for DN200 and above,which can ensure the accurate position of different size ball.In other words,the sealing performance,low torque valve and operability can be guaranteed.
The sealing of the stem is fulfilled by two replaceable O-rings and packing consisting of PTEE+20%C or flexible graphite,as the packing seal material,is fire proof effect,and is specially suitable for fuel gas systems.
The materials used for the valve body and pipelines are the same(carbon steel or SS steel),valve body and stem adopt SS steel and the packing adopts PTEE+20%C which is corrosion-resistance or flexible graphite.


Design Features  of Ball valve for heating supply:

Features and Applications

Raymond's fully welded ball valve for heating supplyand Fuel Gas systemare used to control the flow at fully open or closed position,not regulate the flow.Only special types of ball valves can realize the flow regulation.Therefore,our welded ball valves can satisfy the requirements of heating systems,e.g:
Main pipelines of heating equipment
Cross channels of heating pipes
Heat exchanger station and any long distance operating station,e.g:
For the transmission of hot water and two kinds of mixed media(water,air or natural gas),limited to Max.4.0MPa and 200°C.
For the transmission of natural gas and one medium,from -30°C to 60°C,and even up to 150°C using specially designed ball valves.
Coal gas pipelines,trunk and the branch supply lines.


Standard of Ball valve for heating supply:


 Gear  Handwheel customize 


 Flange  SW  Weld customize 


 Gas  Natural   gas  Water customize 

Medium Temperature

 <200< span=""> customize 

Application Fields

 Electricity  Medical  Petrochemical customize   

Connection Standard

 EN 1092-1  EN 12627  ISO   7-1 customize 

FAQ of Ball valve for heating supply:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.


Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.


Q3:How can I place an order?

  The only one thing you should do is to tell us the sepecification about type quantity and  mode of transportation, then we will send you quotation within 24 hours.

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Q:1990 Geo Storm EGR valve?
First, I see that Autozone doesn't have that part, but it does mention there are 3 different possible part #'s, depending if it's a 2+2 or GSI, and/or Transmission type, so keep that in mind if you need to order a new one. Click EGR Valve in buy it here box for more info.
Q:***10 points**** Which set of valves closes when the ventricles contract and relax?
There are two types of valves in the heart: the atrio-ventricular (AV) valves and the semi-lunar valves. There are two AV valves: the tricuspid between the right atrium and the right ventricle, and the mitral (also called bicuspid) between the left atrium and the left ventricle. There are also two semi-lunar valves: the pulmonic semi-lunar, between the right ventricle and the pulmonary trunk (artery) and the aortic semi-lunar, between the left ventricle and the aorta. During diastole (the relaxation phase), the AV valves are open and the semi-lunar valves are closed, so the ventricles can fill with blood. During systole (the contraction phase), the AV valves close and the semi-lunar valves open so the blood can be pumped around the body.
Q:bicuspid aortic valve information?
I was only recently diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve, and before then I had wrestled for 13 years. I think every case is different though when it comes to how severe the stenosis is within the valve. If you really want to wrestle, you should ask your cardiologist if there is any way you can strengthen your heart to the point where he thinks you will be able to wrestle. Another thing you can do is try and wrestle, but pay attention to any chest pains. at the first sign of chest pain you should stop, immediately. This is nothing to screw around with.
Q:how many valves does a human heart have?
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Q:What is another name for a valve?
Valve comes from latin valva. There is not other name for it in engineering, but some times is referred as a cock, if the valve is used as shutoff valve, it is also known as shutoff cock. For irrigation, sometimes large gate valves are also known as gates. I can give you many names for the type of valves but I can't think of any other name that replaces valve.
Q:Trumpet valve stuck upright?
on the top of the valve there is the screw that you turn to open the valve to oil it. if this screw wont turn gently tap the edges of it with the rim of your mouthpiece, and make sure that you get the entire screw cap. if this doesn't loosen it enough to remove the cap, then repeat while hitting it at an angle in the direction that it needs to turn. if this doesn't work take off the bottom cap and drip valve oil up though the bottom to drip up to the top cap and continue with the tapping process. if it still wont move, you need to take it to a shop. once the upper cap is loose, the valve still wont move, this is when you take off the bottom valve cap (if you haven't already) and fully remove a different valve that has already been oiled and push it up through the bottom of the stuck valve, this might be hard to do, and you might need to put in a lot of valve oil into the bottom to get it to move. once this valve is removed, thoroughly clean the valve casing and the valve itself, and oil both before replacing the valve. Hope this helps.
Q:Silent sump pump shut-off valves?
If you mean the discharge check valve, it will clunk when the level switch trips the pump. The head or weight of the water trying to flow back into the crock causes the check valve to slam closed, making a clunking sound. This is pretty common and normal.
Q:2007 Nissan Quest Fuel shut off valve?
2007 does not have a shut off valve. Sounds as if some one has used a non programed key Nissan Imobilizer has detected the aftermarket non programed or key with chip embedded in the key has failed. After 4 attempts the car turns on lock mode and it is tow truck time. Gather up all the keys you have they all have to be reprogramed. And it is a good time to have two complete sets of keys and remotes money allowing of course. Only computerized lock smiths and Nissan dealerships can introduce keys. Is there a red light that looks like a car with a key lighting up when you attempt to start the car?
Q:Gummed up french horn valves?
Sounds like your oiling correctly but you need to get the dried oil out, that's the gum your feeling. One way is to have the school send it to the repair shop, its not your horn so don't spend any money on it. Another way is to flush them out with a thin valve oil. Where can you buy a quart of valve oil? Walmart and Kmart has it but not labeled as valve oil. Look for Lantern oil , the stuff used in oil lamps, it is very cheap and many of the valve oils are made of the same stuff. Take out all the crooks on the instrument and flood the valve with the lamp oil, this should flush out the gum. After you have dumped the lamp oil re-oil the way you have been. (Lamp oil is not dangerous, it burns if you hold a match to it but that is about it, you can also use charcoal lighter)
Q:Does anyone know where the erg valve on a 2001 isuzu rodeo is located?

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