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Product description

      ASTMA498 ;
       JISG3547 ;
      KSD7011 ;
      Meet ASTMA498 JISG3547 KSD7011 standard.
    spool type , coil type Z2 ,Z3        
4、      MECHANIC
DIA. (mm)
Elongation Strain
Technological features

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Q:what are the three names of the wires in the plug?
Hot, neutral, and ground. black wire is hot (right side of outlet) --this is the one that can shock you. white wire is neutral( left side of outlet) green wire is ground(bottom side of outlet) when wiring an outlet black goes to gold screw, white goes to silver screw, and green goes to the ground(bottom) screw. remember black-gold white -silver green to ground the world around
Q:Dog chewed speaker wire?
If you have enough wire, just twist it back together and cover the open wiring with electrical tape. If he took out a chunk of wire, just buy some more speaker wire and do t he same thing. The wires should be red and black, just connect the red to the red and the black to the black. It's a really quick and easy fix you can do yourself.
Q:1988 ford econoline radio wire codes?
Radio 12v lt. green/crimson + radio harness Radio floor black/orange - radio harness Radio Ignition gray/yellow + radio harness Radio Illumination N/A production facility Amp turn-on N/a skill Antenna N/A LF Speaker +/- orange/lt. grn - lt. blue/wht +,- radio harness RF Speaker +/- white/lt. grn - dk. green/org +,- radio harness LR Speaker +/- gray/lt. blue - tan/yellow +,- radio harness RR Speaker +/- orange/pink - brown/crimson
Q:Car speaker wire install?
Follow the old wires. It is very simple. Chances are there is nothing wrong with the old wires.
Q:4 Flat wire trailer wiring?
If it has an existing plug (6 or 7 Pin round) just buy an adapter. If the truck was equipped with a towing package but you do not have a plug of any kind look under the truck near the rear bumper you should find a bundle of wiring that is not connected to anything. this bundle should include the following colors of wires (red, blue, green, yellow, brown, black with a green line, and White). Go to Auto Zone ot Wal-Mart and get a 4 flat truck side kit. Strip and splice the wires together color to color. Green being your right turn signal, yellow- Left turn signal, Brown-Taillights/Marker lights, White-Ground. If the bundle of wiring is not there then you will need to find the wiring that goes to the tail lights on the truck and splice in to them. Splice into these wires using the same color code i just stated above with Scotch-Locks then for the White wire on the kit just put a ring connector and use a self tap screw to mount it to the frame of the truck or the tow hitch.
Q:how do i wire my pool pump?
Get yourself a how-to book on basic wiring. This gives you a hands on reference for additional question (and there will be) that arise.
Q:Wire Gage?
seriously, who would use 14 guage wire for your subs? I am running 1000+ watts With an Alpine 4 channel and a Diamond Audio Sub amp, not some cheap Sony, Jensen, Audiobahn or the like. I have an 8 guage power/ground wire to my dvd player, 4 guage to each amp, i run 8 guage pwer wire for my speaker wire to my subs. my remote wire runs relayed thru 16 guage
Q:2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 wiring diagram?
01 Chevy Silverado
Q:airsoft upgrade wires?
I think it prevents the wires from overheating and melting the insulation which could lead to a short.
Q:2004 dodge durango radio wiring diagram?
check out the link this is where i always go and always im able to find the car listing im looking for goodluck!

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