Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

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Product Description:

 1.Structure of Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

   Solar water heating  system is the most widely used product with regard to the solar energy application in daily life. Our Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard) contains flat plate solar collector and a large water tank, in which the flat plate solar collector can make produce heat energy with high efficiency, meanwhile the automatic water compression system can ensure consistent water flow.


2. Main Features of Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

  •  economical flat plate solar collector: high price/ performance ratio;

  • seamless integration with modern architecture;

  • intellectual control to match human centered concept.


3. Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard) Images


Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard)


4. Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard) Specification


ModelVolume (L)

Tank Dimension


Solar Collector Model

Collecting Area


Balcony Width(m)


5. FAQ


 1. Q: Do you have certificate for the products?

     Re : Thank you for your attention to our products, and we have product certificate as follows:

Balcony Hung Solar Water Heating System(Standard)

2. Q: Can the products be modified?

    Re:Yes, the products can be modified according to specific requirement. We'd like to advise you futhur communication in details with us.


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Q:Solar water heater is how to work?
Simple choice judgment method1, look at the appearance of the fine workmanship: water tanks, stents, screws, insulation materials processing2, see [support firmness (stent thickness), corrosion resistance (material), stability] can also Diandian weight3, the thickness of the water tank (tank Diandian weight, average person Dianzhe slightly heavy)
Q:When is the best solar water
Exceptional case:1, if the water storage bucket is empty, the water inside the heating tube is easy to evaporate, heat caused by dry combustion temperature rises sharply, affect the service life, and if this water will lead to tube burst. After midnight water injection.2, the initial installation, it is best to choose the sun is not strong time, such as early morning, evening, cloudy days.
Q:What do you need to pay attention to in order to make the solar water heater hot?
There are ways to make the solar water heater hot water fast:1, the installation of solar water heaters, solar energy installed in the longest place, to ensure that the sun directly to the water heater, do not be blocked by other objects;
Q:Solar water heater can produce a lot of hot water a day
The first to look at its capacity, second to see the sun's intensity, the temperature of the hot water you want to see the third
Q:What kind of solar water heater is good? Should pay attention to what to buy?
In addition, there is a kind of pressure bearing solar energy, water pressure, water more, as if it can automatically Sheung Shui, convenient.When you buy, you can consider these aspects, I believe you can buy a satisfactory solar energy.
Q:Solar water heater is full of water soon after running out of what is going on
In principle, the water tank is always so big, not smallThere are two kinds of situations1 the water gauge is brokenWhen the water level meter is water, when the water to that position, it will stop the water, it is possible that the water meter is broken, so that every time there is no water
Q:How to use solar water heater for temperature sag
If you don't need to use solar water heater for a long time, you can turn off the water supply valve first, then put the water in the solar water heater and pipe line, which can effectively avoid the freezing of the solar energy pipeline. If the winter is often the use of solar water heaters, the best night to stop the water, the solar water heater of the water remaining in the vent in the morning, if sunny, plus the amount of water, if cloudy, cold weather, do not add water, is also a good method to prevent pipe blockage or freeze freeze cracking.
Q:What is the role of the solar water heater's reflector
Solar vacuum heat collection tube, because of installation, sealing and other reasons. It can not be arranged closely
Q:Solar water heater can not put down hot water
4, water pressure is too highSolar water heater, water pressure is too high, resulting in hot water flow does not come out, the need to tap water flow. Balance the water pressure, the hot water will come out.5, solar water heater appears string waterSolar water heater string of water, in the installation of solar water heaters, the pipeline is more, it is possible to have a string of water, it is necessary to install an independent valve, and close the valve. Solar water heater can not avoid hot water.
Q:What is the capacity of a solar water heater in general?
Water heater insulation tank is generally 150 liters, 200 liters, 250 liters, up to 300 liters, and sometimes can be customized according to the user's hot water demand, the greater the number of heating pipe water heater tank, different manufacturers will be different.

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