Bagless Cyclone Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNCL6243

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550 unit
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40000 unit/month

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Bagless Cyclone Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNCL6243

Model No.



Permanent bagless   design with translucent dust compartment
  Multiple cyclonic design
  Stand holder for tube
  Handle airflow control,crush-proof hose,2 position brush and integrated   accessories
  multiple filtration system
  360 degree hose swivel


* Unit dimension


* Color

Injection and spray

* Input voltage

220V-240V 50/60Hz 

* Dust tank   capacity


* Vacuum


* Air flow


* Noise


* Thermostat


* Cable length


* Speed control


* Accessory

small nozzles, 1.5m   hose

1pc metal   telescopic tube

* Brush

High efficiency   brush

* Plug


* Motor power for   ERP standard




* Erp class



B(normal brush)

* Motor power for   Normal standard



* Gift box:


* Master carton:


* Quantity/GB:


* N.W.:


* G.W.:


* Packaging   material:

Double corrugated   cardboard

* loading qty   (20'/40'/40H'):

606/ 1248/1456PCS

Bagless Cyclone Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNCL6243

Bagless Cyclone Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ERP Class A CNCL6243

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS,  CB, EMC



Q: What's the difference with cyclonic to multi-cyclonic filtration system?

Multi-cyclonic is where the dust container has a plastic filter section inside and has many little tunnels in it that separate the finer dust and dirt for the next filter and there is no HEPA filter in the middle plastic filter section.

Cyclonic filtration is where there is a central HEPA filter that sits inside the dust container and catches the finer dust.

Q: My vacuum just stopped while I was using it! What do I do now?

All of our vacuum cleaners have been fitted with a thermal safety cut-off switch which activates to stop the motor from burning out. When it does that it will prevent the unit from turning on again until it has cooled sufficiently to reset, which is between 2 – 4 hrs. The most common reason for safety cut-off switch activated is the filters needs to be cleaned. Please read the instruction manual and follow the instructions on how to clean the filters. 

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Q:Help! Vacuum cleaner bit the dust!?
Dysons are great. Personally I never wanna spend much money so I usually Just get a cheapy and when it bites the dust I don't feel as guilty.
Q:My 5 year old is scared of the vacuum is this normal?
I think all kids have some sort of weird phobias. My 5 year old is terrified of most toilets. She hates the self flushers. I have to sit on it behind her so it doesn't flush while she is going. I would suggest getting him one of those toy vacuums from the toy store. My daughter has one that actually picks up some things. If he can learn to help mommy vacuum with his own, he may not be afraid of them anymore.
Q:What vacuum cleaners perform well and cost around $100?
the best buy from Consumer is a Kenmore, we have the upright and it is very powerful
Q:Is there a dual central vacuum cleaner and wood stove vacuum cleaner ? See additional details Please !?
nobody would make a vacuum cleane rthat might suck up hot embers. a central vac is just that. use a shopvac with water in the bottom for your wood stove and remove the filter so it doesn't get cooked, or a bucket and shovel. sorry!
Q:Why did God make men with British and Australian accents so good at selling vacuum cleaners on American TV?
They excel at selling blenders and car wax as well
Q:Which vacuum should I buy? Bissell or Eureka?
Bissell. We have a Bissell and it works like magic. Eureka vacuum cleaners don't seem to last as long.
Q:cannister vacuum cleaner cheap?
The Ecovacs picked up debris well on bare floor, but performed poorly on carpet.
Q:Certified air purifier/vacuum?
Any vacuum cleaner you want like that is going to be pricy. And usually when my vacuum cleaners start blowing dust, either a filter needs to be changed, a hose is clogged, or the dust catcher- whatever form it might take- needs to be emptied. I understand that Rainbow Vacuums, while cumbersome, are very good at controlling blowing dust because of the way they work. Try running a web search on hospital-quality vacuums: Those have to be very good at controlling dust because of where they''re used. Good luck!
Q:Can you connect a pool vacuum to a sump pump instead of the pool pump?
If you want a pool vacuum. Big time! Buy a 5 horse gas rotary pump. Size intake down to pool hose size and hose clamp in place. Next buy some fertilizer hose for the return hose. And fittings for that. All plastic fittings. next 6inch PVC pipe the heavy pipe 1 foot or a little less. 2 cap ends with tread. and some sheet Metal screws. And cap heads threaded. Drill hole in 1 cap end with hole saw. Take 1, 3 inch threaded pipe. Heat on stove. Grasp with heavy touwls and rush to garage. Use hot pipe as a tap to melt into plastic pipe. Were you drilled the hole in the square center. So hole needs be slightly smaller than pipe. Use Metal screws to fix pipe ends to PVC pipe. Drill 3/4 to 1 inch holes in PVC pipe. You now have your filter housing. Next buy green furnace filter pad. Just like dish scrub pad. Cut to size, roll about 3 rolls, Leave hole in center, Put in filter casing. Attach to pump return. Hook up vacuum hose and vacuum. Put filter in pool. Prime pump, put vacuum in pool, Start motor. You now have a pool vacuum cleaner of vacuum cleaners. This will almost suck the bottom of the pool up. Return filtered water to pool. Mount in a wheelbarrow for ease of movement. Remove cap and wash filter if it starts getting clogged. Remember a some what dirty filter filters better. About $450 to $500 to build yourself. But what a pool vacuum it is! But yes a sump pump can be used. Use a submersible one. And be sure to set it on a pad. As the legs will wear a hole in the pool liner quick! And you are looking at half the cost of a gas powered one to build. And risking shock in water. So I advise against that. And 5 horse is much more than 1/2 or 3/4 horse for the buy. Or go radical. Build a 10 horse vacuum. For a little more. Filter pad should be cut about 1/4 inch longer than housing. This is what I use for my pool vacuum. Best your money can build here.
Q:i just vacuumed my snake wat shoud i do?
How would you vacuum up a snake, usually your snake should be in the cage rather than running around the house. If this does happen to be serious, I would try to open the vacuum and open the bag where all the dust and what not goes into.

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