Bagged vacuum cleaner with ERP Class A#JC623

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850 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Model: JC623



Stylish shape design

Tool storage cabinet

Speed control on body (optional)

Washable outlet HEPA filter(optional)

Strong power


 ERP Class: A(only for 700W power)



1200~1800W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 1.6L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size: 334*256*223mm

Packing size: 400*285*310mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 850/1750/1950 pcs



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Q:Which is more powerful, an amp or a volt? By how much?
Sometimes a waterfall analogy is used: voltage is equivalent to how high the waterfall is, amperage to how much water is flowing. Power (watts) is volts x amps. (There is a technical point about phase, which we ignore.) Since household voltage is 110 in the US, a typical 10 amp vacuum will provide 1100 watts.
Q:what is green light for on heritage II vacuum cleaners?
The little green lite on the agitator head is there simply to let you know when the agitatior is running, or if the belt is broken and it's not running.
Q:Do the vortexes in these new vacuum cleaners do anything other than add marketability?
Believe me, it is not a marketing ploy; bagless vacuum cleaners have at least one vortex, or multiple vorticies for that matter if it's a Dyson or Dyson knockoff. The cyclone that all bagless vacuum cleaners share is the large visual vortex seen within the common clear collection bin. This cyclonic airflow forces large debris like pet hair, paper, food crumbs, etc. outside the airflow, so that the airflow can travel on through the rest of the machine. If it machine is of your typical Wal-Mart variety Hoover or what have you, the airflow with all the fine dust in it will travel through a pleated hepa filter. At this point, the dust particles will obstruct the filter's pores, and air flow will be drastically reduced. If it's anything like a Dyson, or Dyson knock off, the airflow will travel through a large perpherated cylinder called the 'shroud' (which it mean to keep out hair from the airstream, and onward into the multiple vortexes. Within these vortexes, airflow is sped up to over 950 MPH (around 110,000 g-forces), which then forces dust particles out of the airstream, and into a seperate compartment which can later be emptied when full. If you don't understand this concept, think of a drunken carney standing on a Marry-go-round and not properly fastened to a horsey. The centrifugal force of the ride will throw his *** into the grass because he could not handle the circular motion of the ride. The carney represents the dust, and the ride represents the vortex; it is a similar concept. After the airflow is rid of most dust particles, it will travel through a prefilter, then the motor, then the post HEPA filter. Of course, most of the Dyson knock offs cannot filter as efficiently because of their inability to emulate Dyson's efficient patented design. Of course, this describe the general concept of the multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner.
Q:Any opinions on hard floor cleaners (wet/dry) vacuums?
i for more info.
Q:⚫️ Poll: When you were wee little, were you afraid of vacuum cleaners?
I don't know about afraid but i was weary. On the other hand i was terrified and kinda still am of those street cleaning things with the round yellow brushes. I have no ideA why. I don't know it it's because I think that I might somehow get sucked up or what.
Q:Are there any vacuum cleaners with built in lights?
Even if there was one for under $150 I'm not sure you'd be happy with its performance if the power went out...
Q:What is the real reason Vacuum Cleaners have a head light on the front of it?
As a modern witch (the broomstick is soooo old fashioned) It's a requirment to have a headlight when travelling at night or if up in the sky.
Q:Are hand vacuum cleaners noisy like the regular vacuum cleaners?
Couldn't Tell Ya, All I Know Is Hand Vacuums Are More Convenient To Stick My Cawk In...Cmon No One Likes To Haul A Regular Vacuum Upstairs To Your Room.
Q:My Uncle sells vacuum cleaners. Each week he earns $200 plus 8% of his sales.?
Call your uncle and just ask him what his check was for. OH!! This is a homework question where your uncle sells vacuum cleaners. I get it. (sarcasm) Just calculate what 8% of $3200.00 is. Then add the $200.00 that he earns weekly. That answer is how much he makes a week.
Q:is a shark vacuum cleaner any good?
Hoover Windtunnel PAWS, made especially for animal hair. I love it, it was inexpensive and picks the hair up like no other vacuum I have owned!

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