Bagged canister vacuum cleaner with protective devices #B6228

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700 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: B6226




Cord length 5m

Dust capacity 3.0L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size:417*282*226mm

Giftbox Size:440*300*280mm


Loading QTY:770/1585/1780pcs


Vacuum pressure(Kpa):19-22



Stepless electronic speed control on body(Optional)

Stand holder for tube

Multiple filtration system

Foot pedel rewinder

Dual stand holder for easy storage

Handle airflow control

Crush-proof hose

2 position brush

360 degree hose swivel

Dust full indicator

Protective device proventing motor overheating

Swirl Y201 bag compatible

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC


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Annoys, as opposed to fearful of? If an undisciplined and uncontrolled dog is allowed by its thoughtless and inconsiderate owner to run over and is “in his face” assertive throwing its weight around, that will be stopped by “telling” the other dog not to mess with him by his confident posture and vocalization. By nature he is a confident, sound, even tempered and mellow dog that does not look for trouble or instigate a fracas but neither will be back down and run/cower if a dog is shows aggression. The ***** is reactive to a couple of sounds, and either stands by my side, knowing that I will handle her problems or checks back at me and if she sees I am calm and confident, will think there is no reason to be anxious and forget about it quickly.
Q:which Vacuum cleaners?
I recommend Dyson if you can afford it.
Q:My 5 year old is scared of the vacuum is this normal?
Obviously most of the people who answered previously know nothing about children.. I have little sisters, and TONS of little cousins. Yes, fears of vaccums are actually rational because they know little about them except it is unknown and makes loud noises. So, a summary....Yes. I don't even HAVE kids and I know that. I was scared of the weirdest things as a child. I was scared of going under bridges and stuff because I was afraid it would fall on my car. Yea, your child is exhibiting fear.
Q:What did people do before vacuum cleaners?
Have you ever heard of dusters? Or brooms?
Q:What is a good, inexpensive hand-held vacuum cleaner?
I quite have a airborne dirt and dirt devil hand held vacuum i like it. i take advantage of it in my motor vehicle different places i'm very extremely joyful by potential of this is suction overall performance. take a seem on the hand held vacuums at Sears additionally. I did yet nevertheless went with the DD. the baggage, upload-ons are constantly uncomplicated to discover interior the shops.
Q:which are the best vacuum cleaners?
For years, I always had Eureka. They are good, but 4 yrs ago, I bought an Oreck and I would not buy any other brand. It is lightweight, is great for allergens and it cleans well. I take it in for maintenance once a year. The first three or four years it is cost free for maintenance. I like the fact that it is self leveling when you go from hard surfaces to carpet. I recommend an Oreck. They may cost a bit more, (varies as to styles,) but to me they are well worth their price. I use my on tile, linoleum, parquet wood flooring, and carpet with ease and efficiency. I've never had my Oreck to kick out any dirt particles to the back of the vacuum as I have had with other uprights. I also have an Oreck cannister/with shoulder strap that is lightweight to use for cleaning upholstery, stairs, baseboards and ceiling fans etc.
Q:My friend's brother placed a vacuum cleaner up to his nipple....?
Sounds like it caused some internal bruising and fluid from the underlying breast lymph tissue to be forced into the outer tissues and caused swelling of these tissues. It will probably resolve it self over the next 6 weeks. This is not the first stupid thing I have seen people do with vacuum cleaners. A ice pack may help take away some of the swelling.
Q:My PC won't startup properly after vacuuming...?
That's a big NO-NO... Vacuum cleaners create tons of static electricity which can damage computer components, especially graphics cards, processors and even motherboards. Only clean a computer with canned compressed air for electronics, never use a vacuum cleaner.
Q:Vacuum cleaners under $100?
Purchase a rebuilt or reconditioned vacuum from a Vacuum Cleaner Sales Store. You can probably pick up a $600.00 machine, rebuilt, for under $100.00. This would be a much better machine than any new machine that sells in that price range. you can also find, new, a Sharp machine for prox., $200.00.
Q:Nit picker on vacuum. Have you ever heard of this, would you use it for nit picking if needed?
I never heard of such a vacuum, but I sure as heck wouldn't use it for for that purpose. Nits are literally glued onto the hair shaft with a substance chemically close to the composition of hair, so it would impossible for the vacuum attachment to actually work unless it pulls the entire hair strand out of your head (ouch!). Lice crawl; they don't jump or fly. Lice are spread by having had direct head to head contact (ie hugging with hair touching, sharing hats, etc) to get any number of lice to set up shop on another person's head. You were never infested because there was no direct contact to make it possible.

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