Backhoe Loader All Wheel Drive

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Product Description:

 Backhoe Loader  All Wheel Drive 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WZ 30-25


Type:Medium-sized Loader

Walking Mode:Wheeled


Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000



Rated Loading Capacity:9500kg


Overall Dimensions:8000X2200X3350mm

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:in Bulk or in Container

Standard:CE, ISO9001: 2000



HS Code:3111968887


Production Capacity:3000PCS Per One Month

Product Description

Techinical parameters of the backhoe loaders

  1. Overall Dimensions(LXWXH): 8000× 2300× 3424 mm
    Overall Weight: 9500kg
    Bucket Capacity: 1.0m3
    Digger capacity: 0.3 m3
    Dumping Height: 2650mm
    Dumping reach: 930 mm
    Max. Digging depth: 4400mm
    Max. Digging radium: 5471mm

Backhoe LoaderVLWZ 30-25
Overall Dimensions(LXWXH) 8000×2300×3424 mm
 Overall Weight 9500kg
 Bucket Capacity 1.0m3
 Digger capacity 0.3 m3
 Dumping Height 2650mm
 Dumping reach 930 mm
 Max. digging depth 4400mm
 Max. digging radium5471mm
 Rated power 65 KW
 Rated speed 2500r/min
 Wheel base 2600mm
Operating Weight9500kg
Engine modelYUCHAIDiesel
Rated Power/ Speed66/ 2300Kw/ r/min
Max. Steering Angle±35°
Tracing Speed I(F/R)0~ 6.2km/h
Tracing Speed II(F/R)0~ 12km/h
Tracing Speed III(F/R)0~ 20km/h
Tracing Speed IV(F/R)0~ 33km/h
Back I Speed0~8km/h
Back II Speed0~28.5km/h
Drive typeAll wheel drive
Control systemExcavating pilot control 

Backhoe Loader  All Wheel Drive

Backhoe Loader  All Wheel Drive

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