Backhoe Loader 866H for road building site

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1 unit
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100 unit/month

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Euro 3

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Place of Origin:

Sichuan China (Mainland)

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Model Number:

CG866H-backhoe loader




1,The Chenggong CG866H Backhoeloader is in high quanlity and in better service 
2,It is in timely delivery and in better price

CG866H standard backhoe loader comes with the following features.
1. It adopts HUSCO hydraulic components.
2. The spacious cab of this standard backhoe loader is provided with an adjustable, air-suspending and shock absorbing seat.
3. Its integrated engine cover can be opened backwards.
4. This heavy equipment vehicle has an excavator-style curved arm.
5. This standard backhoe loader can be provided with an optional extension arm.
6. It is also equipped with a bucket return-to-dig system.
7. This standard backhoe loader adopts a Carraro transmission system.
8. Single tilt loader linkage.
9. Standard arm.

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