B Type U Style Quartz Tubes

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Product Description:

 Packaging & Delivery of B Type U Style Quartz Tubes


Packaging Detail: 1.Plastic Paper and Carton. 2.We can also pack the goods according to your requirement.
Delivery Detail: 10 days after getting your payment.



Specifications of B Type U Style Quartz Tubes


  1. Produce OD 1.5mm -350mm, Resized OD 450mm

  2. almost no bubbles, no lines

  3. sealing, bending can be made according a draft



Applification of B Type U Style Quartz Tubes


1. Produce OD 20mm -400mm,  thickness1.5-5mm
2. high purity almost no bubbles, no lines
3. sealing, bending can be made according to a draft

4.high temperature resistant,corrosion resistant





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Q:What is the role of quartz glass tube?
The biggest difference between the quartz glass and ordinary glass is heat level, quartz glass can resist to your unexpected temperature, such as burning in the fire immediately after not burst into the water!
Q:What can be cut off by a quartz tube?
Resin diamond ultra thin cutting blade, cutting quartz glass tube, rod piece and so on. It has the characteristics of cutting, no collapsing, sharp and wearableAnother way is if the English word Lishi tube factory near to be sent to them all! Now this generation of cutting business is also very fire! Conventional quartz tube length is 1240MM!
Q:Is the heating tube in the oven better quartz or stainless steel?
It is better for families in the economy, but for families who want to buy electric ovens and singles. The other is an electric oven with two far-infrared tubes and a quartz heating tube, which is characterized by faster heating. However, compared with the former, the price should be slightly higher, generally expensive one hundred or two hundred yuan.
Q:Is the quartz tube electric heater good or the warm air machine good?
Comparison of warm air heater and electric heater: 1. heater usually adopts PTC ceramic heating element, only heating and non luminous. 2. electric heater generally use electric heating element, both heating and shining. Some of the electrical energy is wasted on light. Recommend the use of PTC ceramic heating elements of the warm air machine. Adopt PTC ceramic heating element heater, power 1500~2200 Watt, moderate price. Have hair, fever, high fever and three control, horizontal swing, tilt vertically, and anti fall safety functions, convenient use, good heating effect.
Q:Can the electric heating wire in the quartz tube be replaced by an electric tungsten wire?
Divided into civilian and industrial use.For civilian use, mainly for heaters and light wave furnaces.For those who need almost industrial heating industry: printing and dyeing, footwear, coating, food, electronics, medicine, textile, wood, paper, plastics, automotive, furniture, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery and so on.The far infrared heating tube has the characteristics of high density, high heat efficiency and low energy consumption. Using this tube as a heater, heating element oven etc heating equipment than ordinary infrared heating can greatly improve work efficiency, shorten the heating cycle, saving equipment space, save energy, reduce the production cost.
Q:How to identify the trombone quartz stone
The process of tube for feeding, melting, forming, cooling, drawing. General quartz can slide, is the different quality requirements, if required, transparent no bubble, it should use silica of high purity, less gas-liquid inclusions of quartz stone, processed into high purity quartz sand to the trombone.
Q:Electronic energy saving heater and quartz tube heating rod
A heat pump is used to transfer heat from cryogenic objects to high temperature objects through a refrigeration system. Because of the basic structure of the system, the amount of heat released to the high temperature object is always greater than that used in the process.
Q:The difference between quartz tube and far infrared tube in an electric oven?
Far infrared electric heating tube to tube is based on the electric heating tube is coated with infrared coating, the heat radiation of the electric heating tube frequency into the far infrared frequency, so that the material to be heated to better absorb heat from the heating tube, far infrared heating and high thermal efficiency, energy saving.
Q:Which is better, quartz glass heating tube and PTC heating tube?
Of course, the PTC ceramic heater is better. Leak easily burst quartz tube, now basically eliminated, PTC is not comparable to other heater heater, PTC heater insulation and high safety, high heat energy conversion efficiency, but also comes with constant temperature function, not because of overheating protector failure under the condition of burning, this is no other heater, the most unsafe is the quartz tube and the heating wire heater
Q:Is the heater good for quartz tube or electric heating wire?
The best heating element is PTC ceramic, but each heating body has its own shortcomings. If you choose between the quartz tube and the hot wire, my advice is to select the quartz tube.
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