Axial Fan Motor YWF2D-250

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1),YWF series axial fan motors are external rotor fan motors with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.

2),Black Axial Flow Fan are divided into singlephrase asynchronous capacitor fan motor and threephrases asynchronous fan motor which are widely used in condenser, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment and ventiliating cycle areas.

3),The standard length of the electrical wire on the fan is 1.5m, and we can also provide connection box to fan motors for clients' choices.

4),The applicable environment temperature of the fan motors used in condensers is from 0oC to +60oC, and that of the fan motors used in evaporators is from -30oC to 0oC.

5),The average working life of motors is more than 30000 hours.

OEM ODM Available

Lower Noisy,Long Life,High Efficiency.



Ambient Temperature: -40-60°C

Motor Life: Over 3,0000hours

Protection Class: IP42 or IP44

Direction of Fan: Sucking or Blowing

Insulation Class: Class B,F

Accessories: Grid,Square,Cylinder

Type of Connection: Connection box,1.5m Power line

Noise: 66dBA

Capacitor: 6uf

Air volume: 3830m³/h

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Q:Home appliances maintenance network, my refrigerator recently broken, and at the beginning, frozen and frozen in turn
Oil discharge is normal, oil is lubrication. Mainly depends on the capillary and dry filter is blocked, or welded pipe, there are solder joints fell into the pipeline will be blocked.
Q:Freezer level energy consumption is not frozen capacity is not strong?
3., the greater the energy efficiency ratio (1 large, 5 small), indicating that the use of electricity consumption of the product is smaller, then in the unit time, the power consumption of the appliance products are relatively less.
Q:What appliances can produce hot water and freeze refrigeration?
For hot water and air conditioning refrigeration, you can use air cooling heat pump air conditioning unit, water cooling heat pump air conditioner, ground source heat pump unit, water source heat pump unit, you can;
Q:The refrigerator is frozen well and the freezer is not cool
Leakage of fluorine, the freezer will also have problems, it should be temperature control is not adjusted, because the thermostat only to the refrigerator has a regulatory role.
Q:How can I check the drain in the Samsung refrigerator?
The situation has nothing to do with drainageMostly because the refrigerator door is not sealed, you can check to see if the door seal is damaged or agingIf there is, please after sale master change a seal, the situation should be good
Q:The refrigerator is frozen properly and the storage temperature is too high
The problem is to determine whether the fan, fan card or fan motor fan motor bad, bad words need to be replaced (30-50 yuan), if the fan card, the fan blade to the outside dial a little card, use the fan long time has been transferred.
Q:Freezer of my home freezer part cannot refrigeration ~ seek solution
2 using a multimeter to check whether the power supply voltage below 187 volts, because the refrigerator according to the national standard of normal use voltage of 187V - 242V (the manufacturer unless otherwise indicated), less than 187 volts of refrigerator compressor is not effectively normal start.3. when the ambient temperature is lower than the normal starting temperature of the temperature controller, the low temperature switch of the refrigerator should be checked whether or not it is turned on. Only when the low temperature switch is turned on can the temperature controller be switched on. Refrigerator does not refrigerate the reasons, first of all, the refrigerator thermostat is installed in the freezer, the refrigerator temperature did not meet the temperature requirements of the thermostat, so the machine does not stop.
Q:Is the surface of the refrigerator freezer afraid of salt?
Winter temperature regulationThe winter generally stalls to hit the 4 levels above apply, the reason is: you purchase a product only a cold room temperature controller to control the temperature of chilled and frozen storage temperature, due to technical requirements of between 0 to 10 degrees, and the common cold in winter environment is low, cold very easy to get to the set temperature and if the set temperature is too high, easy to produce the refrigerator boot due to the short period of freezing effect is not up to the winter, and if the ambient temperature is low, mainly to ensure the cooling effect of freezing. Under normal circumstances, if the ambient temperature is below 16 degrees, set to 5 stalls, below 10 degrees, can be transferred to 6 or 7 stalls. Sometimes, when the ambient temperature is too low, such as 0~5 degrees, the stalls are lowered and refrigerated, this time, food can be placed outside the refrigerator
Q:Refrigerator, Ice Prince, freezing room, cold storage, nothing
There are 3 main reasons for such a situation:1, the refrigerator solenoid valve can not be opened properly, resulting in one of the room can be normal refrigeration.
Q:Three how do I close the freezer?
Freezing room temperature regulation (-16~-24 DEG C) and freezing chamber switch functionWhen the display is unlocked, press the freeze temperature adjustment button,

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