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1),YWF series axial fan motors are external rotor fan motors with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.

2),Black Axial Flow Fan are divided into singlephrase asynchronous capacitor fan motor and threephrases asynchronous fan motor which are widely used in condenser, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment and ventiliating cycle areas.

3),The standard length of the electrical wire on the fan is 1.5m, and we can also provide connection box to fan motors for clients' choices.

4),The applicable environment temperature of the fan motors used in condensers is from 0oC to +60oC, and that of the fan motors used in evaporators is from -30oC to 0oC.

5),The average working life of motors is more than 30000 hours.

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Q:Refrigerator freezer, drainage system icing, resulting in cold storage room without air conditioning, what should I do?
The use of refrigerators shall meet the following requirements:1, the refrigerator temperature should be kept below 10 degrees celsius.2, infants and young children food should be fresh preparation, should not be placed in the refrigerator.3, the remaining food in the refrigerator before storage, should be fully heated and cooked thoroughly, killing microorganisms, reduced to room temperature after preservation.4, in order to prevent cooked cross and food "string of flavor", the use of plastic wrap or cling paper will be dense food package, after the refrigerator storage, should be cooked on top of the next.Thoroughly before cooking thaw 5, frozen meat and poultry, and then evenly heated cooking. If not completely thaw some of the conventional cooking temperature sufficient to kill microorganisms. The thawing of the meat and fish should not be re stored in refrigerator, because the food thawing process may be contaminated, microorganisms will multiply rapidly.
Q:The refrigerator freezer is not as cold as it used to be
May also be the refrigerator door above the sealing strip aging, it can not seal the role. If the ice is too thick, you need to remove the ice. The seal is aging, and you can replace it with a new one. It won't cost much. I hope I can help you.
Q:Freezer of my home freezer does not refrigerate, what reason is it?
Now the refrigerator basically has no fluoride, and is not conducive to environmental protection and refrigeration effect in general, industrial refrigerants R22, 418B more. If there is a noise sound, indicating that the compressor can work, may be due to lack of refrigerant.
Q:Why doesn't soft ice freeze? Soft freezing is at -7 degrees, but why don't you freeze a bowl of water?
In theory, pure water freezes in an environment less than 0 degrees celsius;So if you put a bowl of water in a "soft freeze" zone, it should freeze as long as it's long enough
Q:Why is the freezer in the refrigerator smaller than the freezer?
If you need a freezer that can be frozen, chilled, and refrigerated, go to the appliance store and buy a home freezer. About 100 litres will do.
Q:My refrigerator by going on, who knows??
The temperature control in the cold room 10 degrees between the temperature of a refrigerating chamber is higher than the set temperature of refrigerator refrigeration will start, in ensuring the temperature of a refrigerating chamber while ensuring the freezer temperature is not higher than - 18 degree, winter ambient temperature is low when the freezer temperature close to the set temperature, the refrigerator is difficult to start, resulting in cold room temperature is normal the temperature of the freezing chamber, the phenomenon of increased.
Q:Recently, the appliance sales season, and want to start with a cost-effective refrigerator, what is good advice?
Landlord, although the ability to measure refrigeration is an important technical indicators of refrigeration. But the use of refrigeration equipment is different, performance requirements are also differentiated.
Q:Refrigerator, Ice Prince, freezing room, cold storage, nothing
There are 3 main reasons for such a situation:1, the refrigerator solenoid valve can not be opened properly, resulting in one of the room can be normal refrigeration.
Q:My refrigerator doesn't refrigerate at the upper and lower levels, but the light in the freezer is still on
If the refrigerator compressor does not work all the time, the temperature in the refrigerator exceeds the set range, and there are many reasons. It is better to ask the professionals or after sale to repair the refrigerator.
Q:In front of the freezer, take out today by day
Have a lot of food is not stored in the refrigerator such as banana, 12 DEG C preservation easy to black rot, and the refrigerator temperature is below this temperature; tomato, if frozen, take out a spallation phenomenon, serious surface shading, but not cooked, there is no original flavor of ham, with water; low temperature storage, ice, meat lumps or loose, easily remove corruption; chocolate, chilling out, immediately bear on its surface a layer of frost, especially easy to moldy.

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