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1),YWF series axial fan motors are external rotor fan motors with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.

2),Black Axial Flow Fan are divided into singlephrase asynchronous capacitor fan motor and threephrases asynchronous fan motor which are widely used in condenser, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment and ventiliating cycle areas.

3),The standard length of the electrical wire on the fan is 1.5m, and we can also provide connection box to fan motors for clients' choices.

4),The applicable environment temperature of the fan motors used in condensers is from 0oC to +60oC, and that of the fan motors used in evaporators is from -30oC to 0oC.

5),The average working life of motors is more than 30000 hours.

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Q:Is the surface of the refrigerator freezer afraid of salt?
Summer temperature regulationRefrigerator (freezer) in the use of the process, its working hours and power consumption by the environmental temperature greatly affected, so we need to choose a different gear in different seasons use.
Q:Refrigerator 192 how to close the freezer?
You can buy KAM series of 175 liters and 196215 of energy consumption in 0.33 degrees less than 3 days of electricity is the most energy-efficient and home appliances like ordinary products does not have what difference in materials and technology is the same as 3
Q:Freezer of my home freezer does not refrigerate, what reason is it?
Is that the old refrigerator? If it is an old refrigerator, there may be a shortage of fluorine, leading to coldLook at the refrigerator settings, whether or not to defrost or turn down the temperature.
Q:How can I check the drain in the Samsung refrigerator?
What type of refrigerator? Frost free refrigerator to open the door to the situation, if it is broken, only electrochemical cream, because the drainage holes need to disassemble in the box chamber wall, if it is on the door; a small refrigerator, in the freezer after the wall is drainage pipe, the freezer is not general, there may be the door. A bad condensed water caused by excessive
Q:Bubble cake can not fridge freezer
The temperature of the freezer is controlled at about 18 degrees below zero, which can effectively save 30% of the power consumption compared with 22 degrees below zero. In addition, we can also buy two bags of ice bags in the refrigerator, reduce the loss of refrigerator cooling, and achieve the purpose of saving electricity. Finally, there is a point where frost is a poor cold conductor. For this reason, we should defrost the refrigerator regularly for the purpose of power saving.
Q:Recently, the appliance sales season, and want to start with a cost-effective refrigerator, what is good advice?
Excessive freezing capacity will only increase your spending and refrigerator power consumption, so when you buy refrigerators, if you usually store food is generally not much, it is best to choose small refrigeration capacity refrigerator.
Q:What is the reason that the refrigerator and freezer are not refrigerated?
There may be less refrigerant, refrigerant should be added, but also to check whether the pipeline leaks.
Q:The temperature in the freezer always shows -12 degrees and keeps beating
You first try to automatically look, not only repair. Show -12 degrees refrigerator compressor should not work, and that has nothing to do with fluoride. Refrigerator on the original so few, it is estimated where the bad, repair is not fooled on the line, and then to find a regular repair point, it must be repaired good.
Q:Refrigerator freezer is very thick ice, what is the reason?
The temperature at the back is low and generally below zero. The cause of this is that there are too many cold things that block the flow of air inside, and that is, its refrigeration is intermittent and can freeze during refrigerationRefrigerator freezer is generally no vent, vent the actual drainage hole, water flow to the compressor at the top of the water receiving tray. The compressor produces heat evaporates water, cause ice vents is because the drain plug, available 1.5 meters of copper wire dredging
Q:Refrigeration room, refrigeration room is not refrigeration what is the problem, please consult.
There may be a lack of refrigerant, the proposed building of Haier's customer service phone, let after-sale check

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