Axial Fan Motor 300mm

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1),YWF series axial fan motors are external rotor fan motors with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.

2),Black Axial Flow Fan are divided into singlephrase asynchronous capacitor fan motor and threephrases asynchronous fan motor which are widely used in condenser, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment and ventiliating cycle areas.

3),The standard length of the electrical wire on the fan is 1.5m, and we can also provide connection box to fan motors for clients' choices.

4),The applicable environment temperature of the fan motors used in condensers is from 0oC to +60oC, and that of the fan motors used in evaporators is from -30oC to 0oC.

5),The average working life of motors is more than 30000 hours.

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Q:How can the freezer be preserved while frozen?
What's the model? Only two boxes can be fresh and frozen
Q:Freezer freezer, now generally located in a few stalls suitable?
Depending on the temperature you need. Generally, frozen things range from 4 to 5Less than 2 to 3
Q:Home appliances maintenance network, my refrigerator recently broken, and at the beginning, frozen and frozen in turn
Hello!Such problems occur, or manufacturers and after-sales staff to communicate!It's my pleasure to help you!
Q:Freezer of my home freezer does not refrigerate, what reason is it?
Is that the old refrigerator? If it is an old refrigerator, there may be a shortage of fluorine, leading to coldLook at the refrigerator settings, whether or not to defrost or turn down the temperature.
Q:The temperature in the freezer always shows -12 degrees and keeps beating
What you say is possible, and the temperature is too high to influence the inside or the humidity of the refrigerator. The chips are damp.
Q:Appliance subsidies, subsidies, refrigerator subsidies?
Go to my library, where there are very detailed policy details, the list of listed companies, product catalogs, and the corresponding amount of subsidies and so on.
Q:How do you close the freezer room under the three door of the refrigerator?
The refrigerant flow in the refrigerator is frozen and refrigerated first. If the refrigerator is cut off, the whole refrigerator can not be refrigerated.
Q:Refrigeration room, refrigeration room is not refrigeration what is the problem, please consult.
Hello! Does the refrigerator during normal operation after the cold wall are wind, water or cream, if not it may be a problem of machine,
Q:How to choose freezer, freezer?
Contrast of core devices. The core of refrigerator and refrigerator is compressor, that is refrigerator. Compare the power, power consumption and other aspects of the refrigerator.
Q:The refrigerator freezer is not as cold as it used to be
If the compressor of the refrigerator does not leak, there is no need to add fluorine. Of course, if you go outside to look for the appliance, they must tell you to add fluorine.

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