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1),YWF series axial fan motors are external rotor fan motors with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.

2),Black Axial Flow Fan are divided into singlephrase asynchronous capacitor fan motor and threephrases asynchronous fan motor which are widely used in condenser, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment and ventiliating cycle areas.

3),The standard length of the electrical wire on the fan is 1.5m, and we can also provide connection box to fan motors for clients' choices.

4),The applicable environment temperature of the fan motors used in condensers is from 0oC to +60oC, and that of the fan motors used in evaporators is from -30oC to 0oC.

5),The average working life of motors is more than 30000 hours.

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Q:Freezer freezer, now generally located in a few stalls suitable?
Depending on the temperature you need. Generally, frozen things range from 4 to 5Less than 2 to 3
Q:The refrigerator freezer is not as cold as it used to be
If the compressor of the refrigerator does not leak, there is no need to add fluorine. Of course, if you go outside to look for the appliance, they must tell you to add fluorine.
Q:Three how do I close the freezer?
Enter the temperature setting of the freezer, press the freezing temperature button, and the buzzer sounds
Q:How can I check the drain in the Samsung refrigerator?
The situation has nothing to do with drainageMostly because the refrigerator door is not sealed, you can check to see if the door seal is damaged or agingIf there is, please after sale master change a seal, the situation should be good
Q:Freezer of my home freezer part cannot refrigeration ~ seek solution
1. open the refrigerator door to see if the light in the box is bright to make sure the refrigerator is connected to the power. If the lamp is not lit by the power plug or pen multimeter to check whether there is electric power socket, the plug is a good refrigerator. Because the power is not plugged in, the refrigerator can not be normal refrigeration, as long as the plug in the power on the line.
Q:My refrigerator freezer is normal, but the freezer is not cool, not more than 6 degrees, the light does not light, it is broken there
The temperature of the refrigerating chamber is normal in between 1-10.Light is not on a switch is caused by poor contact, open the refrigerator door, find the switch lights at the door, repeatedly press a few, to see whether the light, if not light, or the switch is damaged, or the lamp is damaged, the bulb off to see whether the filament has been broken, if broken, change a good lighting try, if still not bright, that switch problem.
Q:The refrigerator is frozen well and the freezer is not cool
Is your thermostat electronic or mechanical? Electronic is digital display, mechanical, that is, in the refrigerator, there is a roller manually adjusted. Does the compressor start frequently after defrosting? Start running time is short. If, as I said, there might be something wrong with the thermostat. Just change it. If you can refrigeration, it is not leakage of fluorine, leakage is not cold.
Q:At present, what type of chiller is more advanced, more energy saving, energy-saving effect?
Two, hotel air-conditioning energy-saving technologies and methods(1) a brief introduction to the basic theory of freezing1. Analysis of actual refrigeration cycle:Description of words during freezing cycle:A gaseous refrigerant that is 1 (T1, P1) out of an evaporator (4); is compressed into 2 state (T2, P2) after adiabatic compression of the compressor. The gas refrigerant is compressed, the condenser (2), isobaric cooling condensation, the state 3 (T3, P2) and the change of state 4 (T3, P2) of the liquid refrigerant, and then through the throttle valve (3) expanded to low pressure (P1), a 5 (T1, P1) the gas-liquid mixture. Among them, cryogenic (T1) low pressure (P1) liquid refrigerant in the evaporator (4) absorb the heat of the cold material, gasification under P1, into the state of 1 (T1, P1) gaseous refrigerant. The gaseous refrigerant is piped back into the compressor and a new cycle is started. This is the four cycle of the freezing cycle.
Q:How to choose freezer, freezer?
Freezer, freezer belong to large home appliance, safety is more important, the following are your reference:Choose good after-sales service. As we all know, freezers, refrigerators are large appliances, the problem can be resolved in the first time is the best.
Q:Is the foam for packaged home appliances useful? You can make money
Foam worthless, wrapping paper worth a little money, a can sell a few dollars, five or six cents a pound or soThe foam can only be used for garbage disposal. Or you can use it at home

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