AWS ER 70S-6 Welded Wire AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6 0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm

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Product Description:

1.Welding Wire Description:

1) Specifications: AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6 
2) Sizes(Diameter): 0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.6mm 
3) Main chemical composition:as follows

4)Applications: Shipbuilding, bridge building, machinery manufacture And general welding purposes

2.Main Features of Welding Wire

CO2 gas-shielded copper-plated welding wire has excellent welding technological property: the electric arc is stable with less spattering, the appearance of welded joint is nice with good crack resistance: it applies to all-position welding.

3. Welding Wire Images

AWS ER 70S-6 Welded Wire AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6 0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm

AWS ER 70S-6 Welded Wire AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6 0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm

4. Welding Wire Specification 

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal (%)















Diameter And Reference Current(DC+)











1. If samples available?

Answer: We are happy to provide free samples to you.

2. If OEM available?

Answer: Yes, as we usually do.

3.  What are your company normal export terms?

Answer: We normally export with CFR, CIF and FOB.

4. How many days it will take you to produce mass production for us?

Answer: Normally it will take about 7-15 days. It also depends on the quantity and production seasons.  

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Q:TP347 stainless steel pipe welding stainless steel 304 what wire?
347+304Welding wire: 1.H03Cr21Ni10Si2.H08Cr21Ni10Si3.H08Cr21Ni10Nb4.H08Cr19Ni10TiWhich is cheap and good to buy, which you use. 347 and 304 components basically consistent, that is, 347 of the ingredients, more than a Nb niobium.
Q:What kind of welding material is TG-S2CW and what material is it?
Wear resistant welding electrode, cobalt base welding electrode, mould welding electrode, nickel base welding rod, stainless steel welding rod, pipeline welding electrode, imported welding rod, imported welding wire, carbon steel welding rod, valve welding rod, surfacing welding electrode, nickel base welding wire, heat-resisting steel welding rodTIG welding material for 2.25%Cr-W-Nb-V steel
Q:What welding wire is used for argon arc welding of 201 stainless steel tube?
The 201 main components of stainless steel is about 0.15%C, 5.5%Mn, 17%Cr and 5%Ni, can be simply expressed as 1Cr17Mn6Ni5, with high Mn content can be relatively poor weldability (formula CE=C+Mn/6+ by carbon equivalent (Cr+Mo+V) /5+ (Si+Ni+Cu) /15 (%), at the same time can be calculated) of the parent material will be affected by the impact of wayward. Therefore, if the wire is directly removed according to the chemical composition, the welding wire according to the following standards can be used: AWS, A5.9, ER307&, ISO14343-B-SS307. Can also upgrade files using AWS A5.9 ER316 standard welding wire. More guarantee for weld quality.
Q:What wire is used in 06cr19ni10 pipe?
With 304 stainless steel wire
Q:72173090 is the HS encoding of the welding wire?
NoThe welding wire should fall under the 8311 item
Q:Can carbon dioxide welding machine be shielded from flux cored wire?
Yes, of course. Just switch off the protective gas.
Q:Normally, the proportion between submerged arc welding wire and flux should be answered
My company uses the "Golden Bridge" submerged arc welding wire and flux, welding wire and welding flux together, can not be separated, how is it? It is normal. Submerged arc welding usually has an arc lead plate and a draw plate
Q:How to test whether the flux cored wire is filled evenly?
In the process of production, the filling test of flux cored wire is usually done by measuring filling ratio in many ways.If you are the user of the wire, you can do a spot check section filling ratio test, you can also take the same weight detection.
Q:Silver wire with silver content for copper welding
The traditional saying is not less than 35 silver, but in recent years it has been said that the amount of silver reduced to 30% can also be welded.Attribute advantagesSilver electrode is a silver base solid body electrode has excellent processing property, low melting point, good wettability and the ability to fill the gap, and high strength, good plasticity, conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance, can be used for brazing all black except aluminum, magnesium and other low the melting point of metal and nonferrous metal, the products are widely used in refrigeration, lighting, hardware appliances, instrumentation, chemical, aerospace and other industrial manufacturing field.Characteristic advantageThe silver electrode with good fluidity, low price, excellent process performance;2. Silver electrode has the advantages of low melting point, good wetting and filling gap;3 silver electrode joint of high strength and plasticity, good conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance;The brazing of copper and silver are self fluxing, without flux. It is suitable for contact welding, gas flame welding, high frequency brazing and brazing in some furnaces. The brazed joint has good strength and electrical conductivity.The silver electrode of low cost, silver, copper and silver generation, suitable for welding of copper and copper alloy.
Q:What kind of welding wire is ER50-6 welding wire suitable for welding Q235?
Absolutely. ER50-6 see GB/T8110-2008

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