Auxiliary equipment for tunnel construction

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Battery or diesel locomotive

Segment carrier

Mortar truck

Muck truck

Personnel carrier

Ballastless track plate--

The biggest advantage of thehigh-speed railway ballastless track platedebugging mold researched anddeveloped by our company independently: the manufacturer will not worry aboutthe expensive grinder equipments any more, they could fabricate the qualifiedproducts directly without special requirements of sites, saving lots of fund,speeding up the production cycle. It can resolve the prestressing tendons properly,saving the cost from the tensioning device. The mold opens or closes using thetranslational style, which is more convenient than CRTSI and CRTSII trackplate. The embedded locator is of O-ring structure, the diameter of which canbe adjusted arbitrarily. It can be loose or tight, adapting to a variety ofembedded casing. It’s easy to operate and very practical. The rail supportingplatform is a movable part which can adjust both transverse and bottom. It ismade by CNC milling through the precise casting process. It has thecharacteristics of high precision, high strength, corrosion resistance andnon-deformation. The vibration machine is installed out of the template, thevibrator effect of which is uniform without dead ends losing vibration; it isalso easy to repair. It uses the movable lifting frame which is safe andreliable, occupying little space. It truly reflects the humane designphilosophy and the race speed against time, the design style of which is on theforefront of the times. CRTSⅢ track plate mold has already been identified as high-technologyproduct by China’s science and technology sector.

Performance and parameters

Working environment:-18℃~60℃;

Power conditions:AC380V/220V±10% 50HZ±0.5 HZ;

Track plate material:C60 reinforced concrete;

Dimension of track plate model:6000×2900×900mm;

Cavity dimension5600×2550×190mm

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I can't for the life of me understand what you're asking.
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Q:Friction generates and causes wear in machinery, yet friction is often needed.please explain?
friction, resistance offered to the movement of one body past another body with which it is in contact. In certain situations friction is desired. Without friction the wheels of a locomotive could not “grip” the rails nor could power be transmitted by belts. On the other hand, in the moving parts of machines a minimum of friction is desired; an excess of friction produces heat, which in turn causes expansion, the locking of the moving parts, and a consequent breakdown of the machinery. Lubrication is important in minimizing friction as are also such devices as ball and roller bearings.
Q:do you have any book for farm machinery design?
Yes. Plenty of books on development of farm machinery.
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I believe you have to get the machinery past customs and you have to get import paperwork done.
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would you like me to plow your furrow?

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