Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

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China main port
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10000 roll
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30000000 roll/month

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Describtion:Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Masking tape is using crepe paper as backing material and coated with natural rubber adhesive

Standard size: 24mm*30, 48mm*30m,0.99m*1800m,1.22m*1800, etc.

Application : widely used for painting masking, furniture, shoe material production, auotmobile painting.


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Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Pakaging & Shiping

Packaging Detail

standard packing / genuine packing / as per customer's packing instruction

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15 ~ 30 days after receiving the deposit

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Our service of Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

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2. We accept any drawings or your samples to develop new product

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Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape


Company Information

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

CNBM International Corp., established in 2004, is the business entity fortrade and logistics of CNBM Group, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of People’s Republic of China.

Adhero Technology is the adhesive tape division of CNBM International Corporation. Over the past decade we have been developed into a leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes in China. We mainly supply various kinds of adhesive tapes as BOPP packing tape, cloth duct tape, double sided taoes, PVC tapes, Aluminum foil tape etc.

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape


FAQ: What are your company advantages? 

  1. Stable financial status and sound reputation as a state invested corporation under the direct administration of the State Council of PRC;
    2. CNBM’s worldwide influence as one of the 500 global fortunes specializing in building materials including adhesive tapes;
    3. More than a decade’s exporting experience and technology in adhesive tape industry;
    4. Preferential shipping channels, with a separate team dealing with shipping.



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Q:How to clean the plastic surface of the interior of the car?
Find an empty spray bottle filled in the first half a bottle of white vinegar, and then pour water to the spray bottle, the bottle cap after uniform. Spray the car dashboard, steering wheel to the sides of the car door, and wait for a few minutes to wipe the plastic interior with a dry towel or some paper towels. Finally, use special cleaning cloth to scrub dirt and spots that are difficult to remove. Then wash it again and again until all the stains are gone.
Q:Is the tank material good for cast iron or aluminum?
Synthetic plastics are also good, light in weight and not easily spark when colliding.
Q:What are the main varieties of PP modified plastics used in automobiles?
(1) toughened PP material, which is mainly elastomer based toughening, has very high impact strength and low temperature toughness. It is mainly used to make automobile bumpers, and adding toughening agents can achieve good results.(2) filling is filled, toughened by inorganic materials toughened by elastomer modified PP material, has outstanding advantages of high modulus, rigidity and good heat resistance, good dimensional stability, overcome the general contraction PP material rate, low thermal deformation temperature, mechanical durability poor, widely used in the manufacture of the car inside and outside decoration, such as instrument panels, door trim board, water tank cover etc..
Q:Why not use plastic barrels of gasoline, but most of the car's tank is made of plastic tanks, isn't that contradictory?
Hello, because the plastic bucket is easy to generate static electricity. The material of the tank is different from that of the ordinary plastic bucket.
Q:Auto chassis, plastic parts for spraying?
Chassis armour, many manufacturers do not spray.Most of the Japanese cars will be painted, the purpose is 1. rust prevention, 2. noise reduction, because the Japanese car body light, thin bodyNo need to spray plastic chassis, and metal parts are not spray is certainly good, such as shock absorber, spraying process if not protected it is easy to cause the coating into the shock absorber accelerated damage absorber.
Q:Can spray paint from automobiles? Plastic?
Yes, but the color should be chosen to avoid chromatic aberration. As well as the professional auto repair shop the effect is good, if a slight bump can take from the painting.
Q:The car's hard plastic has come off. Can you glue it with AB? Is it strong? Will you lose it for a long time?
Yes, it's very strong. I've been glued to it for more than three years and still use it
Q:What kind of material does the plastic shell of motorcycle belong to?
PP is one of the lightest varieties of all plastics. It is particularly stable in water, the water absorption rate in the water is only 0.01%, the molecular weight of about 8, in case 150 thousand. The formability is good, but the shrinkage rate is large (1%~2.5%). The thick wall products are easy to sag, and some parts with higher dimensional accuracy are difficult to meet the requirements, and the surface gloss of the products is good.
Q:Why do cars use metal?
Plastic anti-aging properties, there is no metal more than 1/10, I said that there is paint, surface oxidation resistance of the metal, automotive materials, if not designed to this point, there is no market prospects
Q:Can plastic plastic shell be repaired?
Housing is a one-time disposable is if there is a problem for new unless it is not where the problem is possible bumper repair, other parts are generally removed directly for new, because the stores are so new money, and fix it just to make artificial fee, so repair work do not take

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