Automobile sealing strip injection moulding machine

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Specializing in the production of car windows on the sealing strip


FT-200   规格表   Specifcatiom

Injection SystemScrew Diametermm222528
Injection Pressurekg/cm235818551530
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g364558
Max.Shot Weight(PS)OZ1.31.52
Screw Strokemm100
Screw Speed Maxrpm0-205
Nozzle Contact Forcetons2
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm140
Number of Temperacture Control-2-
Material Hopper CapacityL15
clamping systemClamping Forcetons20
Platen Sizemm460×290
Distance Between The Baremm295×125
Min.Mold Heightmm130/180
Opeing Strokemm160
Max.Opening Daylightmm290/340
Ejector Forcetons1.3
Ejector Strokemm35
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputL19
Oil Reservoir CapacityL65
Cooling Water ConsumptionL/hr400-600
Pump Motor Powerkw4
Barrel Heating Powerkw2
Total Weightkw6
OthersMachine Weighttons0.9
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m1.4×1.0×1.7
Shipping Weighttons1
Shipping Measurement(L×W×H)m1.7×1.2×2.0


Above spec sheet, if design changes without notice!













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Q:What's the difference between an oil filter and an oil filter?
Filter oil filter oil filter is sometimes called, if you wanted a device, look at the oil filter, just want a simple small oil filter, we recommend that you can see the light oil filter on the market, or portable type oil filter.
Q:What is the difference between the high efficiency vacuum oil filter and the two-stage vacuum oil filter in transformer oil filter?
The dry degree, the breakdown voltage of the oil value, disposable filtering effect are greatly improved, shorten the processing time of oil, so as to improve the performance of transformer oil, and vacuum, can use at high altitudes also.
Q:What's the problem with vacuum oil filter? We have a project abroad
Vacuum oil filter which house is good? Do not understand what you mean, I can only according to the current oil filter industry some of the circumstances to answer you.The price of 1, the vacuum oil filter: different brands, different manufacturers, different configurations, different type, size, price is not the same; the price of domestic configuration vacuum oil filter, vacuum oil filter joint configuration and the full import configuration of vacuum oil filter is certainly not the same.
Q:Excuse me, what's the reason why the oil is not clear and cloudy after being filtered by the centrifugal oil filter?
There may be two cases of opaque filtration: [1] the oil before filtration is emulsified and turbid, while the centrifugal oil filter is unable to break the emulsion, so the transparency is limited after filtration. If it is caused by emulsification, the multifunctional vacuum dehydration oil filter can be selected to break the emulsification and increase the transparency
Q:Who knows what the vibration of the oil filter is?
3, the oil filter bearings damaged or to be lubricated. Solution: replace bearings or Wang oil.4, the foundation of the equipment is not strong enough. Solution: Foundation Reinforcement
Q:Where is the vacuum oil purifier repaired?
Hello,The best way is to contact your vacuum filter vendor.
Q:Vacuum oil filter price vacuum filter oil quotation vacuum filter oil machine how much?
[1] general import oil filter is generally about the price of domestic oil filter of the times, good quality, long service life, small problems are less, but the purchase service more trouble, the late filter must also be imported, high cost, generally only high-end projects and high-end users will use. [2] domestic oil filter machine generally can be divided into three: the first is the high-end oil filter, in the domestic price is higher, but the quality is good, service and thoughtful customer service. Such manufacturers generally pay more attention to long-term development, basically in the forefront of the industry, the scale is also large. The second is the domestic mid-range oil filter, the overall quality can also, customer service service also can basically guarantee, is sometimes some small parts easily damaged, such as temperature controller, floating ball, valve, pipe and so on, the price a little cheaper than the first. The third is the domestic oil filter machine in the low-end goods, like all other low-end goods and services cheaper goods, not the bottom line, can not guarantee the quality of service, customer service can not talk, can do a single a single, oil filter small problems very much, seriously delay the user production.
Q:What kind of cooking oil filter is good?
What kind of oil filter do you choose? Tank pressure filter
Q:Disadvantages of centrifugal oil filter
Dump the sludge in the oil to the inner wall of the oil filter. For mature pressed oil,
Q:Does the vertical centrifugal oil filter have any residue in the filtered oil?
General oil more, choose clean oil Wang high-speed centrifugal oil filter can be

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