Automobile Repair Car/Two Post Lift/Car Lift/Hot Sale/Scissor Lift

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Scissor Lift Feature 

1 hydraulic drive

2 four cylinders

3 users can choose the number of carriages 

4 white as the origine,you can choose any color

5 electric unlock,very convenient to operate

6 turnerble plates can be chosen

7 operation is very easy to learn

8 limited swith on the bottom of the machine to ganrantee the safety

9 emergency stop button is another preventer to protect users and the vehicle as well as the machine




Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall Width


Length of Platform


Runway width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph


1. Why should I choose CNBM  scissor car lift?

There are several reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a CNBM Lift:

Top raw materials from only the finest plants
Only professional cost-effective equipment
Low prices with high quality revenue producing products
Increase productivity for your customers( Your customers gain more, they will enjoy buying from you.)
The best customer service. Quick reply within 24 hours and more.
Great Warranty

2. How safe are your scissor car lift?

Our 2&4 post lifts have been tested and CE certified for safety . They also meet the American
and Australian Standard.

3. Should I keep repair and replacement parts in stock?

Yes, most all commonly required repair and replacement parts should always keep in stock.

4. What type of fluid is required for my scissor car lift?

We recommend use of a SAE10 hydraulic fluid that meets an ISO 32 specification, approximately 3 gallons / 12L are required.

5. Are CNBM scissor car lift designed for commercial use?

All of our lifts can be used in commercial applications without any problems.

6. Do you offer any custom designs?

Yes,CNBM Lift provide OEM/ODM services to top range partners.Produce a superior product for you by your designs.

Automobile  Repair Car/Two Post Lift/Car Lift/Hot Sale/Scissor Lift

Automobile  Repair Car/Two Post Lift/Car Lift/Hot Sale/Scissor Lift

Automobile  Repair Car/Two Post Lift/Car Lift/Hot Sale/Scissor Lift

Automobile  Repair Car/Two Post Lift/Car Lift/Hot Sale/Scissor Lift

Automobile  Repair Car/Two Post Lift/Car Lift/Hot Sale/Scissor Lift


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Q:What is included in a 'whole car lift'?
what the hell are u talking about? i thought u were talking about lift kits but then your talking about creepers...this makes no sense to me
Q:Trying to get new tags for car- lift notice required for DOT?
it sounds like you have been suspended and need to get that lifted sr 22 is type of insurance or bond for insurance i think
Q:How to debug a two-row lift wire rope
Purchase equipment, will be attached to the equipment manual, which must have debugging equipment, you can also contact the manufacturer customer service, they may be able to provide debugging equipment video, look at the video more direct than the instructions.
Q:what is a lift kit for a car?
There are two types of lift kits. Body lift and frame lift. Body lift as implied just lifts the body off of the frame. It contains blocks and longer bolts that are inserted where the body mounts to the frame go and create a higher profile for the body. There are some things that may need changed during this kind of lift such as the steering link, radiator mounting and fuel lines. This is for frame type vehicles and won't apply to 'unibody vehicles. Frame lift is the most common. This is done to add clearance under the vehicle so you don't get hung up when four wheeling. This is usually accomplished by Kits that contain blocks and U bolts that lift the rear axle and A frame parts and longer struts or springs in the front. The shocks have to be changed to longer ones as you are creating more space between the axle and frame with a lift kit. Another thing that needs done is that the tilt of the axles has to point at the transfer case as not to cause damage to the U joints in the drive lines. Also the alignment has to be corrected to adjust for the lift parts. The torque arm may need changed too or may just come with the kit. Most people that are trying to add clearance will put over sized tires on to add clearance between the axle and ground. You can go over larger items such as rocks and trees without hitting on the under side of the vehicle.
Q:Im 16 years old and im wondering what is a good first car on a high schoolers budget?
A good first car would be something like a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, or Ford Focus. They are affordable, reliable cars that get good mileage and are relatively cheap to insure. Any muscle car, sports car, or lifted truck you can afford on a high school student's budget is going to be a money pit in repairs and maintenance.
Q:This is the elevator motor parameters, the representative of what the meaning
Car lift is used in the process of car repair car lifting equipment, the car to the lift station, through the manual operation can lift the car a certain height, easy to vehicle maintenance. Lift in the car maintenance and maintenance play a very important role, and now the maintenance plant are equipped with a lift, lift is an essential vehicle maintenance plant equipment. Single column, double column (two columns), gantry, child large cut, ultra-thin double shear, to cut scissors lift, mobile lift and so on a series of professional vehicle maintenance lift. China is currently the world's largest manufacturer of auto care equipment. Export volume is much higher than domestic demand. Lifting machine is the most critical and most important part of the auto insurance industry. For the maintenance of cars, tire positioning correction provides a great help.
Q:I need a lift kit for my car?
Dallas will do it for you. Denton they're arent many car shops. You can do it yourself. There are two kinds, A body lift and a suspension lift. A body lift is simple, Just lift the car up place the raisers and put it down. You just need some strong friends of yours. The suspension lift is better to do in a shop. I'd go with the suspension since with a body lift you'll get alot more movement in the cabin since its not really on the chassis anymore.
Q:Lifts domestic and foreign brands?
Lifting machine famous brands such as bend-pak, Rotary, etc., domestic Antwerp, Wan Li Kai AMREOC, Jinhua (JIG), Han McKesson, order, China, Ao Fu, Guangli and so on.
Q:About getting lifts on your car?
You can lift it very cheaply by 2 for less than $100 but that is only to remove the rake in your truck which is the 2 difference between the front suspension and rear suspension. You can inexpensively raise the body higher from the frame for a few hundred dollars which is basically removing sections of the body and putting rubber bushings between the body and its resting place on the frame. For close to $1000 you can raise the suspension and thus the lowest points of the truck by 3'. Up to 3 will allow you to install some pretty beefy tires which can give you another up to 2 of clearance. To go higher then that would require something more than $1000.
Q:How the Tibetan-style lifter into the pit
Dig the foundation ah, do a good job after dealing with a forklift or human can ah

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