Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Strong Cleaning

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$1,000.00 - 1,200.00 / set
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Product Description:

Grampus swimming pool automatic cleaner.



Grampus Robot Cleaner

A dual motor design swimming pool cleaner.
Clean pool floor, wall & water line.
Simple structure, energy saving.
Strong cleaning.
Auto start function is available.
Working time and operating status checking available.
Automatic return after out of water.
Remote control function is available.

 Input Voltage  AC110V-240V
 Output Voltage  DC24V
 Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
 Input Power200W
Output device150W
 Working Current  <=6A 
 Working Mode Manual and Auto 5h/3h
 Cable Length   20m/40m
 Cleaning Width  358mm
Maximum pool cleaning area200m2-600m2 depending on cable 
Filtration rate 15.5 m3 / h 
Filtration10μm / 100 μm / 200 μm / 400 μm
(400μm filter bags are Suggested to Be Used at the Beginning of the season)
Speed12.5 ± 0.5 m / min 
Electrical ProtectionIP68-Cleaner; Enclosure IP34-PSU
Operating Temperature10 ° C - 40° C
Weight of the device9.5 kg (without cable)
Remote Controlyes



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