Automatic Rolling Sectional Garage Door for Cheap

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200000 set/month

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one-line production line panel with strong density foaming

Panel manufacturing

Automated continuous line

Panel type

pinch resistance/ normal type with polyurethane foaming 

Panel thickness


Panel length

Max. 10000mm

Panel width

Max. 610mm

Steel Plate

Pre-paint galvanized steel in RAL shades, 0.326/0.35mm thick

Aluminum Plate

0.5mm thick for super large door

Color Option

all RAL standard colors available

Surface Finish

stucco, wooden grain, micro-profiled, plain, strip /cassette

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Q:Electric garage door can not open how to do how to manually open
Is there a power failure or a mechanical failure? If the remote control no electricity can change the battery. Mechanical failure you open the external key switch, pull the pull line, the clutch open force test to open.
Q:How upstairs know downstairs garage door off?
In the bottom of the garage door installed a limit switch, connected to the fifth floor of a special light (red, flashing lights and the like), as long as the door to leave the ground automatically lit lights chant. In fact, as long as the remote control of the wire break caused by insufficient signal transmission, there is no remote control in the fifth floor garage door down the situation!
Q:Want to make the garage door open when the lights automatically get how to get
In the control box out of the line in parallel with a light bulb just fine
Q:Electric garage door why always open their own
Should be open the door of the problem: 1) first look at the remote control is not a fixed code, if it is necessary to adjust the code, fixed code will occasionally string code phenomenon. 2) If the remote control is a rolling code, there should be two possible: 1 is a single chip chip itself, poor anti-jamming performance, the interference signal, mistaken for the door signal. 2 kinds of single-chip program itself can not be stable operation, this situation door machine manufacturers should be able to find earlier, should not enter the market. Unless it is a new brand, has not been a wide range of applications, the problem is not found in time. 3) Another note is not every time the door will open their own, if it is for the automatic closing function, your motor line reversed, swap on the line. But I think this is unlikely. Now buy a door machine is cheaper, I suggest or for a forget.
Q:It is good for garage door and stainless steel garage door
Aluminum roller shutter doors of the different materials and structural design, which can effectively prevent the strong light and ultraviolet radiation, completely solve the sun on the indoor greenhouse effect, for a variety of climate and weather changes, the indoor environment has long-term Protective effect, after the test shows that shutter doors and windows on the sun's blocking rate can reach 100%, the temperature of the blocking rate can reach more than 95%. Aluminum alloy shutter doors to change the traditional shutter doors of the inherent weakness of the noise, open or close the process only wind blowing like a sound, give you a comfortable door to open the door feel. China's shutter doors suppliers can provide you with a full set of high-quality shutter doors. {Note: aluminum alloy shutter doors at the beginning of the design is not to seal, but in the curtains plus silencer tape seal has improved, but still no seal.) Existing aluminum shutter shutter curtains have two aluminum alloy hollow Extrusion profiles and aluminum alloy filled polyurethane foam profiles, extrusion curtains strength, hardness, production width, protective performance are better than filling profiles, according to the user needs to freely choose the door curtains of the profile.
Q:What is the door feature of the garage door?
Door at the bottom with "U" type seal, more cold wind - garage door.
Q:Rolling shutter and flap which kind of garage door is good
There are three types of garage doors: 1, roll type, 2, flap type, 3, folding type Each have their own strengths: 1, rolling gate can save space, not heavy, the motor will not be configured too high, the relative cost savings, generally used for automotive exhibition hall. 2, flap can be customized, beautiful and good, the middle is the foam material, because it is molding, so the higher cost. Generally used for villas or private homes. 3, folding can save space, is a new product, according to the size of the door, relatively heavy, solid-motor configuration of high-powered, costly, durable, generally used for villas or private homes.
Q:Electric garage door how to limit the trip?
You are what brand of motor motor shell a few buttons, it seems like a mechanical limit it, if you learn what you tell me what brand of the motor do not understand the search rhyme door and window factory telephone consultation
Q:Garage door nylon pulley how oil
Directly buy bags of butter, painted on the wheels just fine,
Q:Garage door remote control how to match
There is a learning switch on the anti-theft device, the switch and then press the remote control on the OK

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