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Quick Details

Quick Details

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China (Mainland)
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Automatic Revolving Door
Open Style:
Surface Finishing:
Revolving Doors
Door Material:
Aluminum Alloy
Product Material:
Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment:
Stainless Steel
Door leaf torque:
Ratation noise:
Door leaf speed:
Light power:
Sliding door power:
Motor power:
50HZ 220V

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automatic revolving door
2.Sound Insulation.
3.Space Saving Anti-aging.

2 wings automatic revolving door was an unique revolving door with " 3 in 1 function ", that's Revolving door +Sliding door+ Balanced door, they are suitable for the door area which is much wider such as 3600mm, 4200mm or 4800mm.

2 wings automatic revolving door for hotel, CE UL GOST ISO9001 certificate

Safety functions:

1, Drum wall load-bearing structure

2, Emergency stop

3, Handicap function

4, Anti-squeeze function

5, Anti-strike function

6, Force-sensitive Control.

7, Torque Control Function.

8, Safety Relay

9, Panic breakout.

10, LED Panel .

Door Feature:

  • The farme is aluminum alloy,high intensity,and good degree of finish

  • Various of materials and colourful outer ornament can be chose: Such as hairline stainless steel Mirror plate stainless steel,fluorocarbon coating aluminum,anodizing,copper decoration (router deep processing)

  • Glass can choose laminated glass,hot bending glass and so on

  • Ceiling is composed of radial wedge plate,keep good accord with while door’s material and colour

  • Canopy is done dust treatment,via plywood ot metal.,do seal via treatment at out door

  • Energy saving,low noise, steadylong life

  • Digital programme control system,conxenient tp operate

  • Has anti-bump ,anti-anticollision,anti-pinch and so on safety detecting function

  • Disable slow speed function. Emergency stop function

  • Automatically upgrade and adjust door speed function. Automatically stop function

  • Has automatic conversion of fire blackout function

Inner Diameter (D)




Outer Diameter (OD)




Total Height (TH)




Clear Height




Canopy Height




Automatic Revolving Door Unit with 3 or 4 wings. Available in the following model sizes (delete as applicable)

3 Wing                       4 Wing

1800mm Diameter                                  

2100mm Diameter                          

2400mm Diameter                                  

2700mm Diameter                    

3000mm Diameter      

Standard equipment:
• Automatic drive

• Control unit built-in behind the fascia above the inside entrance Microprocessor controlled with plug-in modules and LED status lights

• Speed control

• Vertical safety switches

• Glass in drum: 8 mmclear laminated

• Glass in wings: 6 mm clear laminated

Other types of glass available

• Door sections made from aluminium profiles

• Ceiling made from white laminated panels

• Dust protection roof made from white laminated panels

Accessories and Options: (Delete as applicable)

• Powder-coated finish (RAL colours)

• Anodizing, clear or bronze

• Stainless steel cladding

• Emergency stop

• Electro-mechanical lock

• Mechanical lock on door leaves

• Fascia, non-standard height (300 - 1300mm)

• Internal height non-standard

• Sheet metal sandwich panel instead of glass

• Spotlights

• Water-resistant cover

• Rotation brake

• Emergency break-away system

• Midrails on door leaves

• Additional safety on rotating part

• Air curtain

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Revolving Door automatic revolving doors

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Revolving Door automatic revolving doors

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Q:Automatic door control system plc program to ladder diagram
When the sensor is close to the automatic door, the sensor X0 is ON, Y0 drives the motor to open the door at high speed, and when it reaches the door open speed switch X1, it becomes the low speed open door. When the door closes the limit switch X2, the motor stops and starts to delay. If the sensor detects no one in 0.5s, the Y2 starter motor is closed at high speed. When you close the door closing switch X4, change it to low speed and close the motor when the door close switch X5 is closed. In the closed period if the sensor detects someone, stop closing, T1 delay 0.5s automatically converted to high-speed open the door.
Q:Automatic door motor is not connected to the controller directly connected to the power how to access
Like a brushless motor, no controller can not work
Q:What is the general appearance of the revolving door?
Polymer Materials. Polymer materials usually include three types, namely plastic, rubber and synthetic fibers. High molecular material rich in raw materials, small density, and corrosion resistance. Plastic and rubber in the automatic revolving door project has a wide range of applications. Due to the very good elasticity in the proper temperature range, the rubber is used for the sealing strip in the automatic door project. The disadvantage of polymer materials is easy aging, poor flame retardancy and heat resistance.
Q:Do automatic garage doors need to be greased?
SILICONE SPRAY is what you need to be using in the tracks on occasions as this is a sealant with a slippery surface which helps prolong the ribbon on your door and makes the door slide not bind,which will give you longer life for you door and garage door opener.
Q:1997 Dodge Automatic Door lock system?
Remove the door panel and check the linkage between the linear actuator (power lock) and the mechanical lock, you'll probably find the linkage is broken or has become disconnected.
Q:2.65 meters in width, can do revolving door?
Can do, you just calculate the width of the door to open the door into. Kay will Sheng Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd., you can do the width of the automatic door revolving door.
Q:Has an automatic door ever not opened for you?
ahaha. lol. :D nah they've always worked. but once i was like why isn't this stupid door opening, then i realised that it was like a window that was tall and looked like automatic doors, but it had one of them push/pull doors on the left. :D ahaha. im so smarrttt. :p
Q:How much is the electric door?
According to the choice of electric door style, different materials, the price of electric doors are not the same,
Q:Besam automatic doors stay open after a while of use.?
Besam Sliding Doors
Q:Iveco automatic door switch how to install?
The system configuration of the automatic door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control device, such as the door opening signal, the access control system, the safety device, the centralized control and the like, which are equipped with the automatic door controller according to the requirement of use. Must be based on the characteristics of the use of the building. Through the composition of the staff, building automation system requirements and other reasonable with auxiliary control device. 1, open the door signal is also called contact signal, microwave radar and infrared sensor is commonly used in two kinds of signal source; 2, key switch; 3, foot switch; 4, timer.

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