Automatic mini electric rice cooker

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Automatic mini electric rice cooker


1. 300W/220-240V/50-60Hz
2. VDE/BS plug,3*0.5mm²*1.2m
3. Housing:PP
4. Inner pot:Non-stick;0,9mm of thickness
5. CE&CB certificate

Accessories: 1pc * measuring cup ; 1pc* Rice scoop


G.B  Size(mm):198x198x245 mm

Carton Size(mm):610x405x505mm

N.W/CTN (KG): 16

G.W/CTN (KG): 18


20'GP  (piece)/40'GP (piece)/40'HQ (piece):2688PCS/5376PCS/6528PCS

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Q:What's the problem with the Galanz cooker showing E4?
A.E1 sensor circuit breaker: 1. may be the sensor is broken, including the lead, plug, socket, etc.. 2., the weather is too cold, sensor resistance is too highCauses the electric pressure cooker to display the code; the processing method can be connected in parallel with a 100K resistor at the two ends of the sensor.Two.E2 sensor short circuit: sensor short circuit fault is rare. Generally only for new (the sensor at 25 degrees, room temperature is 100K)Three.E3 over temperature: common is the bottom of the pot is too dirty, causing the temperature is too highFour.E4 pressure switch failure.
Q:What about the inside of the cooker after charred?
Add lemon peel and add water to a boil in the blackened pot, boil, turn the fire and cook for 5 minutes, standing one hour to make water after cooling in the nylon brush marks will be removed
Q:This is the plug of the rice cooker. It is broken. I wonder if it can be used
Grounding wire in order to prevent leakage of wounding, very useful, it is best to change the plug
Q:I used household appliances electric cooker for many years, when stained. So far still in the "work", would you please ask me this way?
Maintenance method of electric rice cooker:1, rice cooker bottom should be kept clean and sanitary, no dust, ash pot.2, as little as possible from the base of the pot out, because in use will collide, resulting in deformation of the bottom of the pot, resulting in cooking when the rice cooker heat conduction differential.3, the electric cooker should not get fire on the stove for heating cooking, the protective layer will damage the pot the resulting lifetime.4, in the use of rice cooker, the plug must be inserted firmly, if not inserted, the current is unstable, it is easy to cause damage to the circuit.
Q:The United States of all smart rice cooker is not allowed to adjust how time it?
In the standby mode, press the function selection keys, select "standard can be recycled fine cooking - fast cooking porridge - - - - Rice porridge porridge dessert soup - soup - Cooking - cold food heating standards"; choose the corresponding function, set in the process of the "start" button flashing.
Q:Rice, electric pressure cooker or rice cooker?
Electric pressure cooker。 My family is cooking with an electric pressure cooker.
Q:How to use a high pressure cooker?
Refer to the instruction for specific operation:Close the top cover and close the exhaust valveTurn on the power, such as no drop note tone, that is normal, otherwise, the re operation of the previous stepSelect the appropriate function and start the normal operationTurn off the power after the job is finished. Open the exhaust valve for the exhaust, exhaust away from the exhaust valve, in case of burnsWhen the exhaust is finished, open the top cover
Q:Intelligent electric rice cooker, titanium inner liner or diamond inner container?
Poly titanium can the appearance of the Golden Chamber: the chamber, the tank is of high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance, long time use, no matter how many scratches, wear, can be lasting, super nonstick, easy to clean, do not paste bottom.
Q:Where rice cooker can cook porridge and soup?
Where many products are "porridge" "soup" option, if not, do porridge when put in the water more than usual can put points. Some products are "universal stew" function, cooking porridge cooked with all fix, fokku porridge taste is sweet, and it is a pressure cooker, nutrient loss is not easy, it is very easy to clean. I think you might as well go straight to their flagship store in Tmall. The above is more detailed, each product's model, ah, function, ah, more clear
Q:How can the intelligent electric rice cooker remove the exhaust port?
A stainless steel screw in the middle of the back of the car is screwed off, and a screwdriver is used to gently remove the small plastic cover. Two: after the ring handle to a certain position, hand fixed rotating seat to pull on both sides, you can remove the hand ring. Three: unscrew the bottom cover screw, the rice cooker side put, and then hand two, the rice cooker can be separated.

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