Automatic incubator

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Choi steel structure of aluminium alloy edge shape
Let the egg quantity: chicken, chicken, pigeon, native, pheasant, partridge 88
Mandarin ducks, turkeys, peacocks, ducks, 63?
The wild goose, goose, geese: 32
Quail, all kinds of eggs: 221
Using voltage: 220 v / 50 hz
Temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.1 ℃ or less
Heating power: 200 w
The whole machine size: 0.7 * 0.55 * 0.55
The machine price: 1680.00 (including freight)
Main features:
1, young hatched and fully automatic machine can be partial young hatched.
2, reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control, inlet temperature and humidity sensor.
3, the ventilation system of scientific circulation.
4, stable and reliable automatic egg turning mechanism.
6, new way of water pump for wet, humidity is more stable.
7, equipped with emergency system.
8, the standard egg tray, cheeper acquired (176, 150 pieces of chicken, chicken 176 90 90 pieces of chicken, pheasant, quail, 12 ostrich).
9, the box body is made of color steel plate, beautiful appearance generous.

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Q:96 egg incubators hatching eggs technical process
Incubator incubation, the temperature is basically constant at 37.8 degrees C, the pre temperature can be slightly higher, but not more than 38 degrees C, the latter can be slightly lower, but not less than 37 degrees C, late embryonic growth rapidly, itself will be hot
Q:What's the temperature of incubating eggs?
In particular, the incubation of chicks is less than a certain temperature, and embryonic development will be inhibited, at a temperature higher than that of an embryo,
Q:When the incubator hatches eggs, the incubator's humidifier doesn't work! Can I use an air humidifier instead?
Incubation temperature and humidity control is to speed up the hatching rate and improve the hatching success rate
Q:What elements must be used to incubate an egg?
If the egg temperature is too high, then the dish out of the machine, cold outside, in the machine
Q:Can eggs hatch in any other way than with an incubator?
To introduce you to several ways: natural incubation, that is, let the chickens themselves hatched
Q:Eggs hatched with incubators for 21 days, or egg yolk, what should I do?
When hatching with 1 incubators, the door should be opened two times a day
Q:I put ordinary eggs directly on the incubator, can not get down, how to do?
It takes two - three duck's egg egg egg reference 0 pheasant
Q:The best method of laying eggs when hatching chicks
The hatching period of poultry varies with bird species: 21 days for chickens, 28 days for ducks, 30~33 days for geese, 18 days for pigeons, and 17~18 days for Quails
Q:Does the laying of eggs in the incubator affect the incubation?
Just the power consumption of the machine and the power consumption of all kinds of eggs, the machine will not be full of eggs because it does not save electricity
Q:Egg incubator humidity does not go down, how is it?
Add a dehumidifier, or because of excessive humidity

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