Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

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This line is used to expand and laminate honeycomb paper to get honeycomb paperboard.It consists of paper shelves, paper(core) flatform, paper(core) stretching device, pape(core) expanding and shape drying device, glue smearing device, paperboard drying house, cold-press, cross transverse-cut machine, feeding machine and PLC controlling system.



Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

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Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale


  1. What is the honeycomb paper board used for?

    Honeycomb paper board is usually used to make carton box and paper angle. And these packing will protect goods from impacting and being damaged during transportation.


  2. Can you tell me something about CNBM International Corporation?

    CNBM is established in 1984 and now it is the largest China-owned manufacturer of industrial equipment and building material. CNBM has been listed in Global Fortune 500 since 2001. Our products follow standards of CE.


3. What is the advatnage of your products?


    CMAX brand is very famous in the world. Besides, we have many branch offices all over the world   which can allow us to offer quick and effective service to our customer.

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