Automatic Dough Divider And Rounder

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Bakery Equipment  Proportional Divider

Product Description




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Automatic Dough Divider







Features of Automatic dough divider and rounder

1. Stainless steel construction

2. Stainless steel blades and non-stick dough

3. Can satisfy your wanted weight and divider the dough automatically

4. On casters for greater mobility

5. Easy to operate

6. 0” clearance on sides and back

7.N-220V/380V×50Hz/60Hz, other voltage is available

Shape of Automatic dough divider and rounder

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Q:What is the role of food machinery and equipment in ensuring food quality and safety?
First of all, food processing machinery timely processing of food resources, making food resources better storage, preservation, reducing waste of resources;
Q:Classification of food machinery
Food machinery according to its nature can generally be divided into general food machinery, food machinery, food packaging machinery, food testing machinery
Q:Do the food processing officials have any requirements for the equipment?
Procedures to apply for business license of the company, now three in one, the experience should include the corresponding dried fruit products, production plant. Do a floor plan, water, floor drain, hand washing, disinfection, change clothes, workshop, warehouse layout reasonable, installation equipment, buy inspection equipment, in a firm inspection equipment, prepare 10 workers, have good health certificate. According to the requirements of the province to do a set of declarations. Sample submission is qualified. Site inspection qualified, you can issue 4 fees: about a small scale, then about 100 thousand.
Q:What kind of machines do you need to buy a small meat processing plant?
Smoked sausage and ham productsEquipment or facilities such as material selection, dressing, batching, mixing (or rolling), pickling, mince (or chopping), filling (filling or molding), cooking and packing, etc..
Q:Domestic food processing machinery
Food processing equipment is not the big part of the cost, it is the mainstay of product quality.
Q:What standards should be used for food processing water equipment?
Groundwater refers to groundwater can be divided into shallow groundwater, deep groundwater and spring water three. Shallow groundwater qualityRational like better, water clarification, but some mineral salts often dissolved soil, the water hardness; deep groundwater aquifer is shallow underground water quality is good, but if there are some salts in water, also can make the water hardness or iron. The fluorine content is high, not suitable for drinking. The hardness of groundwater is 1.0~5.0mmo1/L, and some are as high as 5.0~12.5mmo1/L.
Q:Can Teflon be used in food processing equipment?
Yes, of course. Only the manufacturer is required to comply with the FDA certification.
Q:Want to do food processing and machining, do not know what to do, there are any good projects and suggestions?
Disadvantages: 1, although the job is easy to find, but you have to go to food enterprises, other companies, enterprises are not able to enter, you can recruit websites, testers, or quality control, search companies, not much2, education, do this at all levels of education have, so competitive pressure, do this industry age, enterprise generally in 20-30 years old, and the enterprise especially like to find just graduated3, although the long-term wage is not high but really I did the inspectors are top 500 enterprises such as 3 for a very low wage and quality control I have done is in the top 500, QC to shift production line and colleagues shift schedule by people the inspector can not pay: 1500 of it I do business a year to get 2000 bad but also reserve over a year and a half I get more than 6000. QC: I have seen people get 4000 but only work overtime every day4, the stressed words are often used for detection of concentrated sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid what this not what is the key to meeting you listen to have never heard of toxic reagents and some volatile Oh well long-term contact even children are born out of the pro oh!!5, the development of the difficult, like the upstairs said to use general instruments. The company can have more cattle B instruments ah food enterprises is the most cattle B spectrophotometer upstairs said oneself learn to repair ah ah ha ha is found in leadership you repair the instrument repair bad don't you learn P you are not directly to repair the instrument instrument company there are a variety of instruments that sell instruments use operating principle and some even will be repaired because they will have a variety of training food enterprises as long as you know how to play with the instrument on the line to the data on it
Q:Why do food processing require raw materials for pretreatment of machinery and equipment?
Because in the production of the same kind of food, if the size of each raw material range is different, then it can not reach a good taste, so food processing before the raw materials need to be pretreated.
Q:Several kinds of new food processing machinery
The 6BH - 1500 type peanut shelling machine: Shandong province Rizhao City beikuo town Fu Tian Zhuang peanut shelling machine factory and Rizhao City agricultural machinery maintenance management station cooperative development and production of Futian brand 6BH - 1500 type peanut shelling machine, recently passed the expert appraisal by the Shandong provincial agricultural machinery testing and appraisal organization, and the agriculture of Shandong Province Machinery Management Office issued the "agricultural machinery promotion certificate", it has been put into production.

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