Automatic Door Glass Sliding for New Decoration

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Automatic Door Glass Sliding :

1) Material:steel
2)Surface:heat transfer or powder coating
3)quality warranty is for10years
4)Surface Finishing: Finished

1) Material: cold-rolled steel
2) Frame outer size (H x W):
a) 2,050 x 860mm
b) 1,970 x 860mm
c) 2,050 x 900mm
d) 1,970 x 900mm
e) 2,050 x 960mm
f) 1,970 x 960mm

3) Door panel thickness: 50mm ~ 70mm
4) Opening direction: inward / outward
5) Lock handle position: on left/right
6) Opening degree: 90/120/180 degrees
7) Accessories: hinges, locks, handles, peephole, anti-frozen rubber seal and etc.
8) Infilling: honeycomb material or polyurethane
9) Applicable for the entrance of houses or flats
10)payment way:30%T/T

11)Package:Film enwrapped on surface,foam paper inside, strong carton outside.
12)Loading:A 40 HQ container can load 280~370 pcs.

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Q:I was the first time to install automatic doors, today will be automatic door motor on the ground wiring test machine
Normal. After the installation of automatic doors to carry out a stop device, the resistance will make the motor reverse door. You have no resistance on the ground, so it will go down.
Q:Does it hurt a car if you manually shut a automatic door?
No, not at all. That's why they don't put a warning sticker telling you not to use the door the way you would with every other car door in existence.
Q:Our automatic door opened, long time off, how to make it quickly?
Automatic door control panel has a debug switch that can adjust the gate length of the switch with a short delay
Q:The door of the automatic door is not a robot
The following is the definition of the robot Robot (Robot) is the automatic execution of the machine equipment. It can accept human command, but also can run pre-programmed procedures, can also be based on artificial intelligence technology to develop the principles of action. Its task is to assist or replace the work of human work, such as production, construction, or dangerous work. Since it can automatically perform the work, you can also replace the human work (push the door), it should be considered right? The The Landlord is best to understand your own
Q:I have a Sears Craftsman automatic garage door. The two metal units that connect the chain dont stop and it?
Genie brand openers have the stop switches at the end of the rail, Craftsman travel limits are internal and adjusted with small flat blade screwdriver. Start by disconnecting the door from the opener and turning the open limit screw several turns to decrease travel. (1 turn = approx 1 travel). Then fine tune. Openers don't normally just start messing up on travel limits, and the fact you say adjusted the chain leads me to suspect you may have an issue with the gear and sprocket assembly. The plastic gear inside may be stripping out or a bushing on this assembly may be going out. You can replace yourself or have a garage door company do it for you. You can get them from any door company, Sears, or on line. Good Luck
Q:do automatic garage door opener adjustments become uncalibrated automatically?
I'd suspect that the springs that support/counterweight the door have weakened with age. The opener doesn't have much to do with how hard the door comes down. You can set how much force is applied before the door reverses but even the most powerful garage door opener doesn't really apply lethal force. Try disconnecting the door from the opener. It has a release to allow opening the door in the event of a power failure. It should be possible to open the door with your fingertips if the springs are OK.
Q:What causes automatic garage doors to open by themselves?
The last house we lived in which was new, we could open the garage door on the house diagonal to us. We were obviously set on the same frequency. Also did you know if your a fair distance away from your house but within view you can open and shut your garage door by simply holding the opener to the side of your forehead. Unbelievable , but it works. We have demonstrated to quite a few people. We also got a switch put inside the garage and when out or at night we turn it off so anyone with a scanner cannot open it.
Q:Own access control attendance automatic door installation and maintenance, I know the office is the largest potential customers
There are difficulties, you made a mistake, that is, the installation of automatic doors by the contractor to choose the decoration, and then for the customer selection, and now you go to the office building business card can only engage in after-sales maintenance, but now after-sales maintenance Everyone knows that is a piece of fat, the manufacturers are caught very firmly, more difficult to have a breakthrough, it is best to engage in relations with the contractor, before and after the package down.
Q:how can we keep the automatic door closer from freezing in the winter....?
Since you keep your existing door rather than scrapping it - your ... the door to the building structure and the individual configuration concept. .... Semi-automatic door operators for controlled closing: spring rope ... they can also be used in cold-storage rooms and deep-freeze areas.
Q:Why is my design automatic door someone does not move it also closed
Automatic door must be closed automatically every time you open the door

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