Automatic Door Fashion Design for Fashion Use

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Product Description:

Automatic Door Glass Sliding :

1) Material:steel
2)Surface:heat transfer or powder coating
3)quality warranty is for10years
4)Surface Finishing: Finished

1) Material: cold-rolled steel
2) Frame outer size (H x W):
a) 2,050 x 860mm
b) 1,970 x 860mm
c) 2,050 x 900mm
d) 1,970 x 900mm
e) 2,050 x 960mm
f) 1,970 x 960mm

Technical Specification




Range of the Door





Door Leaf max Weight


90kg x 2


120kg x 2

Door Width





Installation Type

Surface Mounting

Max Door Leaf Thickness



DC24V, 65W

Power Supply

AC220±10%, 50-60 Hz

Input Current (Standby)


Input Current(Operation)


Opening Speed

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Closing Speed

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Creep Speed

30-100mm/s (adjustable)

Hold-open Time

2-20s (adjustable)

Hold-Close Force


Manual Pushing Force

<50n< span="">

<60n< span="">

Power Consumption

<150w< span="">

Ambient Temperature

-20+50 °C

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Q:The best 2 door automatic sports car of 2009?
Mercedes SL65 Oh... Black Series 0-60 3.9 sec 199 mph top speed
Q:Automatic door password Many people know, how to change the new
Look at the instructions. It will tell you
Q:What is the configuration of the automatic door sensor?
Probe On the light
Q:Why wont my automatic garage door close?
Watch which rollers are leaping once you attempt to close the door because of the fact there's quite a number of it is binding on you, inflicting the door to pass back up. in many cases that's the place the sections of railing are fastened at the same time the place that happens. you will see that it while observing the door close.
Q:How to choose a villa electric door durable
Look at the motor, the door, the quality of hardware, good things are relatively expensive to understand the specific can not find rhyme window factory
Q:Php from the database to determine the title repeat, such as Haidian District
Rely on artificial word segmentation (then remember that there is a swcs open source), and then replaced by a four-digit location code storage, and then call the mysql database full-text index
Q:Automatic garage door won't operate?
Again people, brand, type, model, year of manufacture... Important info to have! Disconnect the door from the opener and try opening and closing it by hand. If the door works properly, then the problem is in the opener. If it's a chain or belt drive, and you hear the motor running, but the chain/belt doesn't move, then the drive gear is shot (Chamberlain, Sears, Liftmaster). If it's a Genie, and the motor runs but the screw doesn't turn, either the fiber screw-to-motor shaft adapter is stripped, or one of the screw clips is broken. If you only hear humming, there may be a bad relay or motor capacitor in the unit. If the unit is more than 9 or 10 years old, don't waste money having it repaired. Replace it. Otherwise, you'll probably need a professional to diagnose it.
Q:Garage automatic door remote control with a how much money
You want to see how far the road, run 100 miles to go with a remote control 100 dollars did not go
Q:Automatic Garage Door not pulling up and down?
You accidentally pulled the emergency door release. This is for used during a power outage or if the door opener motor stops working. The cord is attached to a lever, push the lever back up, opposite the direction that it would be pulled. It should work fine.
Q:Automatic doors can only open the reasons can not be closed
If the motor can be opened, indicating that the motor is no problem. The problem may occur on the controller. Controller is issued by the circuit board to change the direction of DC positive and negative direction to change the motor steering, in order to make the door run switch action. Most of this situation is generally a problem with the circuit board, different manufacturers in this circuit board to write the program is not the same.Therefore, after the failure of the circuit board is determined, it is best to contact the supplier to solve the problem (own solution Success rate is very small).

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