Automatic Door Fashion Design for Fashion Use

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Product Description:

Automatic Door Glass Sliding :

1) Material:steel
2)Surface:heat transfer or powder coating
3)quality warranty is for10years
4)Surface Finishing: Finished

1) Material: cold-rolled steel
2) Frame outer size (H x W):
a) 2,050 x 860mm
b) 1,970 x 860mm
c) 2,050 x 900mm
d) 1,970 x 900mm
e) 2,050 x 960mm
f) 1,970 x 960mm

Technical Specification




Range of the Door





Door Leaf max Weight


90kg x 2


120kg x 2

Door Width





Installation Type

Surface Mounting

Max Door Leaf Thickness



DC24V, 65W

Power Supply

AC220±10%, 50-60 Hz

Input Current (Standby)


Input Current(Operation)


Opening Speed

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Closing Speed

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Creep Speed

30-100mm/s (adjustable)

Hold-open Time

2-20s (adjustable)

Hold-Close Force


Manual Pushing Force

<50n< span="">

<60n< span="">

Power Consumption

<150w< span="">

Ambient Temperature

-20+50 °C

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Q:automatic door locks dont work no more?
I have a copy of the Chilton repair manual I'll sell you for $10 if you're interested. I had a '96, the book is good through '98 and is in almost new condition. Hard to tell if it's your switch or actuator without testing both.
Q:Are train doors automatic in the UK?
Unlike the London Underground, mainline trains in the UK do not have automatic doors so someone will need to open them using a button (most common) or a handle. If you're not sure about operating this yourself you could ask a member of staff to assist you. Alternatively you could wait with other passengers and ask them to operate the door for you and board with them. If you do need to operate the doors yourself you will find that the doors are painted in a contrasting colour to assist you in locating them. This is a provision of the Disability Discrimination Act. The button that operates the door will be either on the door itself or to either side. Most modern trains have a yellow collar around the door buttons and the buttons themselves are lit up with orange LED's when activated by the traincrew, so they shouldn't be too hard to locate. But if you really do need assistance please don't be afraid to ask.
Q:How can I disable the automatic door locks on a 1998 Infiniti Q45?
Go to the dealer and have them access the body control module with their Consult II scan tool and turn it off.
Q:Are you ever scared that an Automatic Opening door?
Only if I'm approaching it quickly.
Q:Estimated cost of installing automatic garage door?
Folding door? Hinged, up-and-over? It's diyable for 150 quid /250 dollars if door is suitable
Q:Electric door tax returns which industry details
According to the national economic industry classification (GB / T 4754-2017) Electric door Should be attributed to the C category manufacturing, 33 categories of "metal products industry", 331 in the "structural metal products manufacturing", 3312 Subclass "Manufacture of metal doors and windows" refers to the production of doors and windows and the like for building buildings with metal materials (aluminum alloy or other metal)
Q:12-volt access control and 24-volt Panasonic automatic door machine wiring
Access control provides a set of 12V power supply, access control output 12V relay, and then use a passive contact to control the automatic door open the door. Buy a DC-DC buck module, the 24V power supply down to 12V access access control, output or relay isolation, to prevent access control and door controller because of mutual interference.
Q:Has an automatic door ever not opened for you?
lol..yeah. I was in China and I could not read their signs in a restaurant..I stood in the middle, walked away, came back again...the door didn't open. Turned out, it wasn't automatic. You have to press a button at the sides..
Q:what kind of automatic door closer can i put on a door that is smaller than the wall?
You could use an internal closure such as a perko which you drill a 22mm hole and fit it then screw a sprung link chain onto the door frame and its out of sight when the door is closed just google Perko and you can see it
Q:Glass automatic door sensor no one is also moving when it is going on.
May be subject to heat radiation

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