automatic concrete block machines QFT 12-15 in China.

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Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of QFT 12-15 automatic concrete block machines in China. With more than 20 years’ production experience, we can make use of various raw materials for production, such as crushed stone, sand, cement, dust, coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite and other industrial wastes. As the moulds are changeable, this brick machine is able to produce various kinds of hollow blocks, solid bricks, interlocking bricks, pavers, curbstones, and so on.

QFT 12-15 automatic concrete block machine is extensively used in building, road paving, square, garden, landscaping, city construction, and so forth.

Features of QFT 12-15 Automatic Brick Machine
1. It adopts fully hydraulic variable frequency vibration to realize accurate and adjustable vibrating speed. This automatic concrete block machine also overcomes the defect that the motor will be damaged after long-term work and meets different production requirements of raw materials.
2. Equipped with PLC control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, this brick machine can analyze various signals to ensure the best operation effect.
3. Four hydraulic motors make the vibration table work smoothly and steadily.
4. With strong adaptation, QFT 12-15 automatic concrete block machine can be configured with different molds to produce wall blocks, porous bricks, road paving bricks and slope protection bricks in various shapes and specifications.

Service of QFT 12-15 Automatic Brick Machine
1.Pre-sale Service
We provide consultation for users, confirm the scale of operation and develop a detailed construction plan to meet their needs with minimal investment and the optimal configurations. Our company does not provide samples of automatic concrete block machines.
2.In-sale Service for Automatic Brick Machine
According to customers’ specific site conditions, we will provide a good product layout program. Our company also cooperates with users to do plant layout, circuit layout, the arrangement of the entire production process, and guides them to prepare basic equipment.
3.After-sales Service for Automatic Concrete Block Machine
Once our cement brick machines are sold, our company will send professional technicians to the clients’ company to provide free guidance for installation, commissioning, mold replacement and related technical training, until they can produce qualified products.

Parameters of QFT 12-15 Automatic Concrete Block Machine

Cycle Time (s)Pallet Size (mm)Power (kw)Weight (kg)Specification (mm)
12-181400 × 900 × 4562.51560011200 × 2500 × 3100

Theoretical Output Table ofQFT 12-15 Automatic Brick  Machine

TypeSpecification (mm)No./PalletBlock/HourBlock/8 HoursRemark
Block400 × 200 × 20012288023040
Porous Brick240 × 115 × 9030720057600
Standard Brick240 × 115 × 536014400115200
Ground Brick200 × 100 × 6048648092160


We use engine oil to lubricate and clean this automatic concrete block machine.

Packing and Transportation
Our company adopts nude packing and sea transportation for QFT 12-15 automatic brick machines.

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