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1.Low investment and low price

2.Easy to operate and maintenance


4.This small clay brick making machine is easy to operate and maintenance, stable structure, low cost, high capacity.

5.It's suitable for make solid clay bricks.

6.Our workers and engineers  are  professional and dedicated in designing and producing clay brick making machine.



Introduce of the automatic clay brick making machine :


1. The clay  brick  making machine are mainly made of high quality steel with features of reasonable structure, sturdy and durability. And they have strong applicability, high efficiency, easy maintenance but lower energy consumption.


2,The lead has the function of slight pressure delivery and high pressure extrusion which make the machine save energy from fifteen percent to thirty percent.


3,The clay brick making machine are applicable for the production of high-rate hollow bricks with the materials of coal gangue, shale, high-volume fly-ash, urban construction waste, gangue waste, inferior soil.



Technical parameters:






Thruster diameter250mm280mm300mm350mm400mm

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Q:Called the sea capacity building energy saving module, instead of red brick house
Xisha cement Xisha shop in the bottom of the cement level in the new brick below OK
Q:What is the meaning of the floor tiles in the decoration, how to construction
(Usually 5mm-15mm), until the tiles and the ground after a solid bond to start to tackle, groping materials are generally cement, white cement, gluing agent , Cement plus color powder, hook when the material with a certain amount of water mixed into a dry and wet moderate (when mixed with a basic bulk, with a little hand can be grouped into a group, the group lost on the ground broken open), the mix Good material is embedded in the tiles and crushed and crushed, and then with a round bar or tube to the surface of the outer surface to scratch the slit (the length of the bar is the width of the bar Times to 2 times, the seam embedded in the surface of the material scraped into concave round, and squeeze dense and smooth), and then clean the floor tile surface. Above is the real sense of the tiles to tackle the construction, but sometimes there are a lot of people to the following practice is also called the floor tiles (should be called scratches): non-real sense of the tiles hook (scratch): tiles paving When the tiles and tiles do not deliberately leave the gap (but there will be a small slit), until the tiles and the ground after a solid bond to start scratching, the material generally cement, white cement, cement plus color, Material plus a certain amount of water mixed into the dry and wet (slightly higher than the above-used grouting material a little more water), the mixed material on the floor tile patchwork, and then gauze, snakeskin bags and other soft objects into the group to wipe , So that the material through the squeeze and squeeze into the seam, the stitched dense, and then clean the surface of the tiles. Groove and scratches can also be called cracks. Life is happy! Understand please adopt.
Q:Now there is a kind of ground material directly attached to the name on the floor tiles
Called tile adhesive. Apply to the ground paste. 2. Applicable to tile, stone plate, composite panels, quartz stone and other building materials wall paving. Can replace the low-rise, building-based solid small and medium-sized building materials products dry hanging. 3. Low shrinkage, can be used for demanding large composite panels, quartz board floor paving. Hope it helps you.
Q:To "goodbye a chome" to ask: clay brick or clay brick
But in detail that there are some differences
Q:In the tiles on the sticky things, what material sticky prison?
With tiles, "tiles" is used as an indispensable decoration material for home decoration. It is made of polymer and other cement-based adhesives. Special formula can be used in almost all kinds of tiles. The use of ceramic tile, so that the kitchen, bathroom decoration has the following advantages: good water retention, easy to produce hollowing; high bond strength, do not fall off; reduce the building load, from the traditional paving per square meter of cement 11 ~ 18KG to reduce the amount of ceramic tile to 4 ~ 5KG, thereby reducing the building settlement and cracking; tile adhesive coating thickness is much smaller than the traditional cement, saving valuable space position; site construction environment clean; Barrels can be mixed materials; tile adhesive construction is very convenient; no need to immerse brick wet wall;
Q:After the floor tiles are covered with tiles, there is a kind of equipment in the cracks.
Second, to see its anti-fouling ability, if the family are very busy, two or three days to clean a health, it would choose to better defrost capacity Third, if the home has the elderly and children, then the purchase must be made about non-slip test Specifically, the selection of floor tiles can start from the following aspects: 1 To see whether the color of the tile body is pure Mainly observe the back of the tile color is uniform, consistent 2 To observe the tile cross section of the particles are delicate Here the cross section does not refer to the tile around the cutting surface, but refers to the broken tile tile In general, the fracture at the fine, hard and brittle, consistent color for the top grade Because the fine grain tiles waterproof ability, and the larger particles of the tile, the water is easy to immerse, affecting the quality 3 Pay attention to the thickness of the glaze layer Glaze thickness is the thickness of the glazed cross section Glaze is the most expensive material in the tile cost, the thicker the glaze, the better the quality 4 Listen Tapping the tiles to pay attention to hear the sound is crisp, such as the sound clear, sweet for the top grade, such as the sound boring for the defective 5 Try the water Consumers can pour some water on the back of the tiles, pay attention to observe the speed of water absorption of tiles After a few minutes, look at the positive water left the mark is obvious After the water is spread, the density of the tiles is so long, and the water is not obvious 6 Warping Take two brick back to the back and face to face to see whether it can be in close contact with the phenomenon of excessive gap can determine whether there is warping 7 infiltration Find ink painted on the surface after 1 hour after scrub to see if there are traces, no trace is a good brick, there is a strong choice of infiltration
Q:I would like to know what the tiles are producing raw materials
The raw materials required for tile production are mostly metal oxides. Over the years, three metal oxides are the three most important oxides of tiles: clay, powdered quartz and feldspar. The tile industry calls these three main raw materials "the main body of traditional tiles." Clay clay is hydrated aluminosilicate, which is the final product of weathering of feldspathic rocks. The most important clay is kaolinite, which is a mixture of aluminum oxide, two silica molecules and two water molecules.
Q:What is the material used in the brick wall of the TV wall? How to build?
Gypsum board ~ ~ =. = Gypsum board made such a division of the master had to split the designer ~ according to the figure on the stuff is likely to be on the culture of brick ~ finished ~ to paste on the OK
Q:Now there is a perfect alternative to the bathroom tile material, decoration without cement and sand! What brand is good?
There is such a good thing, ah, then I went to look at the United States online, I basically are here to buy things, before the main store, and now everything has.
Q:What is environmental brick? What is the difference between green brick and red brick?
But also in line with China's "protection of farmland, energy conservation, local conditions, local materials," the development of general guidelines for building materials, environmental protection brick is a free value-added tax building materials
We can make the proper plan and equipment configuration according to customers' actual situation, give professional advice and slove the problems from customers for free and give the technical support all the time for free. Choosing our company will be your best choice and we will also try our best to be your strong support.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Henan,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets 40.00% Southeast Asia
30.00% Domestic Market
20.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% Africa
Company Certifications NQA Quality certification

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Qingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
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