Automatic Chain Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine for Large Casting Parts

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Product Description:

Q375 hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for bulk of large pieces of machinery and steel structure to make surface cleaning and blasting remove the welding slags and surface oxide;it aslo used for surface cleaning and strengthening for heat-treated pieces;and it’s used for fear,gear shaft,engine connecting rod,diaphragm spring,cannonball inner shell and other parts surface descaling after heat-treating to make the surface of workpieces to reach the color of silver-gray,and eliminate stress,improve surface adhesion of the coating;increase the surface stress ,improve fatigue strength to reach the aim of blasting stengthen.

This machine has the following features:

  • Shot blasting chamber body and blast wheel’s layout are determined by computer’s three-dimensional dynamic blasting simulation.

  • Adopts tbe world leading technology produced blast wheels, can improve enhanced efficiency greatly to get satisfaction strengthening effect,special sub-pill structure,so the utilization of abraisves can be increased by 15% than the old-style.

  • Separator :adopts the most advanced BE full shutter type & separator in the world,can increase separating effect greatly.

  • Adopts cartridge type dust collector,bigger filter area better filter effect.

  • Novel design ideas,easy maintenance.

  • This machine has automatic fault detection device.

  • You can decide the quantity of working blast wheel according to different workpieces size.

In shot blasting chamber adopts Mn13 shield,Increased the lifetime of shot blasting chamber

Mainly technical parameter:

size of cleaning pieces : 4000x2000x2000mm

workpieces conveying system(6 group in total,12sets)

cleaning speed 0.5-2m/min

conveying speed          0.5-4m/min(stepless speed regulation)

blast wheel : 12×11KW

bucket elevator : elevating capacity  140t/h

separator : separating capacity     140t/h

shot blasting chamber :

Shot blasting chamber is welded by steel plate and steel profile,its shape,size and layout of blast wheel adopts CAD optimal design,dynamic simulation, to ensure optimal throw angle and distance, the cleaning effect is best, and maximize the efficiency of equipment.

Each blast wheel will keep a certain angle with workpiece running direction at a certain angl, to ensure the cleaning workpiece be fully blasting cleaned (please see the blasting chart), and minimizing the empty throwing in the care of all the cleaning workpieces, thereby maximizing the utilization rate of abrasives, reduce the wear of shot blasting chamber.

Wear shield can protect the chamber body from wear, prolong the service life; the water toughening treatment of Mn13 rolling steel plate with high impact toughness, can make full use of kinetic energy projectile reflection, continue to effectively strike the work piece surface, is beneficial to improve the cleaning quality and enhance efficiency

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Q:What kind of material is used for processing shafts?
Meet any of the above conditions, to choose stainless steel, I commonly used 1Cr18Ni9Ti, wear resistance, a variety of resistance are very good, stable work;
Q:Metal forming and processing methods which have their own characteristics and scope of application
Forging processing is a combination of forging and stamping processing, is the use of forging machinery hammer, anvil, punch or general mold on the blank pressure, the blank plastic deformation, access to the required parts of the metal material forming method. Forging the workpiece size is accurate, suitable for mass production. After the workpiece mechanical properties of the workpiece is significantly provided, but the corresponding high cost of manufacturing, can only be processed plastic high metal materials.
Q:Mechanical equipment (automation equipment) What is the composition of the material, is steel or iron or other?
I have been away from this industry for a long time, the specific recommendations can not, but I see you should be processing a more special parts, it is estimated that precision machinery parts, material requirements are relatively high. I would like to produce what kind of high-tech automation equipment, two parts movement more flexible, highly automated parts of the surface is relatively smooth and relatively strong surface.
Q:What is the processing of materials?
Usually with hardness and toughness for cutting the roughness of the general judgment.
Q:Can the shears machine be processed?
Metal thickness of 50mm below the metal and a certain strength and toughness of non-metallic materials
Q:How to choose the material when doing mechanical design
Casting, welding, etc.), the price and source of the material, the physical and chemical properties of the material (temperature, life, corrosion resistance, severe, heat transfer performance, etc.), so this is a very broad topic,
Q:How to improve the mechanical properties of materials?
Such as quenching can improve the hardness of the material, quenching and tempering (quenching and high temperature tempering) can improve the stability and toughness of the material to improve the strength of the material processing performance, surface chrome, can improve the surface hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance
Q:How to choose mechanical parts material ah?
You can refer to other people to design similar products, assembly map material selection, individual you need special requirements of their own design.
Q:Material processing technology and machinery manufacturing What is the relationship
It should be noted that the above "raw material" and "product" concept is relative, a factory "product" may be another factory "raw materials", and another factory "product" may be other factories "raw materials " Because in the modern manufacturing industry, usually the organization of specialized production, such as automobile manufacturing, automobile tires, instruments, electrical components, standard parts and many other parts are produced by other professional factory, the automobile factory only production Some key parts and accessories, and finally assembled into a complete product of a car.
Q:Teflon rod material in the mechanical processing how to get the surface smoothness and clean surface
At the same time, keep other excellent PTFE performance. Filling varieties are glass fiber, metal, metal oxide, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, carbon fiber, polyimide, EKONOL, wear resistance, limit PV value can be increased by 1000 times.

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