Automatic Automatic Rolling Garage Door for Overhead Use

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Sectional Automatic Garage door with finger protection 
Finger protection design 
With different size ABS window 
ISO9001: 2000

16Sectional Automatic Garage door with finger protection
1. Material: galvanized steel, PU-foam filled inside.(density≥43kg/m3)

2. Thickness of door panel:40/and 50MM

3. Galvanized steel of door sheet: 0.35mm

4. Size: W*H (customized by the buyer)

5. Remote control, automatic and manual switch

6. Colour: The popular colour is white and hot transfer pring.

7. Lock: Special security lock.

8. Opening way: It slide on the ceiling, Overhead sliding sectional door.

9.  Accessories: bracket, hinges, locks, handles, roller, spring, rubber seal, door opener.

10.  Speed of opening: 0.1-0.2m/s

11.  The wind power to resist:10 degree.

12  The working life:more than 20,000 times.

13.  The working temperature:-30~50 degree

14.  Certificate passed: ISO9001: 2000 and CE

15.  Suitable for residential houses, garages, workshops, warehouse, and commercial shops.

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Q:What is the reason for how to repair
Wire rope side of the loose, the door pushed too fast, the door to run the card
Q:What are the garage doors open?
Roller shutter open way: According to the different characteristics of the building can choose to install, exterior, installed in three different installation methods, open the shutter after winding in the upper part of the door, saving garage interior space, and will not soil, Snow and other debris into the garage, the appearance of beautiful fashion.
Q:Garage door remote control learning to clear, the original remote control can also use what
Garage door standard is 2 remote control, if out of a, it is necessary to clear the previous code, remote control to re-code, so out of the remote control can not open your garage door.
Q:What is the difference between a garage door and a garage shutter door?
Yutai garage door with flap garage door and garage shutter doors. Two different ways to upgrade. Flap garage doors are generally referred to as garage doors, and garage shutter doors are generally referred to as shutter doors.   Flap garage doors are mainly door, motor, hardware accessories, balance system components.
Q:Can the electric garage door be opened with a mobile phone?
In the past, a friend tried to dial the phone in the case, the remote control to open the door.
Q:How to adjust the upper and lower limits of remote control garage doors
(OK) to the desired position Press the Setup key to turn on the lamp (Status light) Blinking Press the Close button (lower stroke) to the desired position (the next step) to the desired position. Address by setting the key to complete some open the door to automatically run up and down a trip
Q:How big should the garage door?
The surface must be guaranteed to be in a plane Note: the above sizes are valid distance, the effective distance means there are no obstructions, water pipe, the effective distance from the door opening means of the water; if the upper beams or lintels with stringers, the correct value should be The height of the top of the door to the beam or stringer.
Q:Electric garage door how to limit the trip?
You are what brand of motor motor shell a few buttons, it seems like a mechanical limit it, if you learn what you tell me what brand of the motor do not understand the search rhyme door and window factory telephone consultation
Q:Garage door nylon pulley how oil
Nylon roller oil on the current installation workers are generally not on the oil I am here on the workers are generally required because the installation of workers generally only say that the installation of artificial so the general contract by the boss of the contractor I am generally responsible for the purchase of 3 # lithium (good oil can be used over 1 - 3 years) On the oil 2 points the first place is the handle of the iron handle on a handle about 2-5 grams smear even after the release of the ground to take out the leaves of the handle inserted into the hinge ring after a few laps will be hinges and doors Fixed spare 2 points in the wheel with a steel ball face with a finger hook out 2-5 grams of butter coated on the steel surface after the side of the rotation of the nylon wheel side of the butter so that butter can enter the ball can Where we need to pay attention to ordinary butter can not use ordinary butter in the six months after the dust will not only do not have the effect of lubrication and sometimes affect the door is best to buy 3 # lithium-based grease good lithium base grease translucent, such as amber slightly Dry heavy oil is not dry and sticky personal recommendations do not use the oil is used in the spring oil on the other oil needs in March to six months plus one trouble
Q:Garage door remote control how to match
To find a lock with a remote control, but the black ruthless, twenty or thirty remote control even asking for a hundred. Curse him! On the Internet with the last time I with a few remote control to spend dozens of dollars. Want to use the remote control need to confirm the following information A remote control remote cover to open, to determine the hands of the remote control chip model (black quadrilateral chip), and crystal model (frequency) Second look at the garage roof on the motor brand model on the roof of the car on top of the motor shell on the logo are remember To determine the above two points can be found on the network with the remote control of the place. For example, the search "silicon research and development" is the first with the remote control, the information you record to the customer service, you can know how to match the remote control.

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