Automatic Alloy Door System

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Aluminium alloy automatic door :





Heat-reflective glass

silver grey,

grey,bluish grey,etc. any color, upon your request.

upon your choice

  1. Nice energy saving performance

  2. ideal visible transmission and reflectance ratio, reduced ultraviolet transmission

  3. good sight shading function

  4. various reflective colors,best decorative function

  5. efficient control of incidence of direct solar radiation,outstanding sunlight shading effect.

Tempered glass

clear, blue, grey ,brown, upon your request

upon your choice

  1. safety

  2. high intensity

  3. thermal stability

  4. big deflection angle

Insulating glass


upon your choice

  1. heat insulation performance

  2. soundproof performance

  3. anti-dew under low temperature

  4. light weight

Laminated glass


upon your choice

  1. safety

  2. soundproof performance

  3. anyi-UV

  4. security

  5. anyi-bullet and anti-explosion

  6. hurricane and earthquake resistance


quietly opening , smoothly opening, venues connectivity, space-saving

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Q:automatic garage door being broken into..?
here what i did,run the power from the garage door opener to the side entry door of the garage,and put a light switch to cut the power to the opener off and on,when you close opener for the night turn the switch off and in the morning when you go out turn the switch on, its like turning on a light in the garage,you kill all power to the opener and you can't open the door from the outside,hope this helps.
Q:Why have automatic doors?
Most questions that start with Why have an economic component, and this is no exception. Automatic doors enable people to get in and out of a building quickly and easily. They also keep heat and air conditioning inside the building much more efficiently than manual doors, which, when you have a lot of foot traffic or you are in an extreme climate can mean significant energy savings. Retail stores want to make their outlets as user friendly as possible, and that often means larger and more versatile shopping carts. Anything that enables customers to buy more merchandise is a positive for the store, and large, automatic doors that open and close quickly is a part of that. There's also an insurance and liability aspect to automatic doors because no one is likely to have their hand or face slammed by a poorly adjusted manual door. Part of my commute every day is through Union Station in Chicago and the doors there are not automatic - there is a constant danger of them slamming on the fingers of the unaware. Automatic doors are impervious to wind and also enable businesses and civic buildings to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, which states that people who may have physical or other challenges easy access. Really large buildings, like airport terminals often have automatic revolving doors which allow huge numbers of people access with luggage in an efficient manner while also cutting down on heating and cooling costs.
Q:¿Automatic door locks problem in 2002 Ford Explorer?
If the actuator functions, the problem is likely the cheap-@ss yellow plastic bushings and clips Ford uses on the pivot mechanisms. There a pain to get to, but easily replaced.
Q:My world life automatic automatic door how to do
In front of the door pressure plate began to step on the door opened
Q:Automatic door how to install electric locks and access control controller,
The principle is the same. Are the doors that are received after the signal is turned on or off. But the automatic door is received by the infrared detector signal to open the door, and the access controller is to receive the card reader signal to open the door. So, wiring is not complicated.
Q:How to achieve: design an automatic toilet door
Very simple Kazakhstan, no one set up when the normally open, in which to install a button to enter the click, automatically closed
Q:I have a Sears Craftsman automatic garage door. The two metal units that connect the chain dont stop and it?
Hrly's right. However, one more potential problem- If turning the up limit switch doesn't change where it stops, the internal limit switch assembly may be damaged, loose, or may have a corroded contact. Quote frankly, if your unit is more than ten years old, it may be well worth it to replace it.
Q:Automatic garage door won't operate?
The one answer of unhooking your trolley to see if it closes is a bad idea! If the spring is broke the door will slam down very hard. This could damage the door and kill anything it comes down on. If you do this only do so after making sure your springs are not broken. Even one broken spring will cause the symptoms you describe. Always replace both spring when you replace them.
Q:Automatic door plus door plus sensor plus remote control can you?
Can these can be achieved side of the access control into the front of the front desk to achieve remote control without fault
Q:Automatic door within the door does not automatically switch the door is how the matter...
Two-wing automatic revolving door failure exclusion: (1) fault self-diagnosis display device. Fault self-diagnosis display program manufacturers will have different programs

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