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Product Description:

1. Material: Natural or NBR

2. Brand: CNBM or we can print your name on the tube

3. Performance: Good air tightness, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, excellent wearing resistance and good appearance.

4. Tensile strength:8MPa, 10MPa, 12MPa, 14.7MPa

5. Elongation at break: more than 500%

6. Certificate: ISO9001-2008

7. Packing:Weaving bag or plastic bag or according to your request

8. Customers: North America, Middle East, South Asia, Africa.

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Q:What is the meaning of car tires?
Eating tires simply said that the tire wear is not normal, the reason is simple: the positioning of the tire (front wheel front beam front cam camber angle) is not accurate. )
Q:Why car tires sub-sports economy comfortable high-performance, where the difference, how to distinguish?
High-performance tires are mainly flat, relatively low, high speed, good drainage, low noise, good handling, high safety tires, he does not pay attention to wear resistance, tire can not be used, so dynamic balance Will change.
Q:Do you have more tires for car tires?
No, tires are divided
Q:what is radial tyres?
There are two types of TIRES.The first is called Bias ply tires,the other is radial.Bias ply are wht they used to put on cars in the 50's..Radial tires are what most cars used today..Radial tires are called that because of the way the tread wraps around the edge of the tire.Radial tires make your car turn better at higher speeds,and give you a smoother ride..If you car was designed to have radial tires and you put Bias py on them, it will not handle as good and could cause an accident.
Q:tire pressure?
Check you tire pressure sticker. It's usually located on the drivers door jamb. Don't use a pressure that's different. It's the right pressure for the weight and balance of your car. Any other pressure would comprimise handling and increase tire wear. Not to mention, increase chances of blowout.
Q:Can my car tires be used twice again?
In theory, the more the number of tires to be torn, the greater the damage to the structure of the tire itself, which is bound to affect the performance and safety of the tire
Q:How to judge the car tires should not change the new?
Check if the tire valve is a rubber product, when the rubber becomes dark red, indicating that the valve has been aging, can not guarantee good air tightness. It is best to replace.
Q:what are the composition of a tire black?
Tires are surprisingly complex. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking in the question. Specifically, the black in tires is carbon black (i.e. soot!) that has been mixed into the rubber during processing. This is done to give the rubber additional strength and to lower costs. (This is known as rubber compounding). The rubber used in tires if I remember correctly is usually a blend with a major part natural rubber. When the tire is assembled the rubber will be cured (usually with sulphur + accelerators and high temperatures). Tires also usually have fabric plies and steel inserts for additional strength and durability.
Q:Correct tire pressure?
Could you advise the what is the correct tire pressure for 19 inch Rim? The Tire size is 275/30/19.
Q:Tire Workouts?!?
Here's an idea - sell the tire and use the money to buy a membership to a fitness club.

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