Auto Robot Palletizing Machine

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Mainly for packaging application design and optimization, it is a small, can be integrated in the compact packaging machinery, and can meet your all requirements in reach distance and payload. With motion control and tracking performance, the robot is very suitable for application in flexible packaging systems.
High reliability——Running time is long
fast speed——Operating cycle time is short
The robot is designed for packaging application optimization design, with unique motion control function, greatly shorten packingcycle time
High precision——Parts production quality is stable
The robot has a very high precision, and excellent tracking performance, whether  operate in a fixed positionor movement, its up to precision are first-class.
functional——wide range of application

The robot is designed for packaging application optimization design, small size, high speed, payload of up to 30 kg
sturdy and durable——Suitable for bad production environment
Suitable for harsh environment applications, IP Grade is 67
Good commonality——Flexible integration and production
The robot is light weight, low height, easy to integrate in the compact packaging machinery. Special optimization have been carried out according to package applications, is the inevitable choice of robotic automation. Equipped with a full range of ancillary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to grasp feeder)

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Q:The working principle of the bottle washing machine
Through the mechanical way to wash the bottle in the fixed track on the flip, with different temperatures of hot water by the central distributor of the bottle spray, and then empty row titration, remove the residual water in the bottle.
Q:Suspension (material) filtration characteristics
For less than 20% of solid particles with a small particle suspension filter, you can use plate cabinet filter press or pressure blade filter.
Q:The circuit principle of the sealing machine
When the switch K is closed, the AC power by R1, R2 buck, diode D1 rectifier.
Q:Water treatment household equipment
The following is a detailed analysis of the selection of soft water and pure water equipment:
Q:What is a tubular filter?
Micro-scale filtration equipment composed of rigid porous filter medium can filter 0.5mm-100um sticky material at one time, and get the clarification effect of filtrate.
Q:Edi Ultra Pure Water Equipment System Benefits
Operation procedures, operation greatly simplified.
Q:What is the softener?
After the soft water machine water treatment equipment to produce water, particularly strong cleaning capacity, laundry, shower, beauty skin care effect; can also reduce energy consumption.
Q:What are the advanced sterilization techniques and equipment
(UHT) sterilization process.As a result of the use of high temperature and high pressure water vapor and low temperature milk direct contact with the milk in the rapid temperature sterilization at the same time, inevitably part of the water vapor is also condensed to the
Q:Whether the refilling machine is re-sterilized after reflow
Outside the words: the general return is almost 20% may be more, this is bound to affect the yield ...
Q:What is the electronic cleaning device?
Because the large amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the water system is difficult to be effectively treated in the early stage, the subsequent water system precipitates CO2 under the action of temperature to produce CaCO3 and MgCO3 which are slightly soluble in water.

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