Auto Robot Palletizing Machine

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Mainly for packaging application design and optimization, it is a small, can be integrated in the compact packaging machinery, and can meet your all requirements in reach distance and payload. With motion control and tracking performance, the robot is very suitable for application in flexible packaging systems.
High reliability——Running time is long
fast speed——Operating cycle time is short
The robot is designed for packaging application optimization design, with unique motion control function, greatly shorten packingcycle time
High precision——Parts production quality is stable
The robot has a very high precision, and excellent tracking performance, whether  operate in a fixed positionor movement, its up to precision are first-class.
functional——wide range of application

The robot is designed for packaging application optimization design, small size, high speed, payload of up to 30 kg
sturdy and durable——Suitable for bad production environment
Suitable for harsh environment applications, IP Grade is 67
Good commonality——Flexible integration and production
The robot is light weight, low height, easy to integrate in the compact packaging machinery. Special optimization have been carried out according to package applications, is the inevitable choice of robotic automation. Equipped with a full range of ancillary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to grasp feeder)

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Q:Filling machine flow and safety regulations
All the storage tank whether the material chain plate with or without stuck conveyor belt on whether there is a debris within the track whether there is cap water, power, gas is connected to the various parts of the fasteners are loose, to be part
Q:Sealing machine operating procedures
2, press the "start" button, the lights off, "START" indicator light, power to achieve the scheduled settings.
Q:How to choose the best water treatment equipment
And some customers are required to use what process, that is to say to the water to which a precision.
Q:What are the brands of imported disinfection equipment?
Mainly to see which area is used, disinfection equipment is divided into air disinfection, water disinfection, surface disinfection and other disinfection methods and disinfection equipment.
Q:What is the composition and function of the water treatment system?
Central water purifier: to further filter impurities, remove the bacteria in water, microbes, etc., can reach the national quality water standards.
Q:Vacuum filling machine equipment introduction
Form a vacuum environment system (vacuum bottle - filling head - filling bottle - filling head silicone tube).
Q:How to achieve heat sealing
Can effectively improve the overall barrier properties of packaging.
Q:How to achieve reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis technology in addition to the application of reverse osmosis and reverse osmosis principle, but also the use of the choice of membrane adsorption and screening mechanism for organic matter.
Q:What is the power plant water treatment equipment?
Raw water → raw water pressure pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → precision filter → cation resin filter bed → anion filter bed → yin and yang resin mixed bed → microporous filter → water point
Q:The structure of the sealing machine
When the package containing the article is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing portion of the bag is automatically fed between the two sealing bands in operation and brought into the heating zone. The heat of the heating block is transferred to the sealing portion of the bag through the sealing tape,

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