Auto Robot palletizer Machine

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Product Description:

Product Description:

1.Name:Robot palletizer


2. Layout drawing

3. Basic performance description

3.1 Capacity:10800bph(500ml), 6000bph(2L)

3.2 Pack type: (a) Shrink wrapped

3.3 Pay load:60KG

3.4 Dimensions:3354mm*1080mm*3993mm(L*W*H)

3.5Pallet size:1100mm*900mm*150mm

3.6Robot power:7.5Kw,auxiliary power: 12KW

3.7 Compressed air:

(a)Pressure: 0.5MPa (b)Air consumption:max: 100L/min

3.8 Ratio of palletizing:99.5%

3.9Weight(main machine):1940KG,auxiliary equipment weight:2000KG

3.10 Noise : ≤ 75 dB

4.Main equipment configuration: Pallet conveyor,pallet dispenser, ABB 410iB/160 robot,gripper,two speed conveyor etc.

5. Electric configuration:

5.1 Power supply:200-220V(Max.±10%)50Hz 3PH+PE

5.2 Low pressure control:SIEMENS(SHNEIDER)24VDC

5.3 Sensor SICK


5.5 Main switch:SHNEIDER

5.6 Switch button:Ø 22mm

5.7 Proximity switch:Ø18mm

5.8 Control system:SIEMENS

5.9 SEW motor

5.10 DANFOSS inverter

5.11 Other electric equipment protection degree no less than IP54

5.12 Pneumatics:FESTO

5.13 Electromagnetic switch and electrovalve:FESTO

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